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#217 : Le Rite des Neuf


Diffusion US : 6 mai 2015 sur The CW
Diffusion FR : 8 mai 2016 sur Série Club

Le retour d'Eva Sinclair laisse Rebekah piégée et impuissante, Klaus est alors forcé de mettre de côté sa méfiance pour Freya afin de sauver la vie de Rebekah.

Hayley et Elijah en apprennent plus sur le passé d'Eva grâce à Josephine, qui fait alors une révélation surprenante sur l’avenir de Hayley.

Ne disposant que de très peu de temps pour sauver Rebekah, Marcel demande de l’aide à Vincent, réticent à l'idée d'éliminer Eva, mais son plan prend une tournure inattendue, puisqu'Eva ne partira pas sans se battre.

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Exquisite Corpse

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Le Rite des Neuf

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Ecrit par : Declan de Barra & Diane Ademu-John

Réalisé par : Dermott Downs

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[The scene cuts from inside Eva's mind-space, to the Mikaelson compound, to Elijah's apartment in Algiers, to the warehouse where Eva is keeping the children she's channeling, and to Rousseau's. All the while, Eva/Rebekah narrate in voiceover]



[Eva/Rebekah are sleeping in the compound, giving both of them free reign of Eva's mind. The space has taken the form of the warehouse where Eva is keeping all of the children she is channeling, and everything has a greenish-hue to it]

REBEKAH: [voiceover] All of us live with a demon inside.

[In the space, Eva is skulking around the warehouse, trying to find Rebekah, who has taken the form of her 5-6 year old self in Eva's mind]


[Rebekah, who is hiding in a dark corner behind some machinery, gets scared and whimpers as she gets up and runs away]


[Young Rebekah continues to run away from her in fright]

REBEKAH: [voiceover] Some days, you control the demon.

[Young Rebekah runs right into Eva, who grabs her by the arms and shakes her violently]

EVA: [crazed] This is my house!






[Suddenly, Eva wakes up with a gasp in her bed to find Marcel sitting in a chair across from her, reading a book and keeping an eye on her. He puts his book down as he looks at her in concern, thinking she's Rebekah]

MARCEL: You okay?

REBEKAH: [voiceover] And other days, it controls you.

[Eva glares at Marcel for a moment before smirking and holding up her hands to cast a pain infliction spell on him. Marcel collapses onto his knees in pain]


[Eva flicks her wrist, snapping Marcel's neck with telekinesis and causing him to slump over onto the floor, blood dripping from his mouth]




[Elijah is sitting on his bed with his button-up shirt open, and he looks up at Gia, who is standing in front of him in a tank top and underwear]

REBEKAH: [voiceover] And it is always hungry.

[Elijah vamp-speeds to his feet, reaches behind Gia's head, and pulls her head toward him so he can kiss her before spinning them around and pushing her onto her back on the bed as they have sex]

REBEKAH: [voiceover] It feeds on lust, on longing.





[All the children Eva has been channeling, including Davina, are still sprawled unconscious all over the floor in a corner]

REBEKAH: [voiceover] And while you may slumber...





[Eva is wandering around the compound, where she stops to stare at an old-fashioned painting of Rebekah on the wall for a moment until she hears the sound of Hope crying nearby and wanders over to her nursery, where she finds a werewolf guard standing outside the door]

REBEKAH: [voiceover] ...It tempts you into crossing every line you've ever drawn. All while it hunts you...


[Gia and Elijah are laying naked under the covers of his bed. Gia is asleep, curled up against Elijah's chest, but he's still awake, and thinks quietly while he plays with her hair]

REBEKAH: [voiceover] ...Haunts you...





[Vincent is at a table with a glass of bourbon, and is staring sadly at a photobooth photograph of himself and Eva before she began hunting children]

REBEKAH: [voiceover] ...Renders you incapable of telling friend from foe.





[The werewolf guard outside Hope's room has been killed, and Eva steps into the nursery to stare at Hope, who is laying in her crib]

REBEKAH: But once it's turned your loved ones into enemies, the demon would have consumed you whole.

[Hayley, having heard the commotion, enters the nursery from her bedroom and finds Eva standing over Hope's crib. When she sees the dead werewolf on the floor, she realizes that something is wrong, and her hybrid face comes out as she lunges for Eva]

HAYLEY: Get away from her!

[She grabs Eva by the arm to pull her away and slams her head on the nearby dresser. Eva falls to the floor as Hayley goes to check on Hope, but before she can grab her, Eva telekinetically throws Hayley back into her bedroom, where she slams into the back wall. Klaus storms into the room when he hears the crashing sound from his bedroom]

Klaus: [furiously] Rebekah! What are you doing?

[Klaus lunges for her, but she casts a pain infliction spell on him. Hayley runs back in to take her out, but Eva casts another spell on her as well, and she falls to her knees and chokes as Eva glares at them. Klaus forces himself to lean forward so he can claw a set of deep gashes into her thigh with his fingernails, which causes Eva to scream in pain]

EVA: [shrieks] AHHH!

[Realizing she's overpowered, Eva lets go of the spell and jumps out the window, leaving Klaus and Hayley too busy recovering from her assault to follow her. They both stare down at Hope, who is sitting calmly in her crib, completely at ease, before giving each other worried looks]









[Klaus, Marcel, and Hayley are in Klaus' study, where he's pulling a pair of the magic-cancelling manacles that Kol's witches enchanted into dark objects in 1914]

Klaus: I should really stop packing these away. There's always one family member or another in need of a good shackling. [He hands the manacles to Marcel] Find Rebekah-- or Eva, or whoever the bloody hell that was-- use these to stop her from doing magic. And don't hurt her. The non-psychopathic bits are still my sister.

MARCEL: [worried] Alright, I won't be the only one looking for her. She killed witch-kids. The twenty-four hour hold that Elijah got the covens to agree to? Ended at midnight. Every witch in the city is gonna be gunning for her.

[Klaus sighs and turns to Hayley]

Klaus: Go to Elijah. Get her to charm his elderly witch into calling off the hunt.

HAYLEY: [annoyed] And leave Hope? Don't you think I should stay here and protect our daughter?

Klaus: [frustrated] Jackson has been working night and day to secure this compound, surrounding it with his werewolf army. Not to mention the fact that I'm here, and I know the best way to protect our child is to get Rebekah out of that serial killer's body and back into the original model.

HAYLEY: [displeased] Hmm. And, what will you be doing while we're out doing all the dirty work?

Klaus: Why, tending to the even dirtier work, as usual.





[Elijah and Gia, who are dressed up in cocktail attire again, are standing in Josephine's living room with Hayley, who is in her usual loose top, jeans, and combat boots. She seems to sense the budding relationship between Elijah and Gia, and keeps clearing her throat awkwardly, which does not go unnoticed by either of them. After an uncomfortable silence, Gia finally speaks up]

GIA: ...I'm gonna see if I can find Josephine.

[Hayley smiles fakely as she leaves, and once she's gone, she clears her throat again and gives Elijah a significant look. He can't help but smile bashfully in response as they wait for their hostess]

HAYLEY: [sarcastically] Well, now I see why you didn't answer my calls.

[She pauses a beat and sits in a chair]

HAYLEY: Did she have to come with us?

[Elijah sits down next to Hayley, still looking uncomfortable]

Elijah: Josephine LaRue can be rather recalcitrant. She is, however, enamored with Gia's musical prowess and cavalier spirit.

HAYLEY: Huh. So, the Baby-Vamp is now the Witch-Whisperer? [Elijah smiles and sighs] I'm just glad that you found someone so... multi-talented to spend your time with...

Elijah: [rolls his eyes] What exactly do you want from me?

[Hayley looks at him but remains silent. Before she can answer, Josephine and Gia join them in the living room, and Elijah stands to his feet to greet her]

Elijah: Madame LaRue.

JOSEPHINE: Mr. Mikaelson.

[Elijah gently kisses her on each cheek in greeting before she settles down in an armchair to talk with them]

JOSEPHINE: Have you come to impress me once more with young Gia's rare talents?

[She notices Hayley scowling in the doorway and looks at Elijah in amusement]

JOSEPHINE: What, pray tell, does this one do?

Elijah: [smiles] This one is family, Madame.

[Hayley smiles tightly at Josephine and stays silent]

Elijah: But, we've come to ask for a favor.

[Josephine looks at him curiously]





[Klaus is staring at the painting of Rebekah from several centuries ago when Freya arrives and joins him, though Klaus doesn't even turn to acknowledge her presence. Freya stares at the painting with affection]

FREYA: Our sister was quite the beauty.

Klaus: You said that you could put Rebekah back in her original body. Do it.

FREYA: [laughs in amusement] So, you've come to your senses?

Klaus: My senses have not faltered-- they still demand that you are not to be trusted. However, circumstance dictates otherwise... for now.

FREYA: [unamused] What's changed?

Klaus: Eva Sinclair has resumed control of her body, leaving Rebekah trapped and powerless. So, make with your spells and enchantments and put my sister back in her true body!

[Freya closes her eyes and sighs in frustration at this news]

FREYA: I'm afraid it's not that simple.

Klaus: [smiles weakly] More stalling. Very well. I know I can't kill you, but I shall have a fine time trying. Tell me, have you ever been skinned alive?

FREYA: The problem is Rebekah's condition has worsened.

[Klaus' smile falls, and he turns away from her]

FREYA: When I offered to help, she was in control of Eva's body. She's lost inside Eva. I don't have a spell that could breech Eva's mind and find her.

Klaus: Fortunately for you, I know someone well-versed in such spells.

[Klaus opens up the wooden box from earlier and pulls out the other pair of magic-disabling shackles before vamp-speeding over to her and slapping them on her wrists before she can react. Freya is startled by the action, but doesn't seem surprised, and simply glares at Klaus angrily]

Klaus: [smirks] Let's go meet her, shall we?




[The scene cuts between Marcel and Vincent's conversation at Rousseau's, and Elijah, Hayley, and Gia's conversation with Josephine at her home]




[Vincent is still sitting at his table, surrounded by multiple empty glasses of bourbon and a small plate of french fries as he continues to stare at the photo of him and Eva together. After a moment, Marcel arrives and sits across from him, taking notice of all the drinks around him]

MARCEL: A little early, isn't it?

VINCENT: [sighs] You know why I'm sitting here day-drinking in the Quarter all by my lonesome?

[Marcel shakes his head to indicate he doesn't]

VINCENT: Because I'm pretty much done and through with the vamps, wolves, and witches of this town. And, from some of the looks I've been getting, they're through with me, too. So, if I'm sitting here, they don't see me, and if I drink--

[He holds up his full glass of bourbon and taps it with his fingers before chugging the whole glass down]

VINCENT: --After a while, I don't see them, either.

[Marcel picks up the photo of Vincent and Eva and holds it up]

MARCEL: And how many is it gonna take before she disappears?

[Vincent reaches for the photo, but Marcel yanks it out of his reach]

VINCENT: Come on, man--

MARCEL: Uh-uh. You need to know that she is back and on the loose, and I need to find her before the witches do so I can save my friend who is trapped inside of her. And I came to you, because you are the only person in this city who knows her inside-out.

[Marcel holds out the photo, and Vincent quickly snatches it from his hand before pulling out his wallet and returning the photo to one of the pockets]

VINCENT: Look, man-- I'm sorry about your friend. But, if Eva is back in control of her body...





[Josephine, Elijah, Hayley, and Gia pick up their conversation where Vincent left off]

JOSEPHINE: Then, you need to let the witches put that body down! Eva will use up your sister, just like she did the others.

HAYLEY: [concerned] The others?





[Vincent and Marcel continue the conversation at their table]

VINCENT: The first of the kids went missing two years ago. Feels like a lifetime. I was, uh, clocking in-- college, work, coven. Felt like a normal life. But, um, had this woman. Met when we were sixteen years old, did our first bit of magic together... it was so insanely intense.





JOSEPHINE: Eva was a wild beauty practicing a wild magic. But, she and Vincent were so happy, we let them be.
Elijah: [sighs] And then the children began to disappear.





VINCENT: First was a little girl named Amelie Dupree from Algiers. Then, Lou-Anne Hughes from the 9th, Nicholas Alseis from the Tremé...

[He kisses his fingertips as a sort of prayer to the child]

VINCENT: All young kids, all witch prodigies-- *phew*-- vanished into thin air. So, I put together a posse of guys from each of the covens, but the killer cloaked the kids so quickly, our locator spells was useless.





JOSEPHINE: But, because of Vincent's tenacity, she was caught.





VINCENT: It was a fluke! I was able to slap a locator spell on one of the kids right after he got snatched, and I got nothing at first. And then a car, and then a face... But that face, man-- it was Eva.

[He laughs bitterly]

VINCENT: The love of my life.

[Marcel looks troubled as he continues listening to the story]

VINCENT: So, I caught her, confronted her... and then I saw the truth. She kept pleading with me-- [He begins to imitate Eva]-- "Vince! Just three more little girls, Vince! Just three!"

MARCEL: [confused] Why three?





[Josephine answers Marcel's question for Gia, Elijah and Hayley]

JOSEPHINE: To complete the Rite of Nines.

GIA: [confused] The Rite of Nines?





VINCENT: Eva thought if she sacrificed a witch from each of the nine covens, it would create a new witch order in New Orleans. She would have been more powerful than any Elder-- [He gestures to Marcel with his hands]-- Any Harvest girl...

MARCEL: Wait, wait, wait-- but why kids?

VINCENT: Because their magic is untapped. It's pure. And, they're a hell of a lot easier to subdue.





[Hayley, Elijah, and Gia suddenly understand Eva's motivations from earlier, and they all look very concerned by this news]

HAYLEY: That's why she went after my baby.

JOSEPHINE: She would have killed your daughter, channeled her powers, as she did with those other poor children.





VINCENT: I never found those kids. They died-- unconsecrated, unable to be with our ancestors. Used as a source for Eva's magic.

MARCEL: So, help me find her before she takes any more lives, including Rebekah's.

[Vincent looks torn, and considers this for a moment]

MARCEL: Help me stop her.





JOSEPHINE: We agree she must be stopped-- no more of our youth will die. [She stands to her feet] That is why, Mr. Mikaelson, I will not extend your twenty-four hours.

[Elijah and Hayley both look stunned and horrified]

JOSEPHINE: Eva Sinclair now has a bounty on her head.

Elijah: [outraged] You would condemn my sister to her death?

JOSEPHINE: I dislike the term "collateral damage," but there it is. If one or two must fall to take Eva down for good? So be it.

[Elijah glares at Josephine furiously]





[Klaus has just brought Freya to the cemetery, where he leads her into the Lyonne tomb, her wrists still shackled with the magic-disabling manacles. Freya is still not pleased by Klaus' attitude, and she holds up her shackled wrists in annoyance]

FREYA: I fail to see the need for these. I'm not your enemy.

Klaus: Oh, they're not to protect me, love!

[He pulls her into the main room of the tomb by the manacles and gestures toward a corner]

Klaus: They're to protect her-- the one who knows more about mind-invasion and body-jumping than all of us put together.

[Klaus throws two blood bags into the dark corner with a smirk, and Freya takes a step toward it, clearly curious as to who is there. After a moment, Esther's hand reaches out and grabs one of the blood bags to gulp it down quickly before throwing it aside and chugging the second. After a moment, Freya realizes it's her mother, and she quickly turns to leave, only to be stopped by Klaus]

FREYA: [horrified] No! No!

[Klaus continues to hold Freya back by the shoulders with a gleeful look on his face]

Klaus: Mother? Freya. Freya? Mother.

[Esther, who still looks very desiccated, looks at them both in confusion as she takes in the sight of her eldest child]

ESTHER: [in disbelief] It... can't be.

[Freya turns to Klaus with loathing in her eyes]

FREYA: You won't trust me, but you'll trust her?

Klaus: I trust my mother about as much as I would a stuck snake.

[He walks toward Esther]

Klaus: Fortunately, she is now a vampire, and as such, she's vulnerable to my compulsion.

[He grabs Esther by the face and stares into her eyes as he compels her]

Klaus: You will answer me truthfully.

[He then picks her up so she's standing on her feet and brings her over to Freya, who glares at both of them]

Klaus: There! Now, at least everything that comes out of her wretched mouth will be honest. Let's raid Mommy Dearest's mind for spells, shall we?





[Eva has made it to a hideout, where she is making a paste with a mortar and pestle. Once it's finished, she spreads it out over the deep gashes in her thigh and sighs in relief as she tries to catch her breath]

EVA: Okay.

[She takes a small red bottle and uses the dropper to drip some liquid onto the paste on her leg, which causes her to groan in pain]

EVA: Ahhhhh!

[After a moment, the potions take effect, and she sighs in relief again as she sits back in her chair and relaxes. Suddenly, Marcel vamp-speeds into the room and slaps the magic-disabling manacles onto her wrists before she can react]

MARCEL: [laughs] Oh-ho-ho-ho! Not really keen on another witch headache!

[Eva looks at the shackles furiously before glaring at Marcel]

EVA: Dark objects? How did a damn vamp find me?

MARCEL: I had a little help-- someone who knew where an injured witch on the run might go to heal up.

[Eva looks horrified when she sees Vincent come into the room behind Marcel and stare at her]

EVA: [whispers] Vince?

[Marcel suddenly vamp-speeds over to Eva and pins her against a wall]

MARCEL: [furiously] No time for catch-up! Release Rebekah! Now!

EVA: [smirks] Best not damage the package, or you may never see her again. Or your little adopted witch Davina.

MARCEL: [shocked] What did you just say?

EVA: [laughs hysterically] Oh, some daddy-figure you are! I've been feeding off of her for days, and you didn't even know she was gone?

[Marcel vamp-speeds her around and slams her back against the table]

MARCEL: [yells] AHHH! Where is she?

EVA: [continues laughing] Release me, and you can have what's left.

[Marcel squeezes her uninjured leg with his hands until his fingernails dig deep into her flesh, and she screams in pain]


MARCEL: I think I'll just torture you until you give me what I need!

VINCENT: [concerned] Torture ain't gonna do it, man! Half the witches in this city went after her, she ain't say a thing.

[Marcel groans in frustration before reluctantly releasing Eva from his choke-hold and turning toward Vincent]

MARCEL: [annoyed] You got a better idea?


[He walks toward Eva and stares at her]

VINCENT: Let me talk to her.

[Eva gives Vincent a hard look, but can't help but smirk at him]





[Elijah, Hayley, and Gia are still arguing in favor of protecting Rebekah with Josephine]

Elijah: I assure you, Madame LaRue, we will defend your witches with a fearsome vengeance.

JOSEPHINE: You have a wonderful way with words. Really. Your cadence is pleasant. Normally, I could listen to it all day long, but I grow tired of this. My mind remains unchanged.

[Hayley becomes angry and stares at Josephine incredulously]

HAYLEY: Are you serious?

[Josephine looks at her, mildly offended by her outburst. Hayley gestures toward Gia]

HAYLEY: She puts on a talent show-- [She gestures to Elijah]--He has every vampire in the Quarter kissing your ass, and your final answer is "Screw you?"

[Gia stands up and tries to calm her down]

GIA: Hayley--

[Hayley holds up her hand to silence Gia]

HAYLEY: --Back off.

[Elijah, looking panicked, tries to mediate]

Elijah: We came here to honor the alliance between us. If this is something you wish to rescind, so be it.

[Elijah turns to leave, and Hayley and Gia are about to follow him when Josephine, who is angry now, stops them]

JOSEPHINE: Don't you dare walk into my house and threaten me! I am not the one that needs you, Elijah Mikaelson-- it is you who needs us. Or, you will soon enough.

[Josephine turns to find Hayley standing right behind her, and she roughly grasps Hayley's wrists as she suddenly has some kind of premonition about her]

JOSEPHINE: [whispers] There's a storm coming, child. Your darkest demons ride upon it. [Hayley looks alarmed] I do not know its name, but when I peer into your future, there is a blackness that should terrify you.

[Hayley gulps nervously as Josephine continues to stare at her]





[Eva is still shackled and sitting in a chair as she and Vincent look at each other]

EVA: I heard they'd gotten you, that you'd been taken over by the crazed brother of the other one that's still inside me.

VINCENT: Hmm, yup. But, I'm back now.

EVA: [smiles] So you are.

VINCENT: [smiles back] Mmm.

EVA: [coldly] The man who sold out his own girl and gave up on their future!

VINCENT: Don't start with me! Now, Marcel said that--

EVA: [laughs in amusement] Oh, Vincent, are you kissing vampire-ass now?

[Vincent rolls his eyes and chuckles at her]


EVA: This city could have been free of their kind if you hadn't been such a weak little coward!

VINCENT: [raises his voice] You left me with no choice! I couldn't let you go on doing what--

EVA: [cuts him off] --Oh, please! You saw how beaten down we've become! Covens from every ward fighting each other, half of them working with vampires! Now, change was necessary! Unity was necessary!

VINCENT: [exasperatedly] Killing kids was necessary?

EVA: [hurt] Vincent, I didn't kill any kids!

[Vincent gives her a skeptical look]

EVA: They're still alive! Just asleep. Cloaked, of course.

[Vincent looks torn, and seems to be debating whether or not to believe her]

VINCENT: All of them?

EVA: [quieter and calmer] Uh-huh! I just need their power-- they don't have to die.

[Vincent looks at her in confusion]





[Esther is still processing the revelation that Freya is still alive she, Klaus, and Freya continue to talk in the Lyonne tomb. Esther walks toward Freya with her arms out]

ESTHER: My beautiful girl. My firstborn!

[Freya furiously pulls on her manacles]

FREYA: Touch me, and I will use these chains to strangle you!

Klaus: Yes, now that we have the pleasantries out the way, let's begin, shall we? [Esther scowls at him] It appears that your delightful sister Dahlia is on her way to New Orleans, hell-bent on stealing my child. I need Rebekah back in her original body so she can help me destroy her.

[Esther is visibly overwhelmed with shock and horror at this news]

ESTHER: Your child?

Klaus: [rolls his eyes] Oh, I suppose it is difficult keeping up on current events whilst rotting inside a tomb.

[He rubs his hands together and walks toward Esther]

Klaus: Very well. The short version? My child is alive. Dahlia is on her way. Now, the previous tenant of Rebekah's body has seized control and isn't keen on giving it up.

[Esther continues to look overwhelmed]

Klaus: Young Freya here, although powerful, lacks the spell to put Rebekah back in her true body. And that's where you come in.

[Klaus lunges toward Esther and grabs her by the shoulders as he looks her in the eyes to compel her again]

Klaus: I need you to be a dear and dig deep into that ex-witch mind of yours.

[He pulls out a folded stack of blank paper from his inner jacket pocket and hands it to her]

Klaus: Give me the spell that puts Rebekah back.

[Esther glares at Klaus, who simply smiles at her]





[Eva is still shackled and seated in the chair of the hideout while Vincent leans against the nearby wall and peers out the window as he processes this newly-learned information]

EVA: [stares at Vincent] You know, even when you betrayed me, I didn't blame you.

[Vincent turns and walks toward her with an incredulous look on his face]

EVA: You just couldn't see the light. [She hesitates] But, you see it now, don't you?

[Vincent sighs, and Eva's demeanor changes from calm to furious as she rattles her chains maniacally and begins to yell at him]

EVA: Now that your body was stolen by the same family of vampires that are trying to steal mine!

[Vincent looks at her warily, and she calms down and begins to plead with him]

EVA: You see what's gotta be done.

[Vincent shakes his head in disbelief and begins to pace in front of her]

EVA: Now, I just need one more witch, and then we can finish the ritual! Together. Take all the power we need, and then those kids can go home to their moms!

[Vincent looks up at her in surprise and seems to be considering her offer]

EVA: And then we need never be under their control ever again.

[Vincent walks toward her and is about to say something, but Marcel bursts into the room before he gets the chance to speak]

MARCEL: [annoyed] I can hear her yapping, but clearly she's not talking. I guess we're back to square one.

[Eva looks at Vincent anxiously, and Vincent sighs before turning to Marcel]

VINCENT: Actually, she did talk, and I decided to listen.

[Marcel gives Vincent a questioning look, and after a moment, Vincent claps his hands together and pushes them together, causing Marcel to once again get another "witch headache" and fall to his knees in pain]


[Vincent uses telekinesis to throw him out of the wall of windows and onto the sidewalk, and when he walks toward the wall to check on him, he finds Marcel laying unconscious in the street. Eva looks at him in surprise, clearly impressed and relieved by his actions. When Vincent turns back toward her, Eva stands to her feet and holds out her shackled wrists, and he sighs before reluctantly snapping his fingers, causing the shackles to break open and fall to the floor as they release her. Eva smirks at him]





[Hayley, Marcel, Elijah and Gia are at the compound, where they are discussing what to do next. Hayley has Hope in her arms, and she gently bounces her on her hip as she paces around anxiously]

HAYLEY: Great! Eva is in the wind, although now she has a sidekick.

Elijah: [mutters] The charming Vincent Griffith.

MARCEL: [sighs] It gets worse-- if Eva has Davina, then she has eight of the witches she needs to finish the ritual. [Elijah looks at him in horror] She just needs one more.

HAYLEY: [determined] If she comes after Hope, Rebekah or no Rebekah, I will put her down for good.

Elijah: Fortify this house. When they do come-- kill him, capture her.

HAYLEY: [incredulously] Capture?

Elijah: [seriously] I will not abandon my sister!

[Hayley looks embarrassed and guilty for her words, but remains silent as she squeezes Hope protectively]

Elijah: Now, gather what wolves you have. With Vincent by her side, she will strike with considerable force.





[Josephine is sitting alone in her living room, listening to a record on a gramophone player and sipping a cup of tea. After a moment, the record screeches to a stop when Eva, who has just appeared out of nowhere with Vincent in tow, pulls the pin away. Josephine is so stunned by Eva's appearance that she can't even bring herself to move as she walks toward her]

EVA: [sarcastically] The revered Josephine LaRue. How are you on this very fine day, dear?

[Josephine's hands are shaking so badly the teacup and saucer rattle loudly as Eva and Vincent walk toward her]

EVA: You look nervous. Are you nervous, Josie? You should be. You see, I just need one more special witch to complete my circle.

[Eva circles behind Josephine and runs a finger along her shoulder]

EVA: Now, the hybrid child was a target of opportunity. You? You're a target of choice.

[Eva takes the teacup and saucer out of Josephine's hands, and Josephine looks over at Vincent pleadingly]

JOSEPHINE: Vincent, you're not listening to her? [Vincent stares at her blankly] You haven't been yourself lately--

VINCENT: [interrupts her] --You're right! I haven't been. But, now that I'm back, I realized something-- the only time I've ever really been myself-- [He looks up at Eva, who is still standing behind Josephine]-- is when I'm with her.

JOSEPHINE: [appalled] Oh--!

[Vincent and Eva both close in around Josephine, and she jerks in her chair]





[Esther is writing the spell Freya needs on a sheet of paper, using diagrams of triangles and other shapes to describe what needs to be done, while Freya and Klaus wait impatiently]

Klaus: [annoyed] What is taking so long? You didn't tarry when you attempted to kill my child!

ESTHER: [hurt] I took no joy in that! I knew if your daughter lived, Dahlia would come, not only for her, but for all of you! And however you may despise me, I would not wish that upon you.

Klaus: How touching!

FREYA: [bitterly] Isn't it? I always wondered what maternal compassion sounded like. Of course, I wouldn't know, since you sold me into slavery at the age of five!

ESTHER: [frustrated] When I made that bargain with my sister, I had no idea what it meant to be a mother! I thought if I had a dozen children, I would not miss the one. And then, you were born. You were beautiful. You had a light about you that put a smile on the face of the hardest man I had ever known.

[Klaus seems almost surprised by this confession]

ESTHER: And when Dahlia took you, I thought that same light might warm her embittered heart.

[Freya glares at her furiously at these words]

ESTHER: That you might lead a good life.

FREYA: [appalled and enraged] A good life?

[She stomps toward Esther and gets in her face]

ESTHER: You were my mother! You should have come for me!

ESTHER: [nods sadly] Yes. I should have.

[Her voice becomes colder]

ESTHER: But, it would have been a mistake. [She turns to Klaus] The same mistake you will be making if you let this girl help you.

Klaus: [rolls his eyes] For God's sake, speak plainly!

ESTHER: [walks toward Klaus] The light I saw in Freya as a child, it's gone. While she was mine for five years, Dahlia was her mentor for a thousand. And, like her mentor, she will offer to solve your problem, but for a price.

FREYA: [furiously] There is no price! I love them--

[Freya lunges for Esther, but Klaus steps between them and pushes her backward away from their mother]

Klaus: No violence until she's finished writing the spell, please! [He turns to Esther] Honestly, it's all temper and no timing with this one. [He chuckles] I, for one, am glad you gave her away so that I could be born. You should think of me as an upgrade!

[Freya only becomes more angry at Klaus' words, and Esther, too, does not seem at all pleased by this reunion]





[Vincent and Eva have just showed up to the warehouse where Eva has been hiding the children she took for the Rite of Nine's. Vincent is carrying Josephine's unconscious body in his arms, and Eva points to the corner]

EVA: There.

[Vincent walks to where Eva has indicated and places Josephine onto the ground]

VINCENT: Where are the others?

[Eva thrusts out her arm and waves it in front of herself, revealing the unconscious bodies of the eight other children she's channeling. Davina, who still has Eva's channeling sigil carved into her forehead, is slumped over next to where Josephine now lays. Vincent is horrified as he looks around at all of the children he had searched for years ago. He points to Davina with concern]

VINCENT: That's the Harvest girl.

[Eva pulls a small knife out of her boot]

EVA: Davina Claire.

[She walks over to them with the knife in hand]

EVA: Once I link Josephine, we can begin.

[She's about to start carving the symbol into Josephine's forehead, but instead sighs and stands to look at Vincent]

EVA: Though, I should admit, I told a little lie earlier-- in order to save the many, we've gotta sacrifice a few.

[Vincent's eyes widen, but he doesn't seem surprised by this confession]

EVA: You understand, Vince.

[Vincent nods at her, and she smiles in appreciation before turning back to Josephine. Vincent turns and picks up a large pipe off the ground before sneaking up behind Eva and hitting her hard across the back of her head with it]

EVA: [groans] Ahh!

VINCENT: [panting angrily] Yeah. I figured as much.





[Hayley is pacing around the courtyard, where Elijah and Gia are standing around]

HAYLEY: [anxiously] Still no sign of her. What the hell is Eva waiting for?

[Suddenly, Marcel returns to the compound and joins them in the courtyard]

MARCEL: She didn't wait. She took Josephine LaRue not half an hour ago.

HAYLEY: If Eva doesn't need Hope, then where would she go?

MARCEL: The same place she kept all the other captives. Where she took Davina.

Elijah: A place no one has been able to find for two years.

[Marcel's phone rings, and when he sees it's Vincent, who is still in Eva's abandoned warehouse, he scowls and reluctantly answers it]

MARCEL: [on the phone] When I find you, I am going to rip your head from your neck.

VINCENT: You may want to hold off on that decapitation-- I found them all. [He smiles] Davina's alive.

[Marcel is stunned, and Vincent's expression and tone become apologetic]

VINCENT: Sorry, I had to make it look convincing! If you were in on the plan, Eva would have known.

MARCEL: Yeah, blasting me through a couple glass doors really sold it. Alright, round of applause. Now what?

[Vincent notices that Eva's nose is bleeding, and when he looks over at Davina, he realizes that her nose is bleeding, too, along with the other seven children she's channeling]

VINCENT: [sighs] Now, we got a problem. These kids, they're all linked to her. If she dies, they all die.

MARCEL: [gets an idea] So, we'll find a witch to unlink them.

[Vincent considers this suggestion for a moment]

VINCENT: Gonna need somebody with some serious power.
[Marcel sighs and looks over at Elijah, who seems to be thinking the same thing that he is, and hangs up the phone. Elijah nods at him]






[Freya is looking over at the spell Esther has written down for her, and looks concerned as Klaus and Esther stare at her]

FREYA: [anxiously] I can't do this. This spell requires an enormous amount of power.

ESTHER: Which you have.

FREYA: And that power needs to be anchored, or I'll be lost inside Eva's mind along with Rebekah. Unlike your magic, mine isn't anchored to any one place-- because of you, I have no home.

ESTHER: Perhaps. [She turns to Klaus] But, there is no other spell.

[Klaus looks torn, and doesn't seem to want to trust either of them. Suddenly, Freya gets an idea, and she stares at Klaus]


[She walks toward Klaus]

FREYA: I can use you as my anchor. I'll channel your power while I breach Eva's mind.

ESTHER: [eyes Freya suspiciously] And there it is. The price. If she channels you, she will have access to your mind, past and present. She will know everything about you.

[Klaus considers this two conflicting statements as he paces around]

Klaus: All of my strategies and all of my secrets laid bare to give to Dahlia. [He turns to face Freya] You must think I'm a fool.

[Suddenly, Elijah appears behind Klaus]

Elijah: Unless it's not a trick. [He stares at Freya determinedly] I'll be the anchor.

Klaus: [incredulously] Brother, I think not.

Elijah: [annoyed] Brother, whatever this is, nothing must prevent us from saving our sister. I will not lose Rebekah.

Klaus: Oh yes, by all means, let's give Dahlia's whelp access to all the information she needs to destroy us!

[Freya, who is becoming increasingly infuriated by Klaus' continued paranoia, grips the chain that links her shackles. Elijah, looking exasperated, points at Esther]

Elijah: And since when do we heed the words of this serpent?

FREYA: [furious] ENOUGH!

[She suddenly yanks her arms away from her body, easily breaking through the magic-proof shackles and allowing her access to her magic again. She holds up her hand and twists her wrist, which snaps Klaus' neck and causes him to fall unconscious to the floor. Elijah looks at Freya, stunned and confused. Freya turns to Klaus' unconscious body]

FREYA: [mutters] For an upgraded model, you're not very sharp.

[She walks over to Elijah]

FREYA: Let's go.

[Elijah, who seems to be unnerved, gives Esther a look before he follows her out of the tomb]






[Hayley and Gia are in the nursery, where Hayley is rocking a screaming and crying Hope in a rocking chair while Gia organizes Hope's toys]

GIA: Ugh, this place smells like werewolf.

HAYLEY: [mildly annoyed] Well, that's because Jackson has a whole platoon of them out there.

[She hesitates a moment before she speaks again]

HAYLEY: You know, you can go. You don't have to stay.

[Gia walks toward them with Hope's music box in her hand]

GIA: Elijah says you and your kid have more than one enemy. If someone manages to make it through that dog-show outside, you and the baby run, I stay and stall them.

HAYLEY: [confused] You don't even know me. Why would you put yourself in harm's way for us?

[Gia pauses for a moment, looking awkward]

GIA: I don't have to know you-- I know Elijah, and I know what you mean to him. [Hayley looks uncomfortable] And what this baby means to him.

HAYLEY: [awkwardly] He... talks about me with you?

GIA: [laughs nervously] No... but, I'm not blind. It's pretty obvious you had the guy all bent out of shape. Look, after you guys got married, we started hanging out. He was just so... wound up.

[Hayley looks guilty and stares at the floor]

GIA: I guess it must be tough to spend a thousand years being the shoulder everyone else leans on. Maybe he... just needs to live his life for himself, for once.

[Hayley looks up at Gia and smiles a small smile]






[Freya, Elijah, and Marcel have arrived to Eva's hideout for the children she's captured so they can meet with Vincent and finish preparing for their plan. Marcel is carrying Eva in his arms as they walk toward the magic circle (which is actually the triangle Esther drew for her) made of salt and herbs she has set up in the middle of the warehouse. At each point is a lit white candle]

FREYA: Lay her inside the salt, and lie on either side of her. Each of you take her hand. [She turns to Elijah] I will act as a bridge into her mind, but I'm trusting you to anchor me, brother.

Elijah: Do what you need to do.

[Marcel lays Eva down on the floor in the middle of the triangle, and then he and Vincent look up at Freya for further instructions]

FREYA: Rebekah is buried deep. Eva will not give her up without a fight.

MARCEL: [determined] Then she gets a fight.

FREYA: Be careful. You're entering Eva's mind. If she kills you in there, you will be lost. [Marcel looks worried] And, if you kill her before you free Rebekah, then Rebekah will be gone forever. Once you have Rebekah, then, and only then, can Eva be dealt with.

VINCENT: [takes a deep breath] We got it.

[Vincent and Marcel each lay down on either side of Eva inside the triangle and hold her hands. Freya kneels beside Vincent]

FREYA: You'll need a weapon.

[She pulls Eva's knife out of her boot and holds it out to Vincent, who looks at her in confusion]

VINCENT: How am I supposed to take that with me?

[Freya clutches the knife and begins to chant a spell]

FREYA: Lamina ferri in mentem. Lamina ferri in mentem.

[She stops chanting and looks at Vincent, grimacing slightly]

FREYA: This... is going to hurt.

[She stabs Vincent in the arm with the knife. He screams in pain, but then falls unconscious, as does Marcel. Once they're asleep, Freya stands and walks toward Elijah, who holds his hand out toward her. She takes it, and they each grip onto the other's elbows. When Freya nods at him, he nods in return, indicating that he's ready to begin. Freya begins to shout the incantation to the spell]

FREYA: [chanting loudly] Pontem praesidio. Anchora immortalibus. Pontem praesidio. Anchora immortalibus.

[As Freya chants, she is so overwhelmed by the power of the spell that her back arches as her head is thrown back, and Elijah has to hold onto her with much of his strength to keep her from falling]

[Suddenly, Marcel and Vincent awaken in Eva's mind-space, which is still the warehouse. Everything has adopted a greenish hue again, and Eva is no longer laying between the two men. Vincent screams in pain and quickly yanks the knife out of his arm. When

Marcel hears a little girl scream, his head turns toward the sound]

MARCEL: [worried] Rebekah.

[He vamp-speeds toward her, leaving Vincent alone on the floor. The lights start to flicker around him, and he starts to get scared]

VINCENT: [shouts] Marcel!

[Vincent, still clutching his injured arm, rises to his feet and starts to stumble around the warehouse, visibly frightened, as he looks around for Marcel]






[Klaus wakes up on the floor of the Lyonne tomb with a gasp to find that the magic-disabling shackles are laying broken on the floor, and everyone has vanished. Esther, who has heard Klaus awaken, comes in from the next room to check on him]

ESTHER: You recover fast, but they're gone.

Klaus: [annoyed] I compelled you to tell the truth, not state the bloody obvious.

ESTHER: [walks toward Klaus] She will poison them all against you. You know that.

Klaus: [stands to his feet] And you suddenly care, do you?

ESTHER: [exasperated] Klaus! Lying here, starving in the darkness, I have thought of nothing except what could have been if I had left you to live a single, mortal life.

Klaus: We would have burned bright for a while, and then burnt out. You see, you think of turning us as your greatest sin, but the truth is, it's the only one of your many faults I've come to forgive. [He smiles at Esther, who frowns] I prefer us as we are.

[Esther shakes her head and caresses Klaus' face with her hands]

ESTHER: No, my son-- we are a macabre echo of a family, and I take all the blame for that. [She is near tears] I only wanted to undo my evil, that you might love me again.

[Klaus looks as though he's about to cry himself, but he takes Esther's hands in his own and shoves them away from him]

Klaus: My mother, the comedian. Enjoy the darkness.

[Klaus turns and leaves to find Freya and Elijah, and Esther begins to sob]






[Marcel is still running around the version of the warehouse inside Eva's mind, but he has yet to find Rebekah. The lights continue to flicker around him, and as he rushes around, he hears the sound of a frightened child hyperventilating nearby. After some wandering around, he finally comes upon a small closet]

MARCEL: Rebekah?

[He opens the closet and finds Young Rebekah curled up in fear. She gasps in fright at first, but then she recognizes him even despite her young age and immediately runs into his arms as Marcel hugs her tightly]

MARCEL: Rebekah! It's okay, it's safe.

[Suddenly, Eva appears behind them, and Rebekah stares at her in terror]

EVA: You people just don't give up, do you?

MARCEL: [to Rebekah] Run.

[Young Rebekah runs away in the opposite direction while Marcel stays behind to hold her off. He lunges for her at vampire-speed, but Eva thrusts her arm out in front of him and uses her magic to cause him so much pain that he clutches his chest and screams at the top of his lungs]


EVA: You're a vampire in here, in my world! I'm the one who makes the rules! I'm the one who says how. you. die.

[Eva twists her wrist, and Marcel begins writhing on the ground in agony as she tortures him]





[Inside the warehouse, Freya is practically bent over backwards as Elijah struggles to keep his hold on her while she continues to chant the spell]

FREYA: [shouting] Pontem praesidio. Anchora immortalibus. Pontem praesidio. Anchora immortalibus.

[As Elijah grips onto Freya's arms as tightly as he can, Marcel's closed eyes begin to twitch, and suddenly, blood starts to drip from them]





[Inside Eva's mind, Eva is straddling Marcel on the floor of the warehouse and is gouging out Marcel's eyes with her thumbs as he groans in pain]

EVA: [furiously] The great Marcel. One-time vampire king.

[She thrusts her thumbs farther into his eyes, and he groans louder. Suddenly, Vincent appears with his hands out in front of him]

VINCENT: [shouts] Eva! That's enough! It's over.

[Eva looks hurt as she stands to her feet, and Vincent slowly walks toward her, his hands still up in a non-threatening position]

EVA: Not a bad bit of acting, fooling me back there. Pretty slick, and cold.

[She looks at him and her lips twitch into an affectionate half-smile]

EVA: Colder than I remembered you.

[Vincent gulps nervously]

EVA: Aww, it's your eyes. Those damn sexy eyes. Making me think you love me, right before you bury a knife in my back.

[She caresses Vincent's cheek with her hand, and Vincent sighs]

EVA: You break my heart, Vince.

[Vincent reaches down to his belt, where Eva's knife is tucked in his belt]

EVA: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice--

[Vincent goes to stab Eva with the knife, but she stops him with telekinesis and forces him to drop the knife on the floor. Vincent starts to choke from the force of the spell]






[Elijah is struggling so hard to hold onto Freya, who is still chanting the spell, that he yells in frustration at the top of his voice. Vincent's body starts to shake as Eva chokes him in her mind]

FREYA: [yelling] Pontem praesidio. Anchora immortalibus. Pontem praesidio. Anchora immortalibus.

Elijah: AHHHH!

FREYA: [yelling] Pontem praesidio. Anchora immortalibus. Pontem praesidio. Anchora immortalibus.

[She looks up at Elijah and looks scared]

FREYA: I'm losing them!

[Elijah continues to hold onto her for dear life, when suddenly Klaus appears and grabs Freya's arm in one hand and Elijah's hand in the other, so they are all three linked in a circle to anchor Freya better. Freya looks at him in shock]

Klaus: We're not finished, you and I. But, for right now? Save my sister.

[Freya Nods and begins to shout the incantation again]

FREYA: Pontem praesidio. Anchora immortalibus. Pontem praesidio. Anchora immortalibus.





[Eva is continuing to telekinetically choke Vincent when all of a sudden, Eva is thrown backward by an invisible force, allowing Vincent to recover. He looks angry and offended]

VINCENT: Is that what you think heartache feels like, Eva? Oh, but you have no idea. I wanted to rip my own heart out every time I woke so I couldn't feel what you did to me! That bone-deep hurt, knowing that I could not save them kids from you. The woman I loved more than my own life.

[Vincent thrusts his hand forward and grabs Eva in a choke-hold, but she easily breaks out of it and twists his wrist around, causing him so much pain he collapses onto his knees]

EVA: [enraged] We could have had everything! You chose this. It's on you!

[Vincent shakes his head to try to stop her from killing him, but she's determined. She lets go of his wrist and puts both hands on his face]

EVA: Goodbye, Vince.

VINCENT: [whispers] What?

[Eva leans in to kiss him, though Vincent struggles against it, and before she can kill him, she's stabbed in the back with her own knife by Young Rebekah, who stands there stone-faced as Eva collapses onto the floor on top of Vincent, who is gasping for breath]






[As Eva's spirit dies, Marcel and Vincent both gasp themselves awake on the floor of the warehouse. The force of the spell as it breaks pushes Freya, Klaus, and Elijah away from each other, which seems to relief the exhausted Freya. Marcel immediately sits up and looks over at Eva's body, which is still laying unconscious on the floor. He and Vincent both look up at Freya, Klaus, and Elijah, who all seem worried]

Klaus: [anxiously] Did it work?

[Suddenly, Marcel hears a small, familiar-sounding female voice in the next room, and vamp-speeds to the source of the sound. It's Davina, who has just awakened on the floor, and who looks extremely confused]

DAVINA: Where am I?

[After a moment, Josephine and the other children start to wake up as well, all of whom look equally confused to find themselves there. Marcel shouts to the others in relief]

MARCEL: They're okay!

[He rushes over to Davina and kneels down so he can give her a big hug]

DAVINA: Marcel!

[In the other room, Vincent is tending to his arm wound as Elijah walks over to Eva's body. Klaus looks devastated, and turns to Freya, who looks equally upset]

Klaus: Why isn't she waking??

[Freya shakes her head desperately, as though to prove she had no intention of anything bad happening to Rebekah. Suddenly, Eva/Rebekah awakens with a gasp and sits straight up, and the other four look at her warily, unsure at whom they're looking. After a moment, Rebekah sighs in relief and smiles at the sight of her family]

REBEKAH: [breathing deeply] Bloody hell!




[Rebekah is in the living room, where she's staring at the portrait on the wall of herself in her original body from several centuries ago. She sighs in exhaustion, just as Klaus, who is drinking straight from a bottle of scotch, comes to check on her]

REBEKAH: What? You're not fishing for a thank-you, I hope.

Klaus: [smiles] I'd find myself freezing in hell before I got one from you!

[Rebekah smirks at him, and he laughs]

Klaus: Well, come on, then-- let's get you back in your proper body! Though, I'll likely have to torture Freya and Esther to do so. Which, actually, might be quite fun.

[Rebekah looks nervous, and hesitates for a moment before speaking]

REBEKAH: No, Nik. I'm staying put.

[Klaus gives her a confused look]

REBEKAH: Eva's gone for good, but her body-- this body-- is still linked to Davina and those children. I can feel it. Now, if I leave it, then it dies, and Davina and the others die with it.

Klaus: [rolls his eyes] So-bloody-what?

REBEKAH: [appalled] I happen to like Davina! I'm not about to let her die.

[Klaus smiles at her, clearly impressed]

REBEKAH: Besides, do you really want the wrath of every New Orleans witch just as Dahlia arrives? We need them on our side-- or, at the very least, not siding against us. [She sighs] And, there's also the matter of Kol. I vowed I'd bring him back-- I can't even attempt to do that if I'm not a witch.

[Klaus sighs and pauses for a moment before speaking]

Klaus: Freya's been inside my head. She knows my secrets.

REBEKAH: [laughs] So, she knows you go very far for very few. So-bloody-what? Niklaus, just for one second, can we just be what we need to be? A family united?

[Klaus sighs and caresses Rebekah's cheek with his hand]

Klaus: For now-- for you.

[He smiles at her, and the two close their eyes and bump their foreheads together for a long moment before Klaus kisses her on the forehead and heads for the front door. Before he can leave, Rebekah calls out to him]


[Klaus stops, but doesn't turn around]

REBEKAH: Thank you.

[Klaus smiles for a moment before he leaves the house]




[Eva/Rebekah continues their narration in voiceover as the scene cuts back and forth between the various characters]



REBEKAH: [voiceover] There's a saying in my family-- "Kill a demon today, face the devil tomorrow."

[At Rousseau's, Vincent takes the photo of himself and Eva and lights it on fire with a lighter. He smiles and lays the burning photo on a small plate and watches as the flames turn it to ash]

REBEKAH: [voiceover] Yet, even if you dance on that demon's grave, you can't help but wonder-- was that demon alone?


'[The various New Orleans covens, along with the Mikaelsons, Hayley, and Gia, have gathered at the compound, where Josephine is presenting Freya with a necklace with a turquoise pendant. She fastens the necklace around Freya's neck, and they all smile happily]

REBEKAH: [voiceover] Or do you have other, deadlier ones to fight?

[Klaus is on the nearby staircase, watching as Freya is presented with the necklace and scowling suspiciously at her. Everyone claps in Freya's honor as she gives Josephine a hug, and both Rebekah and Elijah are at her side, smiling proudly at her]

REBEKAH: [voiceover] And though you celebrate having won the battle...

[Josephine pulls away from her hug with Freya and faces her]

JOSEPHINE: You're one of us, now. New Orleans is your home.

[Freya smiles at her happily]

JOSEPHINE: Your friends are our friends; your enemies, ours.

REBEKAH: [voiceover] ...Have you really prepared for the war?





[Freya is sitting at the bar of Rousseau's, smiling happily as she touches the pendant on her new necklace, when she notices Klaus lurking nearby]

FREYA: Come to shackle me again, brother?

[Klaus comes out of the shadows and leans against the bar beside her]

Klaus: Maybe you've wormed your way into the witches' good graces-- [He touches the pendant on her necklace]-- and my siblings, too. But, I see you for what you really are. Even if they cannot.

FREYA: They're not burdened by crippling paranoia. The kind that leaves you muttering to yourself alone in the dark. [She mimics his voice] "Where has everyone gone?"

[Klaus looks at her, both embarrassed and outraged at this response]

FREYA: Mean of me? Yes. I shouldn't bring up your childhood secrets. But don't worry, all I saw when I channeled you were anger issues and a questionable taste in women. [Klaus sighs in annoyance] I was once alone, brother. It would be a shame if you were the one who found himself so.

[She gets up to leave the bar, but Klaus stands and pushes her backward with his hand. Freya smiles mockingly and whispers in his ear]

FREYA: It doesn't have to be like this, of course. But, be careful-- I only have so much patience.

[Freya rolls her eyes and walks away, leaving an embarrassed and angry Klaus behind at the bar]

REBEKAH: [voiceover] So, as we dress ourselves in the armor needed for this new fight...





[Esther is sitting alone in the Lyonne tomb when Freya appears out of nowhere to see her]

REBEKAH: [voiceover] ...We must first tend to our wounds. Starting with the deepest.

ESTHER: [surprised] Freya.

FREYA: [coldly] You were wrong about me. I loathe Dahlia more than you could ever know.

[Esther stares at her in confusion]

FREYA: You don't see that light in me? That's because she snuffed it out! I was five, and she was the devil. She took my light. My love. My will to live. [She smiles bitterly] My ability to die. You are no longer my mother, but I am not her child.

[Esther stands and walks toward Freya]

ESTHER: I am so sorry.

[Freya closes her eyes and sighs in annoyance]

FREYA: It's a little late for that. But, it turns out, you were right about one thing-- maybe Klaus shouldn't have let me glimpse inside his mind.

ESTHER: [angrily] I warned him to be wary of you. Of what you might see.

FREYA: Oh, I saw quite a bit. But, I only learned one thing-- Klaus and I can never be allies. I now see that he will never trust me. So, he leaves me no choice-- I will have to turn the family against him.

[Esther looks at her in surprise and horror]

FREYA: One by one. And now, I know how to do it.

ESTHER: [confused] Why are you telling me this?

[Freya looks at Esther in feigned sympathy as she takes a step toward her]

FREYA: [whispers] Because you won't be around to see it.

[Freya grabs her blue crystal talisman and holds onto it as she places two fingers on Esther's forehead, which causes Esther so much pain that she shrieks at the top of her lungs]


[After a moment, Esther/Lenore dies and bursts into a humongous cloud of starlings. The birds flutter around the inside of the tomb before they all fall dead to the floor. Freya looks around at all of the dead birds and steps over them on he way out the door]

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S03E13 (inédit)
Jeudi 20 mai à 21:00

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Legacies, S03E11 (inédit)
Jeudi 6 mai à 21:00
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Legacies, S03E10 (inédit)
Jeudi 15 avril à 21:00
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Legacies, S03E09 (inédit)
Jeudi 8 avril à 21:00
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Legacies, S03E08 (inédit)
Jeudi 25 mars à 21:00
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Legacies, S03E07 (inédit)
Jeudi 18 mars à 21:00
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Legacies, S03E06 (inédit)
Jeudi 11 mars à 21:00
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Recherche d'administrateurs !

Recherche d'administrateurs !
Après plusieurs années en tant qu'administratrice du quartier, Linstead77 a quitté son poste. Merci...

Diffusion US de l'épisode 3x11 de Legacies

Diffusion US de l'épisode 3x11 de Legacies
Après une pause de quelques semaines, les héros de Legacies font leur retour ce jeudi 6 mai 2021 !...

Sondage Torchwood: Elijah en proposition

Sondage Torchwood: Elijah en proposition
Le nouveau sondage de Torchwood cherche une âme soeur pour son immortel héros! "Il est temps de...

Legacies | Diffusion US du 3.02

Legacies | Diffusion US du 3.02
Les héros de Legacies font leur retour ce jeudi 29 janvier 2021 ! En effet, la chaîne américaine The...

Legacies | Diffusion US du 3.01

Legacies | Diffusion US du 3.01
Les héros de Legacies font leur retour ce jeudi 21 janvier 2021 ! En effet, la chaîne américaine The...


Les nouveautés des séries et de notre site une fois par mois dans ta boîte mail ?

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Luna25, Avant-hier à 18:02

et nouveau design sur le quartier Legends of tomorrow avec l'arrivée de la nouvelle saison

ShanInXYZ, Hier à 00:43

On continue le Voyage au centre du Tardis et on attends vos photos du Maître, où ça ? chez Doctor Who

Locksley, Hier à 11:24

Nouvelles HypnoCards en rayon ! Bonne collection et bon WE !

cinto, Hier à 19:32

petit rappel: la chaine cryptée française diffuse actuellement les 3 premières saisons de Queer As folk version us. Découvrez notre série!

ptitebones, Hier à 19:53

Hello, le calendrier de Mai est arrivé sur Manifest

Viens chatter !