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#215 : La Course du temps


Diffusion US : 9 mars 2015 sur The CW
Diffusion FR : 1 mai 2016 sur Série Club 

Une dangereuse altercation avec une assemblée de sorcières force Rebekah à s’ unir avec Marcel, mais ils découvrent rapidement que le corps que Rebekah occupe actuellement a un passé mouvementé.

Après avoir appris que Rebekah est en danger, Elijah cherche une ancienne sorcière, Josephine, dans l’espoir qu’elle puisse offrir son aide.

Klaus se querelle avec Hayley et Jackson quant à la meilleure façon de protéger Hope de Finn.

Freya convainc Finn de l’amener à Mikael, le père qu’elle n’a pas vu depuis plus de mille ans. Enfin, une confrontation avec Freya mène Elijah et Klaus à se demander s’ils peuvent faire confiance à leur sœur disparue depuis si longtemps.

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They All Asked For You

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La Course du temps

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Ecrit par Michelle Paradise
Réalisé par : Chris Grismer

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[Rebekah, still in her witch vessel, is wandering around a street bazaar full of witches selling various wares as she talks to her brothers via a three-way phone call. Klaus is standing on the balcony overlooking the courtyard, watching as four werewolves spar with each other, while Elijah is looking through his closet for a suit to wear for the day]

REBEKAH: Enough already with the family squabbling! Come on, Nik! Even you can see that the situation has become awkward!

Klaus: There's nothing awkward about it! Hayley and Hope belong in the compound where they are safe. As much as I would like Elijah's help to kill Finn, if his delicate sensibilities are offended by the presence of Hayley's new husband, then he's welcome to continue sulking across the river.

Elijah: [annoyed] As I have explained to you repeatedly, brother, my presence here in Algiers is purely to assemble allies. And given all the enemies we have afoot in the form of wayward siblings and ancient, maniacal aunt Dahlias, I would think that you would applaud my efforts.

Klaus: [mockingly] Well, if it's my applause you seek, you shouldn't have dashed off in a bloody huff!

[Elijah, frustrated, gestures angrily with his arms, though Klaus obviously cannot see him from the French Quarter. Rebekah sighs and tries to get them back on track]

REBEKAH: Alright, can you two at least try and stay focused on what's best for Hope's safety?

Elijah: I would like nothing more!

Klaus: I am doing exactly that!
REBEKAH: [smiles patronizingly] See? You're on the same team.

[A couple feet away, there is a male witch with a scruffy beard who frowns as he stares at her as she talks on the phone]

REBEKAH: Conflict resolved, crisis averted.

[Rebekah hangs up the phone and returns to looking at items at the booth in front of her. After a moment, she notices the man continue to scowl and stare at her, and, realizing someone might have recognized her host body, starts to walk in the opposite direction. She turns around a corner and bumps into another man]

REBEKAH: [annoyed] Excuse you, too!

[The man turns to face her and glares at her angrily, worrying Rebekah so much that she runs away, only to run into yet another male witch who seems to recognize her. Suddenly, everyone around her seems to know who she is, and though she tries to get away from them, she ultimately runs into a dead-end alley, where the first two witches easily catch up with her. She glares at them in fear and anger]

REBEKAH: Are you two looking for something? Besides a smack in the jaw?

WITCH #1: You will die for what you've done.

[Rebekah throws her hand out in front of her, trying to cast a pain infliction spell on the witches, but nothing happens. She desperately tries again, but it still doesn't work]

REBEKAH: [frustrated] Ugh, stupid bloody magic!

[Witch #1 shakes a rattle, which makes Rebekah double over and clutch her head as she screams in agony]


[The witch continues to shake his rattle, and Rebekah falls to her knees in pain. Out of nowhere, Marcel vamp-speeds into the alley and shoves each of the witches into opposite walls to disorient them. He then rushes over to Rebekah, whose nose is bleeding, and who is looking at him in shock. He holds his hand out to her to help her up]

MARCEL: There's more of them on the way, we should probably go.

[Rebekah just gapes at him in shock, and Marcel becomes more anxious]

MARCEL: Rebekah!

REBEKAH: [confused] How did you know?

[Marcel grabs Rebekah by the waist and holds her tightly]

MARCEL: Can we talk about that later? We don't have all day!

[Marcel vamp-speeds away with Rebekah in his arms before the witches can recover enough to retaliate]







[Finn and Freya are still hiding out in the bell tower of the cathedral from their siblings. Freya comes up behind Finn as he looks anxiously out the window at the city below]

FREYA: Don't worry. I've made sure no one can come in here.

FINN: I'm not worried. I'm just impatient for a reunion with the brothers that tried to kill me.

[He walks toward Freya so he can talk face-to-face]

FINN: Freya, now that I'm healed, I need power. Now, our father's still in the tomb where I left him. I think it's time that I go back and I channel him.

[Finn walks toward the door, and Freya considers this for a moment before turning to call after him]

FREYA: Finn? [Finn turns to look at her] I need a moment alone with him first.

[Finn doesn't seem pleased by this request]

FREYA: It's been a thousand years. He doesn't even know I'm still alive.

FINN: Believe me, Freya, that is for the best! He's a monster.

[Freya approaches him, looking saddened by this response]

FREYA: He wasn't a monster to me.

FINN: Well, he changed after you were taken. Freya, I spent years hoping that he would go back to being himself, but he never did. And, from what I understand, over the centuries, he's grown far worse--

FREYA: [interrupts him] --Just a few minutes, my sweet Muninn.

[Finn sighs, unable to deny her what she wants]

FINN: I suppose you'll want time with our mother as well.

FREYA: [coldly] Esther gave me away. She is nothing to me. Let her rot.

[Finn looks at her, seemingly impressed by her hatred of Esther]




[Klaus is discussing pack business with Hayley and Jackson in the upstairs lounge]

Klaus: It's time to use our werewolf army. Finn and the woman who calls herself my sister are in this city. The wolves can help us pinpoint their location.

JACKSON: No, we need all hands on deck here with Hope. [Klaus' eyes widen in annoyance] I think you can compel humans to track your enemies.

Klaus: Do my ears deceive me? Or did you just give me an order? In my own home?

JACKSON: This ain't about your ego, Klaus! It's about what's best for that little girl.

Klaus: [furiously] How dare you question my intentions for my daughter!

HAYLEY: [reluctantly] Jack, Klaus is right. Finn's body disappeared from the morgue, which means that he's either powerful enough to heal from that explosion, or Freya's powerful enough to save him. Either way, we're not finding them unless we... send our best people out there.

[Jackson sighs in frustration]

Klaus: [patronizingly] I'm sure you and all your merry men will find them post haste.

[Jackson stands to his feet and stares Klaus in the eye]

JACKSON: Just to be clear, I'm giving this order because Hayley is asking.

[Klaus opens his mouth to speak, but Jackson cuts him off before he can say anything]

JACKSON: Don't think for one second that I take orders from you.




[Marcel pours himself and Rebekah a drink at his bar. He looks down at his wristwatch before turning toward Rebekah, who is pacing around in front of the couch]

MARCEL: [annoyed] You haven't spoken a word for thirty minutes.

[Rebekah remains silent. Marcel keeps staring at his watch]

MARCEL: Thirty-one.

[He sits down on a bar stool and stares at her. When she still doesn't say anything, Marcel sighs in frustration]

MARCEL: Fine. I'll answer for you-- "Thank you for rescuing me, Marcel. It's so good of you to still care... even though no one told you I was back."

[Rebekah stares at him for a moment before she speaks]

REBEKAH: I asked them not to.

MARCEL: [smiles bitterly] There she is. [He pauses for a moment] Why?

REBEKAH: It's complicated.

MARCEL: [sarcastically] You think?

REBEKAH: [exasperatedly] How did you find me, anyway?

[Marcel slams his drink on the bar and approaches her]

MARCEL: I knew you were you. I knew you were up to something, so I followed you. Okay? And it's a good thing that I did! That market is bad news. The Tremé witches are not friendly to outsiders. What were you doing there?

REBEKAH: I was looking for anything that could help boost my magic. I promised Kol I'd find a way to bring him back, and I can't do that as an amateur-hour witch!

[Marcel, visibly frustrated by her, holds up a finger to silence her]

MARCEL: Okay, you need to be more careful.

REBEKAH: I can take care of myself.

MARCEL: [mockingly] All evidence to the contrary--

REBEKAH: [offended] Don't be condescending just because you got to play hero for one tiny moment.

MARCEL: [smiles] One tiny saved-your-ass-from-certain-death moment?

[Before Rebekah can respond, Elijah rushes into the loft looking concerned]

Elijah: [to Rebekah] Are you alright?

[Rebekah walks over to him while Marcel pinches the bridge of his nose in annoyance]

REBEKAH: Barely. They attackers knew me, Elijah. Not me-me, but-- [She gestures at her body]-- this. Her. Whoever she is...

[She looks at Elijah anxiously]

REBEKAH: They want her dead.

[Elijah doesn't seem pleased by this news and walks over to Marcel]

Elijah: Then we find them and show them why their anger is unwise.

MARCEL: You don't want to mess with that crowd, alright? We want answers, we need to ask Josephine LaRue. She serves as matriarch to the covens outside the Quarter. She'll know who wants Rebekah dead.

REBEKAH: How can you be sure?

MARCEL: She bankrolls Fauline Cottage. [Elijah looks at him in surprise] She'll know who you are and why you were locked up in there.

REBEKAH: And what if she wants to lock me right back up? I won't go back to that horrid place--

Elijah: [interrupts her] The two of you go and see what you can find about this body you now possess. I shall pay a visit to Josephine.

[He cups Rebekah's face with his hand]

Elijah: A warning-- you are not who you once were. This body is all too vulnerable.

[Rebekah rolls her eyes in frustration as Elijah heads for the door. Marcel looks anxious as he calls out after him]

MARCEL: Elijah. Josephine is an eccentric old bat with no love for vampires. Your charms might not work as well as you think.

Elijah: [smirks] My charms are quite adaptable, Marcellus, I may assure you.

[Elijah smiles at him as he leaves the loft. Rebekah crosses her arms over her chest, clearly frustrated and unhappy with this arrangement. Marcel, looking overwhelmed, just sighs]





[Finn and Freya are in the Lyonne tomb, where Mikael and Esther/Lenore's desiccated bodies are still laying where Finn left them. He covers up Esther's body with a white sheet before turning to Freya, looking concerned]

FINN: Our brothers probably have spies all over the place looking for us--

FREYA: [interrupts him] --I won't be long, Finn. I promise.

FINN: [anxious] Freya... are you sure you want to do this? [Freya rolls her eyes good-naturedly] This is not the man that you remember.

FREYA: [smiles weakly] He is still my father.

[Finn nods in understanding and picks up Esther's shrouded body and leaves the tomb so Freya and Mikael can have privacy. She looks down at Mikael, and when Finn is gone, she takes out a knife from her coat pocket and cuts her left index fingertip with it as she starts to cast a spell]

FREYA: [chants] Sin vaca arugas heniga.

[She smears the blood from her index finger onto the middle and ring fingertip of her right hand and swipes the blood across Mikael's lips]

FREYA: [chants] Sin vaca arugas heniga.

[Suddenly, the blood begins to magically restore Mikael's skin its desiccated grey state to its natural pinkish-white, and he opens his eyes as he awakens with a gasp]




[Gia is sitting on the couch of Elijah's new apartment in Algiers, where they are discussing Elijah's arranged meeting with the witch Josephine. Elijah paces around in front of the couch while they talk. Gia is putting her violin back in its case, and Elijah is looking through a file full of papers]

GIA: Can't we just bring wine? Or coffeecake? Bundt cake? Any kind of cake?

Elijah: From what I can gather, Ms. LaRue was something of a musical prodigy in her youth. However, in her heart is the music she loves the most--

[He sets down several pieces of sheet music]

Elijah: Beethoven's Sonata No. 9, Opus 47.

GIA: [unimpressed] How about I bring my laptop, speakers, and a drum beat?

Elijah: I promise, your performance is what will open the door for us. If this fails, the life of someone I care for deeply will be in jeopardy, and that will displease me immensely.

[He snaps his fingers and heads for the door]

Elijah: Shall we move, please?

GIA: [confused] No. Why don't you make both our lives easier and just compel someone from the symphony?

Elijah: [sighs] My darling Gia, you are an artist far more gifted than anyone from any local symphony.

[Gia seems genuinely touched by this compliment]

Elijah: Unfortunately Ms. LaRue despises vampires, so we need to show her that our community is comprised of a different breed. [He winks at her] With a new sophistication.

GIA: [smiles] Sophisticated, huh? I suppose you want me in a dress?

Elijah: [smirks] We should adapt to our audience, yes.

GIA: And you? Dark suit on the left side of your closet? Or-- [She gasps mockingly]-- identical dark suit on the right?

Elijah: [amused] I prefer the one in the middle, thank you so much.

[Gia stands up and smiles as she walks toward Elijah]

GIA: Man, if anyone needed a woman to mess his life up a bit...

[Elijah frowns slightly, and Gia realizes what she just said. She scratches her head awkwardly]

GIA: Right. Uh, your girl actually went and--

Elijah: [cuts in] --She did--

GIA: --married another...

Elijah: [awkwardly] ...another guy.

GIA: Um, for what it's worth, I thought Marcel and I had a thing.

[Elijah seems surprised by this admission]

GIA: But, that didn't work out. [She takes a deep breath and shrugs] We might not be in the same boat, but it's the same ocean.

[Gia gets up to leave, and Elijah turns to watch her go, clearly conflicted by his feelings]




[Jackson and Aiden are walking through the halls of the compound as they discuss their new assignment]

AIDEN: So, what are we now? Errand boys?

JACKSON: I told you-- Finn is powerful. If we're gonna find him, we need numbers, strength, and speed.

AIDEN: Wait, Jack. These new abilities of ours-- people are already talking about what they can do individually. And they need to feel respected, not like cannon fodder! We're gonna lose good men--

JACKSON: [raises his voice] We're not gonna lose anybody if you stay alert! Hunt Finn down as a pack. Catch him off-guard. The sooner we find this freak, the sooner we can all relax.

[Aiden looks conflicted, but nods in agreement. Jackson looks guilty for losing his temper]

JACKSON: And Aiden? I appreciate your concern. But why don't you let me worry about the pack.

[Jackson walks away, leaving Aiden alone in the hallway. Once he's gone, Klaus comes up behind him and approaches him]

Klaus: Surprising how little he values your input. Especially since it was you who led the wolves during his self-imposed exile.

[Aiden sighs as he turns to face Klaus]

AIDEN: What do you want, Klaus?

Klaus: Merely to offer advice that may save the lives of the good men. My brother Finn is not entirely sane, but he is clever. If you approach him en masse, he will see you coming, and he will destroy you en masse. Instead, be strategic. Move quietly. I'll handle the rest.

[Aiden looks at him, obviously confused by Klaus' seeming kindness. After a moment, Klaus walks away]




[Marcel has just returned to his apartment with a box in his hand, where Rebekah has been waiting for him]

MARCEL: [holds up the box] Oh, nothing says manly like buying a matching tea set.

[He starts opening the box to take out the tea pot and cups to set them up]

MARCEL: Good news is, this guy who's coming is dialed into witch business like you wouldn't believe. If anyone can tell us about you, it's him.

[Marcel strips off his jacket and takes a seat on the couch]

MARCEL: While we're waiting... how 'bout that explanation?

REBEKAH: Fine. Yes, I asked my brothers not to tell you I was back.

[She sits next to him on the couch]

REBEKAH: I didn't want to see you after all this time when I wasn't myself. Not like this. And, perhaps I feared that I might be desperate to kiss you, which I clearly can't do whilst occupying someone else's lips.

MARCEL: [intrigued] Did you?

REBEKAH: [confused] Did I what?

MARCEL: [smirks] Want to kiss me?


MARCEL: [continues smirking] Are you sure about that?

REBEKAH: One hundred bloody percent.

[Marcel stares at her in disbelief, and Rebekah gives him a look]

REBEKAH: Satisfied?

[Before they can discuss this further, the man Marcel is expecting, Ruben, walks into the apartment with a satchel in his hands]

RUBEN: Am I interrupting?

MARCEL: No. You're right on time. [Marcel stands to greet him] Allow me to introduce Ruben Morris-- local seer, sage, and prognosticator for hire.

REBEKAH: [stands] Thank you for coming.

[Ruben stares at her for a long moment, as though he's unnerved, before he finally speaks]

RUBEN: Yeah. Charmed. [He turns to Marcel] Just a reminder, house calls cost double.

[Marcel pulls out a wad of $100 dollar bills and slaps it into his open hand]

MARCEL: Mmm-hmm.

[Ruben pockets the money, and Rebekah sits back down on the couch, looking nervous about this new stranger in Marcel's house]

RUBEN: Hmm. Where'd you find her?

MARCEL: On the streets. Memory wiped clean. Could be a hex or amnesia. I figured you'd have an idea of who she is, or maybe a way to find out.

[Ruben smiles weakly at takes another look at Rebekah before setting his bag down on the coffee table]

RUBEN: I've never see her before. But, that doesn't mean we can't figure it out. [He turns to Marcel] You get what I asked you for?

[Marcel points to the tea set on the bar, and Ruben goes to pick it up]

RUBEN: Then my leaves will tell us everything we need to know.

[He opens up his satchel, revealing several varieties of teas and herbs in jars and bottles]




[Mikael has just awakened in the Lyonne tomb, and he struggles to stand to his feet. When he sees Freya standing before him, he looks at her angrily. Freya looks overwhelmed]

MIKAEL: What devil are you?

[Freya smiles at him happily, near tears at this reunion]

FREYA: Someone you once loved deeply, my Father.

[Mikael growls and vamp-speeds toward her, putting her in a choke-hold and slamming her against the wall]

MIKAEL: I've no time for your riddles, witch!

FREYA: Do you not recognize me? Can you not see the daughter you thought died so long ago?

MIKAEL: [furiously] YOU LIE!

[Freya shakes her head weakly, upset that he doesn't know who she is]

FREYA: You named your sword Rathul, after the early morning sun.

[Mikael, stunned and overwhelmed by this response, slowly lets go of her neck]

FREYA: Its hilt was golden, like the color of my hair. You said it would remind you of me while you were in battle. That I'd be by your side no matter how far afield you traveled.

MIKAEL: [quietly] It can't be...

FREYA: The night before you left for war, you christened that sword with goat's blood. When I awoke, you were gone. I never saw you again.

MIKAEL: [near tears] It's been a thousand years. How is this possible?

FREYA: I was taken. By Dahlia. I'll explain everything.

[She takes his hands and kneels in front of him, tears running down her face]

FREYA: Just say you believe me?

[Mikael kneels down and takes her face in his hands. They're both crying and overwhelmed with emotion]

MIKAEL: My beautiful Freya. My daughter.

[They hug each other as they both begin to sob]




[Jackson walks into Hayley's bedroom, where she has just put Hope down to sleep, and knocks gently on the door frame. He's holding a plate in his hand]

HAYLEY: Shhh. I just got her down.

[Jackson holds out a plate to hand it to her]

JACKSON: Thought you might be hungry.

HAYLEY: [smiles] Grilled cheese, huh? Hell of a chef!

JACKSON: [laughs] Well, I don't like to brag.

[Hayley smiles at him as she starts putting away Hope's toys and blankets]

JACKSON: You know, I can help you with Hope, right? If you want to take a break sometime, I'm good with kids.

HAYLEY: I missed six months of her life. I don't mind. [She smiles at him] Thanks!

[Jackson smiles and turns to leave, but Hayley calls out to him to stop him]

HAYLEY: Hey, Jack. You've been a million miles away lately.

JACKSON: Yeah, I'm fine. Just trying to get the wolves back into the Quarter.

HAYLEY: Okay, I know what "busy" is, and I know what "trying to keep busy" is. I've barely seen you.

JACKSON: [looks guilty] Yeah, I know. I just don't want you to feel... obligated to me. This marriage...

HAYLEY: How many times do I have to tell you? This isn't an obligation!

[She suddenly realizes something, and clears her throat awkwardly]

HAYLEY: Are you talking about sex?

[Jackson, also feeling awkward, looks down at the floor]

JACKSON: Look, the Unification ritual worked. But, we still have to live as husband and wife.

HAYLEY: This isn't something that we have to be shy about.

JACKSON: That's the start of our life together.

HAYLEY: We're both adults. Let's just... put on some Marvin Gaye, and light some candles-- [Jackson starts to laugh]-- and we'll just...

[Their discussion is interrupted by Hope, who starts crying loudly]

HAYLEY: [awkwardly] Or... I could go and feed the baby.

[Hayley gives Jackson a guilty and slightly disappointed smile before going into the nursery to check on Hope. Jackson sighs, also disappointed, and turns to leave]




[Ruben is grinding up a tea mixture with a mortar and pestle in Marcel's apartment while Marcel and Rebekah sit across from him in preparation to find the past of Rebekah's vessel]

REBEKAH: Can we just get to the part where you tell me who I am?

[Ruben pours steaming hot water from the tea pot into the leaves in each cup]

RUBEN: You want the leaves to talk, you gotta sip the tea.

[Rebekah looks at Marcel nervously, but he nods in encouragement]

RUBEN: You, too, Marcel. It's your house. The spell won't work if you're not part of it.

[Rebekah drinks the tea from her cup, and after a moment, Marcel does the same. Ruben picks up Rebekah's cup from the table and peers inside it to examine the leaves]

RUBEN: [sighs] The leaves say you were born with a dark side. Fought against your nature. [He looks up at Rebekah] Looks like you lost.

[He looks back at the leaves in the cup]

RUBEN: Hmmm.

REBEKAH: [nervous] What?

RUBEN: I heard of this before. Hmm...

REBEKAH: What is it?

RUBEN: Last year, a witch named Eva Sinclair was stealing children to channel their power.

[As he talks, Rebekah's eyes start to flutter, and she begins to get woozy]

RUBEN: That'd be you.

[Rebekah starts to hyperventilate when she realizes the tea was dosed with something]

RUBEN: You're a murderous psychopath.

[Rebekah clutches her chest as she gasps for breath, and Marcel reaches out his arm to steady her as she wheezes and stands to her feet]

REBEKAH: I can't breathe!

[Marcel stands up to help her as Ruben just stares at her, clearly pleased]

MARCEL: You're having a panic attack.

[Rebekah is too weak to stay upright, and when she leans down against the coffee table, it collapses under her, causing the tea pot and cups to fall to the floor. Marcel stumbles as well, and he realizes that he's been slipped something in his tea as well]


[He gets dizzy and doubles over]

MARCEL: Oh! Ooh!

[He realizes Ruben set them up and staggers toward him]

MARCEL: She is not who you think she is!

[Rebekah is laying flat on the floor, and she sees a glass vial of red liquid, along with a burlap pouch of herbs, on the floor in front of her. She reaches out to grab it while she struggles to come up with a plan to save herself and Marcel]

RUBEN: She is! Marcel Gerard, I expected you to keep a better company of people!

[Before Marcel can fight back, Ruben holds out his hand and telekinetically chokes Marcel before snapping his neck with his magic. Marcel's unconscious body falls to the floor as Rebekah gasps for breath and tries her best to get onto her feet. Ruben then turns to Rebekah to address her]

RUBEN: No one could prove it was you, Eva-- they never found those kids.

[Rebekah tries to crawl backward as he walks toward her, but she's too weak]

RUBEN: And those of us with kids of our own, we'd go to bed at night and not sleep a wink knowing that you were out there. There was no way I was gonna let you out into the world. Not if my son could be next.

[Rebekah collapses flat onto the floor and her eyes flutter as she starts to fade out of consciousness]




[Elijah and Gia arrive to Josephine's home; Elijah is in his usual suit, while Gia is wearing a formal purple cocktail dress and is carrying her violin. They're let in by a butler, who leads them inside where Josephine, an older, dark-haired woman with ice-blue eyes, is seated in the living room. The scene cuts to Gia, who is playing Beethoven's Sonata No. 9 while Elijah and Josephine sit and listen. Once Gia is finished, she puts down her violin and looks at Josephine nervously. However, Josephine instead turns to Elijah]

JOSEPHINE: You are as calculating as I've heard, Mr. Mikaelson. Having your companion play the very piece I once performed to great acclaim.

[Gia looks at Elijah, obviously uncomfortable]

Elijah: Is it not also a piece that you enjoy?

JOSEPHINE: It's best not to insult those more powerful than you, which is the only reason I allowed you into my home. Now, if you will excuse me, I have many things to do.

Elijah: [smiles] My goodness, I had expected a more cordial welcome here.

JOSEPHINE: And why would I be cordial to you?

[Elijah looks as though he wants to say something, but he remains silent]

JOSEPHINE: Since your family has returned to this city, our Elders have been murdered. Promising young witches have been inhabited against their will.

Elijah: I can put an end to all of it.

JOSEPHINE: With all due respect, I can believe that... as much as I believe I will play my violin again someday.

[She looks down at her hands, which are shaking and extremely swollen. Her fingers and joints are stiff, disfigured and painful-looking. Elijah looks guilty and discouraged, while Gia looks shocked]

JOSEPHINE: Because, Mr. Mikaelson, beneath your formal attire, and behind the lovely Beethoven-- [She nods her head to Gia]-- you are all the same. Liars. Monsters wearing the skins of humans. Good day to you both.

[Elijah looks at her unhappily. Gia looks offended]




[Rebekah is desperately crawling across the floor toward Marcel's bookshelf while Ruben continues to slowly walk toward her. She's clearly weak, and struggles to get away]

RUBEN: Gypsum weed is nasty stuff. It's been killing people since the Middle Ages. Those hallucinations? They'll get worse. And then the pain'll start.

[Rebekah tries to pull herself up off the floor by holding onto one of the shelves on the bookshelf as she gasps for air]

REBEKAH: There's something you need to know about me.

RUBEN: The hell could you tell me I don't already know, Eva Sinclair?

[Rebekah finally manages to stand to her feet]

REBEKAH: My name is Rebekah Mikaelson, and I know the antidote to gypsum weed.

[Rebekah grabs a small sculpture of a fleur-de-lis and uses it to backhand Ruben in the face. The base of the sculpture makes contact with his temple and knocks him out as he falls to the floor]




[Elijah and Gia are still at Josephine's home, trying to convince her to listen to their pitch]

Elijah: Ms. LaRue, we needn't be unpleasant!

JOSEPHINE: I hold no animosity, nor do I want to do you any favors. I simply want you to leave my home.

GIA: [frustrated] Screw her, Elijah. I don't see a friggin' crown on her head.

JOSEPHINE: [calmly] I beg your pardon?

GIA: You're not the Queen of the witches. You don't speak for all of them. [She sighs] You know, I can't believe I dressed up and learned how to play Beethoven. I hate Beethoven.

JOSEPHINE: [amused] And what do you like, young lady, if not for Beethoven? Then, what?

[Gia clears her throat and picks up her violin before she begins to play a more upbeat jazz piece than the sonata she performed earlier. Elijah smiles as Gia plays, and Josephine seems surprised by her talent. When she's finished, Gia puts down the violin and looks at her expectantly. Josephine smiles widely]

JOSEPHINE: Eddie South. That makes you a true jazz girl!

GIA: [incredulous] You know Eddie South?

JOSEPHINE: One time, I nearly eloped with a jazz musician. [She frowns at the memory] Um, my mother learned of my plans, and...

[She looks down at her swollen, arthritic-looking hands]

JOSEPHINE: Let's just say she wasn't pleased. [Gia looks at her sympathetically] Your candor is refreshing. I find most vampires more calculating.

[She turns to Elijah with an apologetic expression]

JOSEPHINE: No offense.

Elijah: [smiles] None taken! I also, on occasion, admire her candor.

GIA: [smirks] He has great taste.

[Josephine laughs at her joke, but Gia's expression turns serious]

GIA: He's also a man you can trust. And I say that as someone who doesn't trust easily.

[She looks at Elijah, who stares at her]

GIA: Or, at all, really.

JOSEPHINE: I suppose I should just hear you out, Mr. Mikaelson.

[Elijah looks at her, clearly surprised and impressed by Gia's response]




[Aiden and the werewolves accompanying him have split up as they quietly search the various tombs in search of Finn. He looks around the Lyonne tomb until he hears a squelching noise followed by a groan of pain behind him. Aiden is alarmed by the sound and turns to investigate. After a moment, Mikael appears from around the corner, blood dripping from his mouth down his neck and a heart clutched in his right hand]

MIKAEL: I much prefer vampire blood, but after so long in slumber, one needn't be so picky.

[Aiden stares at him as Mikael holds up the heart in his hand]

MIKAEL: Oh! I believe this belongs to one of your mangy spies.

[Mikael tosses the heart in Aiden's direction, and it lands at his feet. Aiden looks terrified and is visibly upset by the revelation that one of his pack mates is dead]

AIDEN: [sighs] Klaus is gonna kill you.

MIKAEL: [laughs dramatically] Is. that. so?

[Mikael growls and lunges for Aiden, but Freya comes out from behind him and calls out to him]

FREYA: Leave him, Father. [Mikael stops in his tracks] Bloodshed is merely a distraction. We have important matters to attend to.

[Mikael doesn't seem pleased at this order, but doesn't move. Freya cups her hands together and blows into them, magically creating a high-pitched whistle that causes Aiden to fall to his knees in pain as he clutches his head. Suddenly, the sound stops, and when Aiden looks up, he finds that both Mikael and Freya have vanished]





[Elijah, Gia, and Josephine have returned to the living room to discuss their arrangement. Josephine's butler hands Elijah a stack of files, which he takes and begins to skim]

Elijah: Thank you. One of the witches that escaped the Fauline Cottage is of particular importance to my family. My request to you-- tell your people to leave her to me.

JOSEPHINE: You have no idea how dangerous these witches can be.

Elijah: She will cause you no further trouble, I can assure you that. In return, I shall find all of the remaining witches and deliver them safely back to you.

[Elijah flips through the file he was given, which contains psychiatric evaluations of Eva Sinclair, along with a photograph of her. The evaluation details her violent tendencies, criminal and antisocial behavior, numerous arrests and incarcerations, and a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia. He pulls out the page with the photo of Eva and hands it to her]

Elijah: Consider this the first step in a new and mutually beneficial alliance!

[Josephine looks at the photo and file and looks surprised]

JOSEPHINE: Eva Sinclair. Powerful and sadistic. If I am to relinquish someone like her into your custody, I will require someone equally powerful in return. [Elijah looks at her expectantly] The Tremé Coven wants Vincent Griffith returned. How you expel your

brother Finn from his body is your concern.

Elijah: Consider it done.





[Klaus has arrived to the cemetery, which has become dark and foggy as the day has gone by. He's walking through the aisles of tombs when his phone buzzes in his pocket. When he pulls it out, he sees it's Elijah and ignores the call before pocketing it again]

Klaus: [shouts] FINN!

[He continues walking through the cemetery to look for his brother]

Klaus: I know you're here! The wolves tell me you've been quite active robbing graves and violating corpses! Sounds like you.

[Klaus turns around to see if Finn is lurking out of sight]

Klaus: Why don't you just come out so we can finish this?

[The camera angle turns, revealing that Finn is standing at the end of the aisle behind Klaus]

FINN: Hello, Niklaus.

[Finn starts to walk toward Klaus, who does the same]

Klaus: Such a pedestrian greeting. How unfortunate those are to be your last words.

FINN: [incredulously] Your hubris truly knows no bounds! You attack a witch in the very place the Ancestors call home!

[He wags his finger at Klaus and clicks his tongue]

FINN: Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Klaus: You're a fool if you think the Ancestors give a damn about you.

FINN: [holds up his hands] They may not care for me, brother, but they hate you.

[Finn uses pyrokinesis to shoot a humongous stream of flames toward Klaus. When the flames and smoke clear, however, Klaus has already vanished, having vamp-sped on the roof of one of the nearby crypts before he could be harmed]

Klaus: You lost a step, brother. But, them being blown to pieces will do that, I suppose.

[Klaus lunges toward him, so Finn uses telekinesis to throw a piece of wrought-iron fence toward Klaus. The pikes of the fence embed themselves in Klaus' chest, but aside from some discomfort and a small amount of blood coming from Klaus' mouth, it does little to anything to hurt him; all Finn can do is use his power to keep the fence pinned in place so Klaus has to struggle to remove it]

FINN: Finished so soon, my indestructible brother? Father was right about you! You're nothing but a pathetic disappointment!

Klaus: [angrily] You judge me? You who cursed Kol to death?

[Finn looks slightly bothered by this reminder]

Klaus: But, you didn't stop there, did you? No, there's an encore-- you sought the death of an innocent child.

[Klaus finally manages to overcome Finn's telekinesis, despite his best efforts, and pulls the fence out of his chest. He then breaks off one of the pikes to use as a weapon]

Klaus: My child.

[Klaus throws the pike at Finn, and it lodges itself in his abdomen. Finn groans in pain, and Klaus vamp-speeds over to him and twists the pike in his stomach, pinning him against the wall of one of the tombs]

Klaus: For what you would have done to Hope, I'm going to enjoy making you suffer.

[Klaus pushes the pike up so that it causes even more internal damage, but he's choking Finn so hard he can barely even moan from pain]


[Klaus yanks out the pike from Finn's abdomen, and Finn falls weakly to the ground. Klaus holds up the pike and is about to stab him with it again when Elijah finally arrives and pulls Klaus off of him and shoves him into the tomb behind him]

Elijah: [out of breath] You didn't answer my call.

Klaus: Well, I was a little bit busy.

[Elijah looks over at Finn, who is bleeding out on the ground a couple feet away]

Elijah: I need him alive.

Klaus: I've no time for your soft-hearted sympathies.

[He tugs his arm out of Elijah's grasp, but Elijah plants himself between Klaus and Finn so he can't go after him]

Klaus: Stand aside.

[Elijah refuses to move, and Klaus gapes at him in disbelief]





[Ruben is still laying unconscious on the floor of the loft when Marcel awakens from healing his snapped neck. When he looks around, he finds Rebekah digging through Ruben's satchel of tea and herbs]

MARCEL: Ugh. Mmm. Whew.

REBEKAH: About bloody time you woke!

[She continues searching through the satchel]

REBEKAH: I was starting to get bored.

MARCEL: [confused and dizzy] How did you...?

REBEKAH: Sitave beans and mezul counteract the effects of the poison. Seems all my mother's prattling about witch concoctions wasn't such a waste.

[Marcel still looks pretty out of it as he groans and rubs his aching head. He notices Ruben laying on the floor and vamps-out as he rushes toward him to finish him off, but Rebekah stops him]

REBEKAH: Marcel! Don't. He's just a father trying to protect his child. He doesn't deserve to die for it. I was only a parent for a few months, but I felt that same instinct.

[Marcel considers this response for a moment and hesitates before speaking]

MARCEL: The whole time you were gone? I thought you just up and left without looking back. And then I find out you were the one protecting Hope. I had to smile-- everything you ever wanted, and you got it. As much as I really wished you were here, I was truly happy for you.

REBEKAH: Well, as much as I'd wished you'd left with me, I was happy-- well, relieved, really-- to hear that you and Nik had made your peace here. Whatever my brother's faults, he's always been moved by acts of loyalty. As have I.

[Marcel looks uncomfortable and turns to walk away, but Rebekah grabs him by the hand]

REBEKAH: Marcel. Thank you... for bothering to give a damn about an old flame.

[Marcel considers this for a moment before smiling at her]





[Elijah and Klaus are still bickering while Finn lays bleeding on the ground, coughing and sputtering up more blood as time goes on]

Klaus: Let him die, Elijah!

Elijah: The witches want that body returned unharmed.

Klaus: [angry] And what else do they want? A parade? Free broomsticks for all?

Elijah: This alliance could be greatly beneficial to us all--

Klaus: [interrupts him] Yes, well currying some witch's favor does not concern me!

[Suddenly, Freya appears next to them]

FREYA: It should.

[She stops when she's joined them, and she smiles]

FREYA: Witch allies can prove valuable.

[She walks over to where Finn is laying as Elijah and Klaus gape in confusion]

FINN: Freya. Freya. Help me.

FREYA: [kneels next to him] Don't worry, brother. I won't let them hurt you.

[She uses her fingers to lift the blue pendant on her talisman toward him as she starts to cast a spell]

FREYA: [chants] Yovara vimuna virael.

[As she chants, her pendant starts to glow bright blue, and Finn suddenly starts to scream in agony as his body is healed]

FREYA: [chants] Yovara vimuna virael.

[Once the spell is done, Vincent/Finn sits up in shock and stares up at the three Mikaelsons in horror]

VINCENT: [scared] Who are you?

[Klaus looks at Freya in confusion and curiosity as she holds out two fingers and makes a sweeping motion over Vincent's face]

FREYA: Sleep.

[As she speaks, Vincent suddenly falls unconscious onto the ground. Elijah and Klaus gape at her in shock]

Klaus: What the hell did you do to him?

[Freya holds up her pendant for him to see]

FREYA: Finn is now safe from harm. And his hatred of you can no longer do to damage to our cause.

Elijah: [suspiciously] Our cause?

FREYA: Yes. Ours. And now, if you two can stop arguing long enough, perhaps you'll allow your older sister to offer you a deal.

Klaus: What could you possibly offer us besides fairy tales and lies?

FREYA: Whatever you think of me, brother, know this-- when I speak to you, it is the truth. If you have any doubts, remember that it was I who rescued Rebekah from the Fauline Cottage.

Elijah: And was it not also you who led Finn on his vile mission to take Hope's life?

FREYA: The threat to Hope came from Finn. Not me.

[She looks down at the ground, clearly upset by the thought]

FREYA: The brother I knew would never have stooped to threaten a child. Our mother destroyed him. Like she did me. [She turns to Klaus] You. Everything she touched.

Klaus: [appalled] Do not talk speak as though we are familiars! We know nothing of you.

[Freya holds up each of her hands so that they are facing Klaus and Elijah's faces, and they both receive a vision/memory of Freya being taken by Dahlia, as first seen in Wheel Inside the Wheel]





[Dahlia has just picked up the young Freya and is leaving with her as Esther and young Finn both cry in despair. Freya is hysterical and screaming]

ESTHER: I cannot give up my child! No, Dahlia, please!

FREYA: [shrieks] MOMMY! MOMMY!




[Freya, having ended the vision, stares at her brothers]

FREYA: Do you still think me a liar?

Klaus: That proves nothing but your ability to conjure illusions.

FREYA: Before you dismiss me, you should know this-- if I've woken from my slumber, Dahlia has as well. Once she's sensed your child's magic, she will come for her. And she has the power to kill anyone who stands in her way... unless we kill her first.

Klaus: That's quite convenient, isn't it? You show up in the nick of time to help us kill the woman with whom you've spent a thousand years!

FREYA: [frustrated and angry] You have no idea what it took to escape her! Or what I lost in the trying. Her punishment will be profound.

Elijah: [sympathetically] And you know how to stop her?

FREYA: Given the proper materials, yes. I've sent Father to procure them.

Klaus: [furiously] You put the life of my child in the hands of Mikael?

[He angrily storms off, but when Elijah calls his name, he stops walking]

Elijah: Niklaus. This woman has knowledge of the threat we now face and is willing to share that information.

Klaus: Well, you'll excuse me, Elijah, if I'm not inclined to trust the mysterious sister we only just met! But, by all means, if you wish to entertain this idiocy, have at it.

[Klaus vamp-speeds away before Elijah can argue any further, leaving him alone in the cemetery with Freya and the unconscious Vincent]

FREYA: Thank you. [She smiles at him shyly] Your kindness is much appreciated.

Elijah: I may be willing to accept your identity, Freya-- it doesn't mean I trust you.

FREYA: Then I will look forward to earning that trust.

[She turns and leaves the cemetery]





[Hayley is in the nursery, where she is holding a shrieking Hope and desperately trying to soothe her by rocking her, to no avail]

HAYLEY: Shhh. Shhh. It's okay, I'm here.

[Hope continues screaming and crying]

HAYLEY: [exhaustedly] Please stop crying. You're giving me a complex.

[Jackson, having heard Hope's cries, enters the nursery to check on them. Hayley notices him in the doorway and sighs]

HAYLEY: Uh, is it possible that I am the worst mother on the planet?

[Jackson smiles and walks over to take Hope from her and cradle her in his arms]

JACKSON: You're a great mother. [He looks at Hope as he snuggles her against his chest and speaks quietly to the young child] Hey, come here.

[Hope continues to cry, and Hayley rubs her forehead as though she has a headache as she turns and watches Jackson hold her]

JACKSON: [to Hope] Shhh. [He turns to Hayley] Aiden's back. We lost Jerick.

HAYLEY: [stunned] What?

JACKSON: [saddened] Mikael got him.

[Hayley clutches her heart in shock and grief]

HAYLEY: Jack, I am so sorry.

[Jackson continues rubbing Hope's back soothingly as he rocks her]

JACKSON: Thing is, we could have lost a lot more, but Aiden played it right. Kept 'em scattered instead of grouped. Smart move.

HAYLEY: Well, he learned from you.

JACKSON: Did he? It's not what I told him to do. My way would have all been a slaughter.

[After a moment, Hayley realizes that Hope has stopped crying, and seems both impressed by Jackson and relieved at the silence]

HAYLEY: [surprised] She's quiet!

JACKSON: [smiles] I told you. I'm good with kids.

[Jackson gently puts Hope down in the new crib he made her while Hayley looks at him from the doorway. She walks toward him to watch as Hope stays asleep even after being put to bed. Jackson's hand brushes against Hayley's, and they stare at each other for a moment before they start to make out passionately. After a short moment, they remember that they're right in front of the baby, and pull each other into Hayley's room. Jackson lays Hayley down on the bed and they continue kissing until Hayley rolls them so that she's on top. She takes off her shirt as they begin to have sex]




[Rebekah is reading the files that Elijah got from Josephine about Eva Sinclair when Marcel comes over and sits down next to her before handing her a glass of bourbon]

REBEKAH: [sighs] Ruben was right. It's all in here-- every horrible thing Eva Sinclair has ever done.

MARCEL: Well, if you ask me, it's a good thing you took over her body. Anyone who does this kind of stuff to kids has it coming.

REBEKAH: Marcel, it doesn't matter what she's done. I've still appropriated her body without her consent.

MARCEL: I'm not going to argue with you, Rebekah. I'm just saying... maybe it's a public service. But, I get why it's complicated. [He smiles] I mean, it makes sense why you won't kiss me.

REBEKAH: It's why I wouldn't kiss you if I wanted to. [She lowers her voice to a whisper] Which I don't.

[She takes a drink of her bourbon, and Marcel chuckles]

MARCEL: [in disbelief] Mmm-hmm.

REBEKAH: [smirks] I don't, Marcel.

MARCEL: [smiles] Keep telling yourself that.

[He takes her empty glass and goes back to the bar. Once he's gone, she sighs loudly, clearly conflicted]




[Klaus has just returned home, and smiles as he dotes on Hope, who is awake in her crib in the nursery, but isn't crying like she was before. Hayley comes into the nursery, wearing her bathrobe, and joins him]

HAYLEY: [whispers] You can thank Jackson for the quiet.

[Klaus smile falls a little bit at this news. Hayley gestures for him to join her out in the hall, and he reluctantly leaves Hope to follow her]

Klaus: You'll be pleased to know that Finn is no longer a problem. However, there are other dangers on the horizon. My father is on the loose. I need you to use your pack to find him.

HAYLEY: [frowns] No. We already lost one of ours today, a good man. I won't let any more wolves die, Klaus.

Klaus: [frustrated] Mikael is a threat to our child!

HAYLEY: Mikael is a threat to you. The pack will protect Hope if he comes, but I'm not going to let you use them just to settle your old scores!

Klaus: [angrily] Let me be as clear as possible-- your pack, your friends, your husband, are a necessary means to keeping our daughter safe. But, I am not running a charity hostel, here. [Hayley glares at him] If they are not fighting on my side, then they will not remain alive to fight at all!

[Klaus goes to storm off again, but Hayley shoves him backward to stop him]

HAYLEY: You do what you need to do to keep her safe, Klaus. I'll do the same. But if you ever, ever use her to try to manipulate me again, it will be the last time that you see either of us.

[Hayley angrily walks away from him, leaving Klaus looking furious out in the hallway]





[Elijah and Gia have returned to his apartment, where Vincent is still unconscious and laying in one of Elijah's bedrooms with several vampires guarding him. Elijah and Gia are discussing their day in the living area]

GIA: So, I take it you got your man?

[Elijah takes off his coat and helps Gia take off hers as well before going to hang them up]

Elijah: Vincent Griffith is alive and free of my brother Finn's influence. Once I've questioned him to my satisfaction, I shall release him once again to the witches.

GIA: So, it all worked out! [She sits on the couch] And yet, I don't recall hearing, "Nice job, Gia! Really appreciate the help!"

Elijah: Yes, forgive me. I was a little tied up, trying to prevent Niklaus from being... well, Niklaus. Yes-- nice job, Gia! Really appreciate the help.

[He hands her a bottle of beer before sitting down next to her with his own bottle. Gia looks at him incredulously before opening the bottle and taking a sip]

GIA: You like beer?

Elijah: I'm adapting to my audience.

[He takes a drink of his own beer after examining the bottle for a moment]

GIA: Hmm. [She pauses for a moment] You knew she'd like me.

Elijah: [smiles] Once upon a time, Josephine was rather rebellious. This is a trait you seem to exhibit in spades. However, circumstances all but extinguished that quality in her, and had she known that you were coming, she never would have welcomed us into her home. [Gia looks impressed] Nor would she have been swayed by your... what was it she called it?

GIA: [smugly] Candor!

Elijah: [chuckles] Candor.

[Gia studies Elijah for a long moment]

GIA: Is everything always ten steps ahead of the game with you?

Elijah: Well, often victory is allowing your opponent to believe that they are triumphant... until they're not.

GIA: [smiles] Okay. Just remember who sealed the deal!
Elijah: Credit where credit is due.
[He holds out his beer in cheers to her, and they clink their bottles together]

GIA: Mmmm.

[Elijah nervously tugs at his tie to loosen it]

GIA: I told you-- you needed a woman to mess things up for you.

[She starts loosening Elijah's tie with her fingers, and he looks surprised at the touch. The two stare at each other for a long moment as Gia stands up and faces him]

GIA: You never told me if you like me in this dress.

Elijah: [smiles] You're right, I didn't.

GIA: Zipper's stuck. [She turns so her back is to him] Help me out of it?

[They both look anxious as Elijah stands up and moves so he is right behind Gia, staring at her back for a moment before he unzips her dress. He hesitates before starting to pull the sleeves of the dress down, baring Gia's shoulders. He then pulls her toward him so he can start kissing her neck from behind. Gia exhales as Elijah continues pulling her dress off, and after a long moment, she turns so she can face him. Klaus begins to narrate in voiceover as they begin to hook up]





[Elijah and Gia continue making out before they begin to have sex]

Klaus: [voiceover] In every moment, a choice exists. We can cling to the past, or embrace the inevitability of change.

[At the Mikaelson compound, Jackson and Hayley are laying in their bed with Hope laying on her back in between them]

Klaus: [voiceover] And allow a brighter future to unfold for us.

[In the bell tower of St. Louis' Cathedral, Freya has hung her talisman from a hook on the ceiling, and is smiling as she touches the pendant with her fingers]

Klaus: [voiceover] Such an uncertain future may cause for even more uncertain allies.

[At Marcel's loft, Rebekah has fallen asleep on Marcel's couch with her file strewn all around her. Marcel sees her sleeping and walks over to cover her with a blanket as he stares at her affectionately]

Klaus: [voiceover] Either way, a new day is coming, whether we like it or not. The question is, will you control it, or will it control you?





[The scene cuts to the bar, revealing that Klaus' voiceover was actually him having a conversation with Aiden over drinks at the tavern]

Klaus: You know, for centuries, werewolf Alphas have lived as kings of a frightened or cursed people, forced to change every month on the full moon. But now, your pack is cured! You can change at will.

[Aiden nods silently in agreement]

Klaus: You are at peace, and yet Jackson takes his leadership for granted. He doesn't see that we live in a new world, which is precisely why the wolves need a new leader. Someone chosen by the wolves to guide them into a new future. Someone like you. I can help you become the leader your pack deserves.

AIDEN: [smiles sarcastically] Yeah? And what's in it for you?

Klaus: In return, I would only ask that you and your pack swear to protect my daughter. That is all I will ever ask of you, because that is all that matters to me.

[Aiden seems impressed by this uncharacteristically selfless response and considers his words for a moment]

Klaus: You can let me know when you're ready. But, do bear in mind that time is forever ticking forward. Which means that tomorrow-- [He taps on the glass of Aiden's wristwatch]-- is already here.




[It's night time, and Rebekah is still sleeping on the couch at Marcel's apartment when her eyes suddenly snap open. The scene cuts to her walking through the same market from earlier in the episode. All of the salespeople are gone, and the only other people in the alley are a teenage boy and a teenage girl who are making out at the end of the street. Rebekah's holding herself differently, and her posture is hunched over as she walks with her hands in her pockets. When she addresses them, she speaks with a low, raspy voice unlike the one Rebekah normally uses in Eva's body]

EVA/REBEKAH: You kids should know better.

[The teenagers stop making out at look at her, scared and guilty for being caught]

EVA/REBEKAH: It's not safe to be out this late. You never know who you'll run into.

[The teens are both unnerved, and the young boy stands in front of the girl protectively]

EVA/REBEKAH: Ghosts, goblins... Eva Sinclair.

[The kids realize who she is and immediately gasp in terror as Eva/Rebekah pulls her hand out of her pocket, revealing that she is actually Eva Sinclair herself, who has somehow regained control of her body while Rebekah was sleeping. Eva has a knife in her hand, which she quickly uses to slit the throat of the young boy. The young girl screams in horror]


[The boy clutches his neck and gasps before he crumples to the ground and dies. The girl jumps down from where she was sitting to run over to him]


[Eva holds out her hand and casts a pain infliction spell to incapacitate her long enough to get her in a choke-hold]

EVA: Don't be scared! I'm not gonna kill you.

[She holds up her knife and puts the tip of the blade against the girl's forehead]

EVA: Not until I have taken every little bit of your power.

[She starts carving a sacrificial magic sigil into the girl's forehead. Suddenly, Eva flashes back to carving the symbol into the foreheads of numerous children and young adults in the past. Once she's done carving the sigil into the girl's forehead in the present day, she gasps in pleasure as she feels the power of the young witch's magic being channeled into her]

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Diffusion US de l'épisode 3x11 de Legacies

Diffusion US de l'épisode 3x11 de Legacies
Après une pause de quelques semaines, les héros de Legacies font leur retour ce jeudi 6 mai 2021 !...

Sondage Torchwood: Elijah en proposition

Sondage Torchwood: Elijah en proposition
Le nouveau sondage de Torchwood cherche une âme soeur pour son immortel héros! "Il est temps de...

Legacies | Diffusion US du 3.02

Legacies | Diffusion US du 3.02
Les héros de Legacies font leur retour ce jeudi 29 janvier 2021 ! En effet, la chaîne américaine The...

Legacies | Diffusion US du 3.01

Legacies | Diffusion US du 3.01
Les héros de Legacies font leur retour ce jeudi 21 janvier 2021 ! En effet, la chaîne américaine The...


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Luna25, Avant-hier à 18:02

et nouveau design sur le quartier Legends of tomorrow avec l'arrivée de la nouvelle saison

ShanInXYZ, Hier à 00:43

On continue le Voyage au centre du Tardis et on attends vos photos du Maître, où ça ? chez Doctor Who

Locksley, Hier à 11:24

Nouvelles HypnoCards en rayon ! Bonne collection et bon WE !

cinto, Hier à 19:32

petit rappel: la chaine cryptée française diffuse actuellement les 3 premières saisons de Queer As folk version us. Découvrez notre série!

ptitebones, Hier à 19:53

Hello, le calendrier de Mai est arrivé sur Manifest

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