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#214 : Je t'aime, adieu


Diffusion US : 16 février 2015 sur The CW
Diffusion FR : 1 mai 2016 sur Série Club

Avec les derniers préparatifs de son mariage avec Jackson, Hayley commence à se demander si le rituel fonctionnera réelement.

Après son arrivée, Elijah a une rencontre tendue avec Klaus et soupçonne rapidement que son frère manigance quelque chose.

Kaleb qui cache un secret dévastateur à Davina, cherche de l’aide auprès de Rebekah quand il réalise que le temps joue contre lui.

Cami, quant à elle, fait une découverte surprenante impliquant Hope.

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Titre VO
I Love You, Goodbye

Titre VF
Je t'aime, adieu

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Ecrit par : Carina Adly MacKenzie & Michael Narducci
Réalisé par : Matt Hastings

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[It is night time now, and Cami and Hope are speeding down the road in the SUV. Hope is crying, and Cami turns back to comfort her. Cami looks panicked]

CAMI: [anxious] It's okay, sweet girl. I just need to find a pay phone.

[Cami finally finds a run-down auto garage and pulls in. There is a car with its hood popped in the parking lot, but otherwise it is completely deserted. Once the car is parked, Cami gets out and rushes over to pick up the still-crying Hope from the back seat before they head toward the pay phone. After a moment, Cami trips and accidentally drops all of her change onto the ground]

CAMI: [frustrated] Damn it!

[Hope starts to cry harder, and Cami looks guilty]

CAMI: [to Hope] Oh, I'm sorry! I'm sorry. You're being so brave, the least I can do is watch my--

[Cami cuts herself off when she hears a metallic noise nearby and freezes in place. She gulps nervously before raising her voice to call out to whoever is lurking nearby]

CAMI: Whoever's out there, if you try anything, I will gouge out your eyes!

[She pants nervously before hearing a voice behind her. It's Elijah, whose clothes are burnt in places and whose body is covered in ash, but he is otherwise unscathed]

Elijah: Actually, Camille, that's probably not necessary.

[He reaches his hand out to her to communicate that she should come over to him quickly. As she does, she looks at him with panic in her eyes]

CAMI: What the hell happened back there?

[Elijah quickly but gently ushers her and Hope to the SUV]

Elijah: That's a discussion for the car.

[He checks to make sure no one is watching them as they get into the car before circling around to the driver's seat]

Elijah: Let's move!







[Hayley is in her bedroom, quickly packing up a bag of clothes, when Klaus enters the room]

Klaus: What do you think you're doing?

[Hayley doesn't even look at him, she just continues packing her bag]

HAYLEY: Elijah said they're on the road. So, I'm going to go to them and get my daughter.

Klaus: Hayley--

HAYLEY: [cuts him off] Do not tell me that it's not safe! I'll tell you what's not safe-- blowing up a house just to keep your evil brother from finding her!

Klaus: [sighs] We will deal with Finn.

HAYLEY: [raises her voice] And then what? Every time you kill him, he's just going to jump into another body.

Klaus: We tried running. We tried hiding. Neither will work.

HAYLEY: So what's your bright idea?

Klaus: As it happens, I am working on a plan as we speak! One which will be bolstered greatly if you just calm down and keep your eye on the prize!

HAYLEY: [talks over him] Do not manage me, I have every right to--

Klaus: [interrupts her] Hayley, you are getting married today. An act which will seal the loyalty of all the wolves that answer to Finn! [Hayley gives him a look] You will be queen to an army.

[He takes the bag out of her hands and sets it on the bed]

Klaus: [firmly] And a queen does not run.




[In Davina's attic room, Josh is groaning in pain and pinching the bridge of his nose as though he has a headache. Davina returns to the room to check on him]

DAVINA: Well, you still don't look so good.

JOSH: Ugh, this is worse than the Halloween Hangover of 2011.

[Davina giggles, and Josh sighs]

JOSH: I went after Aiden, didn't I?

[Davina's smile falls slightly, and she kneels in front of him to look him in the eyes]

DAVINA: You know, he was up all day, all night with you until Marcel called and said that the spell was broken.

JOSH: [nods] You guys totally saved my ass.

[Suddenly, Kol walks into the room, and Davina rolls her eyes playfully]

KOL: Yeah, well, don't mention it!

[He tosses Josh a blood bag]

KOL: There you go, here's a little go-juice. So, you should be, well... [He gestures toward the door] ...going.

[Davina giggles and gives Josh a hug before he leaves]


[Once Josh has left, Kol walks into the bedroom toward Davina, and she crosses her arms in mock annoyance]

DAVINA: So, where were you yesterday?

KOL: Well, you know, being a hero, saving the day, the usual!

DAVINA: Ah. And you didn't think I could help?

KOL: Well, you were with your mate!

DAVINA: You couldn't have called me? It takes ten seconds.

KOL: [gasps mockingly] Oh-ho, this is a right proper spat we're having? It's almost as if we're, uh... oh, what is that phrase? "Going steady?"

DAVINA: [rolls her eyes] You wish!

KOL: Ah, maybe! Maybe I could make it up to you? By, uh, well... finishing a mystical dagger? What do you say?




[Aiden and Jackson are standing out on the docks of the lake, where they're having the traditional Viking funeral for the Alphas who were killed in The Devil is Damned. They both look torn]

AIDEN: All those Alphas... dead. That's a lot of wolves that are gonna want revenge.

JACKSON: We make it clear the witches were behind this. The vampires were manipulated by dark magic. This... wasn't their fault.

[Their conversation is interrupted by Klaus, who comes up behind them and greets them with Hayley's bag from earlier, only it is now covered in blood. He throws it at their feet]

Klaus: Gentlemen. I come bearing gifts.

JACKSON: [warily] The hell did you do?

Klaus: I removed the heads of the wolf leaders who refused to relinquish Finn's moonlight rings!

JACKSON: [unamused] You brought me a bag of werewolf heads?

Klaus: [shrugs] Well, I'd hoped you'd see it as an early wedding present! Besides, I can't have witch sympathizers in my army.

JACKSON: [approaches him] The wolves are not now, nor ever will be your army.

Klaus: You know, you are a brave and selfless leader, Jackson.

[Jackson nods in agreement]

Klaus: And I'm positive you'll remain so for the entire duration of your reign.

[Confused, Aiden joins Jackson's side as Klaus continues his remarks]

Klaus: Festivities begin at eight at my compound. Spread the word. And, do arrive early enough to clean yourself up. It's your wedding day, for God's sake!

[Klaus smiles at them before turning and leaving. Aiden and Jackson look at each other in bewilderment, clearly confused and suspicious. Jackson kicks at the bag of werewolf heads]

JACKSON: Am I crazy, or did he just do his version of a nice thing?




[At the ARKANSAS MORGUE, Freya has just entered the room, where she finds two bodies in black body bags laying on the autopsy tables. She walks toward the nearest one and unzips the bag to find Vincent/Finn's body, which is badly burnt on one side. She lays her hand on his chest]


[At LAFAYETTE CEMETERY, Davina and Kol are in Kol's playhouse, preparing to do the Kemiya spell to turn the silver dagger into gold so it can be used against Klaus. Kol lights a bunsen burner as Davina sets up the ingredients]

KOL: Are you ready?

DAVINA: I don't know. Never done this before, remember?

KOL: I've never actually completed the spell itself, but, then, I've never had an accomplice as powerful as you.

[He pulls the silver dagger out of his trunk and holds it up as he smiles at her. She giggles as he returns to her]

DAVINA: So, let's do it, then!

KOL: Let's do it.


[At THE MORGUE, Freya looks more closely at Finn's burned body, revealing that he's wearing her blue pendant talisman. She smiles at him]

[At KOL'S PLAYHOUSE, Davina and Kol are both holding onto the handle of the dagger as they hold it into the flame of the bunsen burner as they cast the spell]

KOL & DAVINA: E loke gae la lidi. E loke gae la lidi.

[At THE MORGUE, Freya is pouring a handful of salt over Finn's body as she casts her own spell]

FREYA: [chants] Helbred brannsår, belaste hjerte, begin på nytt. Helbred brannsår, belaste hjerte, begin på nytt.

[The spell continues at KOL'S PLAYHOUSE]

KOL & DAVINA: E loke gae la lidi. E loke gae la lidi.

[The spell continues at THE MORGUE]

FREYA: [chants louder] Helbred brannsår, belaste hjerte, begin på nytt. Helbred brannsår, belaste hjerte, begin på nytt.


[At KOL'S PLAYHOUSE, the spell continues]

KOL & DAVINA: E loke gae la lidi. E loke gae la lidi.

[Suddenly, the dagger becomes so hot that both Kol and Davina drop it onto the floor. They look down at it in shock before Davina kneels and picks up the dagger, which has turned from silver to gold. Davina smiles at him proudly]

KOL: [amazed] I think it worked!

[Davina can't help but chuckle in amazement. Kol looks at her in the eyes before leaning forward and kissing her gently. Davina pulls away briefly to set the dagger on the table before she wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him more passionately]

[Freya is finishing her spell at THE MORGUE]

FREYA: [chants louder] Helbred brannsår, belaste hjerte, begin på nytt. Helbred brannsår, belaste hjerte, begin på nytt.



[At KOL'S PLAYHOUSE, Kol suddenly stops kissing Davina and gasps in shock. As he backs away from her, his nose starts to bleed pretty heavily. He leans against the nearby table and wipes the blood from his lip with one hand]

DAVINA: [worriedly] Kol, are you okay?


[At THE MORGUE, Freya's blue pendant talisman starts to glow around Finn's neck as her spell takes effect]

FREYA: Helbred brannsår, belaste hjerte, begin på nytt. Helbred brannsår, belaste hjerte, begin på nytt.

[Suddenly, Finn awakens with a gasp, though his burns are not fully healed]




[At the Claire tomb, Kol is recovering from his nosebleed, mopping up the blood with a tissue as Davina watches him, clearly concerned]

DAVINA: Kol, are you sure you're alright?

[Kol is turned away from her, and looks extremely scared and worried, but when he turns to face her, he puts on a fake smile]

KOL: I'm fine! Oh, a spell like that takes his toll, doesn't it?

[Davina looks as though she doesn't believe him, but humors him anyway and nods in agreement as he points to the dagger]

KOL: And you hide that for now, okay? Because, uh, well, today, we've got a reason to celebrate. [He walks toward her] Come to the wedding with me.

[Davina smiles and hands him the dagger]

DAVINA: Fine. But, if there's music? We're dancing.

[Davina turns and leaves the tomb to get ready. Once she's gone, Kol's smile falls, and he pulls out his phone and dials a number]

KOL: [on the phone] Beks? Beks, it's your brother. I need a favor.




[Hayley is in her bedroom, looking through a wardrobe of old dresses, hats, and jewelry, when Rebekah appears in the doorway, hiding something in her hand from view]

REBEKAH: Alright, bad news first-- I will have to miss your nuptials.

[Hayley looks at her in disappointment, and Rebekah looks at her guiltily]

REBEKAH: Kol has a bit of a life-and-death matter he needs help dealing with.

HAYLEY: Anything I can do, Rebekah?

REBEKAH: It's witch business. Which now seems to be my thing.

[Hayley laughs and rolls her eyes]

REBEKAH: Besides, you have enough to deal with! On that note...

[She pulls out a white lace wedding dress that she was hiding behind the door frame, and Hayley's eyes widen in surprise]

REBEKAH: It's white, which won't fool anyone, but you can't get married in skinny jeans and combat boots.

[She hands Hayley the dress, and Hayley hums in gratitude]

HAYLEY: Oh, Rebekah... Thank you.

[Rebekah smiles at her and watches as Hayley stands in front of her full-length mirror and holds the dress against her body to see how it looks]

HAYLEY: It's beautiful.

REBEKAH: Well, I happen to be the only woman alive who's commissioned wedding dresses in five different centuries. Never made it down the aisle, of course.

HAYLEY: Well, it's not too late! From what I understand, Marcel is still single... [Rebekah smiles shyly and licks her lips] Have you told him yet that you're... you?

REBEKAH: I thought I'd hold off on that for the moment. Only complicates matters. And, I'm not exactly sure how long this-- [She gestures at her body]-- is going to last.

HAYLEY: [chuckles] Right.

[Rebekah smiles and walks toward her as she looks at Hayley affectionately]

REBEKAH: Hayley... I wanted to say... Now, you might be marrying Jackson Kenner of the boozy backwater Kenners, but you're still one of us. A Mikaelson. Always will be.

HAYLEY: [smiles happily] Gosh, that would be such a nice compliment if it didn't link me to so many homicidal lunatics.

[Rebekah smiles and winks at Hayley before she turns and leaves the room. Hayley turns back to the mirror and admires her new dress]




[Josh is waiting around in an alley, pacing nervously, when Aiden turns into the alley from the street and walks toward him]

JOSH: [anxiously] Thanks for coming. Look, I know I owe you a--

[Aiden immediately opens his arms and lunges toward him to give him a big hug, and Josh looks both confused and relieved]

JOSH: -- massive apology...

AIDEN: You scared the hell out of me.

JOSH: I know, and I'm sorry. I just--

[Josh cups the side of Aiden's face gently with his hand, but Aiden nervously pulls it away]

AIDEN: Look, um... Hayley and Jackson are getting married today. Quarter's gonna be packed with wolves. 'Kay, and after this wedding? Our whole pack will inherit Hayley's control of her wolf form! That means werewolves will be able to turn at will-- we'll be that much more deadly to vampires. To you. [Josh looks at him with a hurt expression] I... think we need a time-out.

JOSH: [confused] Whoa, whoa! I'm sorry, is this the World's Worst Breakup Speech? Because if so, just say it like it is-- you wanna call things off because it would look bad for the Werewolf VP to be dating... me.

AIDEN: No! Dating me puts a target on your back! I'm just trying to keep you safe!

JOSH: [angrily] Okay, you know what? I can't remember the last time I was safe.

[Josh, visibly hurt, sighs and walks away from him. Aiden looks upset]

AIDEN: Josh--

[Josh keeps walking and doesn't look back, leaving Aiden alone in the alley]




[The ballroom of the compound is full of decorators and caterers who are setting up for the impending wedding. Jackson has just arrived, and he and Hayley walk around and take it all in]

JACKSON: Ohhhh, I so do not belong in your world.

HAYLEY: [scoffs] My world? Give me some credit. I'm not exactly the girl who sat around fantasizing about her wedding day. And, if I had?

[She gestures to a huge wedding cake being pushed on a cart by a caterer]

HAYLEY: It probably would have looked a little less... this.

JACKSON: Yeah... [He turns and looks at Hayley] You getting cold feet?

HAYLEY: [shakes head] No. This is what's right. For Hope, for our pack.

[Jackson nods in agreement as Klaus enters the room]

Klaus: Hayley. If I might intrude, there's someone who wishes to say hello.

[Hayley and Jackson share a look before she joins Klaus and walks into the courtyard, with Jackson following behind her. Just as they make it into the courtyard, Cami and Elijah, who is now wearing fresh clothes, walk in from the opposite direction. Cami has

Hope in her arms, and they smile at them]

HAYLEY: [to Klaus] You brought them here? Finn could be anywhere!

Klaus: I've taken precautions. There'll be no uninvited guests at your wedding, and after, your wolves will be the first line of defense to this home. No more running, Queen.

[Klaus smiles at her and gestures for her to go see Hope. Elijah nods at them encouragingly. Hayley goes and takes Hope out of Cami's arms, and Hope immediately begins cooing and babbling happily when she finally gets to see her mother. Hayley and Cami both giggle contently as Hayley walks toward Jackson]

HAYLEY: Hope, this is Jackson. Jackson, this is Hope.

[Jackson smiles when he sees her, and Hope stares at him in wonder. When Jackson holds out his hand, Hope clutches his fingers tightly and coos at him. Hayley and Jackson can't help but smile at her, while Elijah watches them from afar, looking troubled]

[In Klaus' study, Klaus pours himself a shot of bourbon and drinks it quickly as Elijah joins him. Klaus pours himself another shot and doesn't turn to face his brother right away]

Elijah: I thought your daughter's return would please you.

Klaus: I'm overjoyed. [He drinks the second shot] And I'll be even more so provided you do nothing to dissuade Hayley from going through with this wedding.

Elijah: [confused] Is there something you wish to discuss, Niklaus?

[Klaus turns to face Elijah with an annoyed expression]

Klaus: Everyone knows you're in love with her. But Hayley has a duty to this family, and so do you.

Elijah: [confused] I was under the impression this was Hayley's choice. Tell me you did nothing to bully this decision.

Klaus: We're mobilizing an army. She will do what is asked of her. And you will do nothing to prevent that.

[Elijah strides over to Klaus so that he can look him straight in the eye]

Elijah: Unless, of course, I learn that she was pressured into sacrificing her freedom in the name of some political alliance.

Klaus: Hayley is putting family first. I suggest you do the same.

Elijah: Family is always first.

[Klaus claps Elijah on the shoulder as he leaves the room]

Klaus: Well, then we won't have a problem, will we?




[In Kol's playhouse, Rebekah and Kol are holding both of each others hands as they do a spell to try to heal Kol using a clay golem as they're surrounded by lit candles. Kol channels Rebekah's power and mutters the incantation]

KOL: [chanting] Voltre mezino cadau. Voltre mezino cadau.

[Suddenly, Kol gets a piercing ringing sound in his ears as his nose starts to bleed again. He angrily lets go of Rebekah's hands and swipes many of the materials off of the table and onto the floor as he yells in frustration. Rebekah looks at him sympathetically and reaches out to rub his arm]


REBEKAH: Calm down. You need to keep your wits if you're to beat this.

[Kol sits down on the bench by the table, looking exhausted and defeated]

KOL: There is no beating it. [Rebekah looks at him sadly] It's latched on like a vice.

REBEKAH: So you're giving up? What happened to the brother I used to know? The one who laughed death in the face?

KOL: [quietly] It's a lot easier to do when you haven't died already once. And I hated it the first time. The ironic thing is that I actually preferred this go-round. Being a witch. No heightened emotion, no bloodlust. It was just me. For a while, anyway.

[He laughs bitterly. Rebekah is speechless]




[Hayley is getting dressed in her bedroom in preparation for the wedding. She's wearing the wedding dress Rebekah got her, and her hair is loose, with braids on the sides that are secured in the back with small white flowers. Hope is sitting on the floor, playing with her toys and cooing happily next to her]

HAYLEY: Ah-ha-ha! I still can't believe that you're here!

[She kneels down in front of Hope]

HAYLEY: Now, Mommy has to go and do this big thing, but don't worry! Because Cami will watch you, and after that, I'm not letting you out of my sight!

[Hope makes a squeaky excited noise and chews on a little teddy bear as she leans into Hayley's face, and Hayley laughs, clearly thrilled to have her there. After a moment, Elijah appears in the doorway and watches them silently for a moment before knocking on the door to get her attention. When Hayley sees him, she smiles, and he watches her as she stands to her feet]

Elijah: You look perfect.

[He hesitates for a moment before he speaks]

Elijah: Hayley, I understand that this arrangement is important to your cause, and I will do nothing to dissuade you from it. I would be remiss if I didn't tell you, at least once--

HAYLEY: [quietly cuts him off] Don't. Don't say it. You know, ever since the first day that I met you, I have felt everything for you. And all this time, you were never able to say how you feel about me. And I get it-- you can't just be the guy who says how he feels.

[She looks down at her engagement ring and wrings her hands nervously]

HAYLEY: But Jackson is. And I think that I can be happy with him.

[Elijah looks at her with tears in his eyes, and silently starts to cry]

HAYLEY: And I just wanna be happy, Elijah. So, whatever you're going to say to me... [She shakes her head] Please don't say it.

[Elijah looks devastated, but nods in understanding before leaving the room without another word. Hayley looks sad and guilty]

[In another room, Jackson is getting ready for the ceremony. He's trying to tie his tie, but his hands are shaking nervously, and he frustratedly unknots the tie and sighs. Aiden, standing behind him, chuckles in amusement as he pours them drinks]

AIDEN: Need a hand with that?

[Jackson sighs and tosses the tie aside in annoyance]


AIDEN: Look, I'm sorry Oliver couldn't be here.

JACKSON: Yeah, me too. [He takes the drink Aiden offers him] Although, I'm sure he'd have a lot to say about me in this get-up in the vampire house!

[They both laugh and drink]

AIDEN: So, you really think the wolves will be cool with the vampires?

JACKSON: [nods] And if not, screw 'em! I mean, we're done chasing old grudges! We got real enemies to worry about.

[Aiden takes a huge gulp of his drink, looking nervous, and Jackson suddenly realizes what Aiden meant]

JACKSON: This ain't about vamps in general, now, is it?

AIDEN: [embarrassed] Look, I know you know about me and Josh. [Jackson nods] And I'm not asking you for permission, okay?

JACKSON: Good! 'Cause I'm pretty sure we had the "love is love" talk when you were seventeen.

AIDEN: [rolls his eyes] Yeah.

JACKSON: [laughs] Hey, he's good enough for you? [He shrugs] Then it's good.

AIDEN: I just don't want him caught in the crossfire, you know?

[Jackson walks toward him and claps him on the shoulder affectionately]

JACKSON: That won't be easy. But we got no chance of winning this fight without something to fight for.

[Aiden nods, and Jackson claps him affectionately on the shoulder again. Hayley appears in the doorway, and when Aiden notices her, Jackson follows his gaze and turn to find Hayley smiling at him. He's taken away by the sight of her in her wedding dress]

JACKSON: [stunned] Wow.

[Hayley laughs nervously]

AIDEN: [smiles] I think that's my cue.

[Aiden leaves Hayley and Jackson alone in the room]

HAYLEY: There's no rule about seeing each other before the ritual, is there?

[Jackson smiles widely and shakes his head. Hayley notices Jackson's tie laying on the chair and gestures toward it before walking to pick it up. Jackson laughs nervously]

JACKSON: Um, heh-heh... is everything okay?

[Hayley walks over to him and starts tying his tie for him]

HAYLEY: Yeah! I was just getting a little nervous. [She smiles and chuckles] Wanted to see you, make sure you weren't wearing a flannel tux.

[Jackson laughs nervously again and watches as she ties his tie and straightens his collar]

JACKSON: [whispers] Thank you. Um, I'm actually glad you're here-- I got something for ya.

[He walks over to the table and picks up a small wooden box. He opens it to show her a silver chain with a crescent moon pendant with a green stone in it]

JACKSON: Um, the, uh-- the stone is moss agate. You were born under a planting moon, so it's your mineral totem. It symbolizes healing and courage, and after everything that you've done for our pack, I'd say that's just about right.

HAYLEY: I don't know what to say, Jackson.

[Jackson takes out the necklace and walks around Hayley to fasten it around her neck]

JACKSON: You're wearing Rebekah's dress, getting married in Klaus' house. I figured you should have at least one thing that is just yours.

[Hayley smiles, clearly touched by his words]




[The guests, both vampires and werewolves, are all seated in the ballroom just before the ceremony is about to begin. Davina enters the room in a blue velvet dress and gets a program from a young girl. She looks around for a seat until Josh calls out to her]

JOSH: Davina!

[Davina smiles at him and sits down next to him. A moment later, Aiden arrives. When he sees Josh and Davina sitting on his left, he walks over to them]

AIDEN: [to Davina] May I?

[She kindly gets up so Aiden can sit next to Josh, and when he's seated, she sits next to Aiden. Aiden smiles at Josh and reaches for his hand, squeezing it tightly. Hayley slowly walks to the doorway to the ballroom and stands still for a moment as all the guests stand to greet her. She nods at various people when she sees them and waits for Jackson, who appears behind her a moment later. Hayley and Jackson clasp hands and smile at each other as they walk down the aisle. When they reach the two staircases, they split apart so they can each walk up the two staircases and meet on the balcony, where Mary is waiting for them to preside over the ceremony. An orchestra plays as they make their ascent, and they smile at each other from across the room until they make it to the altar]

MARY: Please, be seated.

[The guests all sit back in their chairs]

MARY: We gather together as a community seeking peace, inspired by this couple standing before you.

[Across the balcony on the other side of the courtyard, Klaus stands and watches the ceremony. Hayley catches his eye and smiles at him, but his face remains blank. Elijah joins him a moment later and stands at his side]

MARY: There was a time when werewolves saw themselves not as cursed, but blessed with connection to our most pure selves. And tonight, we honor that blessing with the long-awaited unification of the two Crescent bloodlines.

[Mary performs a hand-fasting by binding Hayley and Jackson's wrists with baby's breath flowers]

MARY: In doing so, we choose to embrace Hayley's vampire nature. With this union, Hayley will share her unique gifts with her pack.

[Mary places a long lit match into Hayley and Jackson's linked hands to light their ceremonial candle]

MARY: And now, your vows.

JACKSON: [takes a deep breath] I pledge to honor you and defend you and yours above all others.

HAYLEY: To share in blessings and burdens. To be your advocate, your champion.

JACKSON: To be your comfort, your sanctuary, and for as long as we both shall live.

HAYLEY: To be your family.

JACKSON: To be your family.

[They smile at each other and light their candle together. Elijah looks as though he's about to cry. Mary smiles at them]

MARY: You two have endured all the traditional werewolf rituals and trials. There is only one remaining-- Jackson, you may kiss your bride.

[Jackson looks almost scared, but Hayley smiles at him encouragingly. He stares at her for a long moment before he cups her face in his hand and kisses her. Elijah looks away, and Klaus looks at him sympathetically and sighs. When Hayley and Jackson finally pull away, both of their eyes glow gold, indicating that the Unification Ceremony worked. They smile at each other happily and turn to look at the crowd. The guests all look at each other curiously. Josh and Davina are smiling, and when Aiden looks back to smile at Josh, his eyes glow gold as well. Everyone begins to smile and chatter, all thrilled that the ceremony has empowered their pack. Marcel and Gia look at each other, slightly nervous at this new development, but Klaus looks relieved]

[Klaus walks out onto the balcony overlooking the courtyard, where the reception is being held. Elijah follows behind him and joins him, wagging his finger at him knowingly]

Elijah: I know that look. I see it all too often. What are you planning?

Klaus: I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about.

Elijah: Jackson marries the mother of your child, in our home, solidifying his rule over the wolves you yourself once sought to control. Talk to me.

Klaus: Let Jackson have Hayley. Although, he isn't exactly fit to lead an army tasked with protecting my daughter. His reign will be short-lived.

Elijah: Niklaus, you cannot honestly believe that I would allow you to harm Jackson on the day of Hayley's wedding--

Klaus: [cuts him off] He's not one of us, Elijah! He's mortal. Mortals perish.

[Klaus goes to walk away, but Elijah grabs him roughly by the arm and stops him]

Elijah: What are you doing?

Klaus: Confide in me, brother-- how do you feel when you see Hayley look at him?

Elijah: Niklaus, I'm warning you--

Klaus: [interrupts him] --Face the facts! You're even now forcing yourself to deny you want Jackson dead just as much as I do. In fact, I think you want it more.

[Klaus smiles at him and walks away, leaving Elijah alone to think]




[A parade is being held in the streets in celebration of Hayley and Jackson's wedding. It is led by several police officers on motorcycles, followed by Hayley, who has a white lace parasol in her hand and is dancing with Jackson at her side. Behind them is a marching band playing a bright jazz tune, along with the rest of the wedding guests, who are dancing and having a great time in the streets. Klaus watches the parade march down the main street when Elijah once again joins him]

Klaus: [annoyed] Are you to be my chaperon the entire evening, brother?

Elijah: Chaperon, steward, babysitter... whichever term tickles your fancy most, brother. You're welcome to indulge whomever and whatever you please. I would only ask that you refrain from any homicidal behavior...

Klaus: Just one day back, and you're already more than fulfilled your quota for irritating brotherly conduct.

[He turns to leave, but Elijah follows him]

Elijah: Let me make myself quite clear, Niklaus-- so long as Jackson brings even an inkling of joy into Hayley's life, you are not to go near him.

Klaus: It's amusing listening to you defend the man who married the woman you love. But then, you've always coveted that which is not yours to have.

Elijah: Just listen to yourself! Fueled by your delusions of persecution! Think, Niklaus-- if you kill Jackson, the wolves will descend into chaos. You're acting out of fear, terrified that Jackson might be a better father to Hope.

Klaus: Do not bring the child into this.

Elijah: Your child arrived here today, her security strengthened by those wolves that would defend her, and you would jeopardize that alliance? [He shakes his head] Niklaus, you yourself have mentioned that had you been raised by Ansel, you might have been a better man. Now, perhaps, a better man has entered Hope's life, and having seen that, you are shaken to your core.

Klaus: [angrily] You have the audacity to analyze me? That's ambitious, considering your psychological difficulties. How was your time with my therapist? [Elijah looks at him, clearly offended] Was it helpful? Because it was a great risk leaving you alone with her!

These days, who knows what you might do?

Elijah: [unamused] I have stood by you, and I have defended you for as long as I can recall. But, in the name of your daughter and her mother, I will not watch you commit this evil.

[Klaus stares at him angrily, but says nothing]

[Outside, the parade is still going on, and Davina and Josh are walking down the street together as they talk]

DAVINA: You okay?

JOSH: Oh yeah, totally! My boyfriend and his buddies are super-wolves now...

[They turn and look behind them as Aiden shows off his new powers by jumping onto a car parked on the street and then doing a back-flip off of it and back onto the street. Aiden laughs happily and wraps his arms around the necks of his werewolf friends]

JOSH: [smiles] It's gonna be awesome.

DAVINA: [chuckles] Hey, at least your boyfriend showed up.

JOSH: Aw, come on!

[He grabs her hand and spins her around. She laughs happily until she notices a familiar figure standing in the nearby alley. It's Kol, looking pale and strung-out as he leans against the wall of the building. When she realizes it's him, Davina looks worried]

DAVINA: Is that...?

[Josh shoves Davina toward him so she can check on him. When she approaches Kol, he laughs bitterly with tears in his eyes]

DAVINA: Kol? What's wrong?

KOL: [laughs again] Aren't you a sight?

[Davina grabs Kol's hands, which are shaking, and looks even more concerned]

DAVINA: Kol, you're ice cold.

KOL: [squeezes her hands] Now, you listen to me, okay? Finn... he got a bit perturbed when we went to rescue Josh. And I...

[Davina shakes her head in disbelief, and Kol hesitates, not wanting to admit the truth]

KOL: I thought it was going to be okay, but... I'm running out of time.




[Cami is in Hope's nursery, holding a slightly-fussy Hope in her arms as she looks out the window. She turns when she hears Klaus approaching behind her]

Klaus: I heard her crying.

CAMI: Oh, she's probably just teething.

[Klaus walks closer to Cami, who smiles at him happily]

Klaus: Thank you for taking care of her.

CAMI: She's actually pretty low-maintenance. She's been smiling and looking all around. I think she likes it here. Feels like home. [She watches Klaus smile at Hope] You wanna hold her?

[Klaus doesn't move, he just speechlessly stares at Hope. Cami licks her lips nervously]

CAMI: I know this all must be pretty overwhelming, but some advice I learned from developmental psych? Happy mom, happy dad... happy baby.

[Klaus looks at Hope, who coos at him, and he smiles]

[Downstairs, the reception is still going on in the courtyard. Some people are eating and drinking, others are dancing, but everyone is mingling together while caterers come around with hors d'oeuvres and trays of drinks. Hayley and Jackson are dancing together in the middle of the room when Aiden walks over to where Josh is standing off to the side]

JOSH: Look, I know that this won't be easy--

[Once again, Aiden cuts him off before he can finish, but this time, he kisses him softly in front of everyone. They keep kissing for a long moment, and when they pull away, they smile at each other]

[While Hayley and Jackson dance together, Hayley looks up to see white flower petals raining down on them, and Jackson smiles widely as he spins her around. Up on the balcony, Elijah watches them dance silently, looking slightly jealous. After a moment, Klaus comes down to the courtyard with Hope in his arms and gestures for the band to stop playing so he can make a speech]

Klaus: Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please? Hayley, if you would join me, I would like to propose a toast.

[Hayley looks surprised, but she reluctantly joins Klaus at the front of the room and takes Hope into her arms]

Klaus: I want to welcome you all. As you know, last spring, Hayley and I had a daughter. Due to tragic circumstance, she was lost. Now, she has returned home. Her name is Hope.

[The guests gasp and begin to murmur amongst themselves about this revelation]

Klaus: She will live here among you, her pack. Her family. We implore you-- protect our daughter. Teach her. Love her, as one of your own.

[In the crowd, Jackson nods at Klaus in agreement. Klaus takes a glass of champagne from a nearby tray. Elijah continues to watch from the balcony, and Klaus smiles at him before continuing his toast]

Klaus: Jackson, I invite you and your bride to live here, uniting your proud and noble people in peace. Welcome to the family, mate.

[Jackson nods at him again, and Klaus holds up his glass]

Klaus: [to the crowd] To Jackson and Hayley!


[Klaus holds his glass up to Elijah and smiles at him devilishly]




[In the Claire tomb, Kol is sitting in a chair while Davina and Rebekah go through all of their magical notes and texts to find a solution. Davina finds a passage in a book and places it on the table]

DAVINA: Transubstantiation. We can combine it with a protection spell.

REBEKAH: Finn's spell blocks that. The body calls it, and then he dies. We need to jump him into a new one.

DAVINA: [frustrated] We can't just pick another body at a farmer's market, we don't even have a spell for that!

KOL: [pale and weak] Beks? Can you give me a moment alone with Davina?

[Rebekah leaves, and Kol stands to his feet. Davina looks at him with tears in her eyes]

KOL: I believe I owe you a dance.

[He holds out his hand, and Davina takes it, trying not to cry]




[Elijah is walking down the hall upstairs when Hayley approaches him from behind. Elijah, sensing her presence, stops, but doesn't turn around]

Elijah: A lovely ceremony.

HAYLEY: It was. Thank you for being there.

Elijah: With the wolves unified, Hope is safe. Everything is exactly as you intended.

[Hayley looks uncomfortable, and Elijah sighs]

Elijah: And, in the interest of maintaining the peace, I have decided to join Marcel in Algiers. I believe with the correct instruction and guidance, this community may well prosper.

HAYLEY: [surprised] You're moving out? Elijah, this is your home.

Elijah: [smiles sadly] In my long, long life, I've called many places home, Hayley.

HAYLEY: I didn't know that Klaus would ask Jack and me to live here, but that-- that doesn't mean that you have to leave.

[Hayley and Elijah's conversation is interrupted by Rebekah, who rushes over to them]

REBEKAH: Elijah.

[Elijah squints at her, not recognizing her new appearance right away]

[In the nursery, Klaus is leaning over Hope's crib, watching her as she fidgets around. When he hears Elijah and Rebekah come into the room, he sighs in annoyance]

Klaus: Must you intrude on every moment?

Elijah: I'm not here to quarrel, brother.

REBEKAH: It's Kol. I couldn't help him.

[Klaus turns to her with a shocked expression on his face, and Rebekah's face is solemn]

REBEKAH: He's not gonna last the night.

[Downstairs, Marcel and Gia are pouring champagne glasses for the guests when they notice Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah march down the steps and rush out the door. Marcel glances over at Rebekah, and though he's not yet seen her new vessel, he seems to recognize her spirit anyway. He sets down the bottle of wine and moves to get a better look]

GIA: [confused] Do you know that girl?

MARCEL: I think I might.




[Kol and Davina are slow-dancing outside of the Claire tomb to the sound of an old-fashioned song on the gramophone player. Both of their eyes are red and rimmed with tears as the cry into each others' shoulders. They pull away so Kol can look her in the eyes]

KOL: I know that we're in a cemetery, and I happen to be terminal... [He laughs through his tears] ...but you've got to admit, the stars are lovely.

DAVINA: [shakes her head tearfully] How can you joke right now?

KOL: I'm not. We're under the same stars. It's some guy, and he's with his girl, and he thinks he's got all the time in the world, and he's right.

[He laughs again, and Davina starts to cry as he leans his forehead against hers]

KOL: And I hate him.

[Suddenly, Kol doubles over in a coughing fit, and Davina looks panicked and lifts his head so she can look at him in the face]

DAVINA: Are you okay?

KOL: [smiles] Yeah.
[Davina takes his hand in hers and kisses it]

KOL: I think I want to be alone for this bit.

[He continues to cough as he walks away from Davina and toward one of the tombs. However, he stops when he hears a voice behind him. He turns and finds Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah standing in the aisle]

Elijah: I'm afraid that's not an option.

Klaus: "Always and forever" is not something that you just weasel out of, brother.

[Kol stares at his siblings in surprise and manages a weak smile, which Klaus returns]




[Jackson is standing on the terrace overlooking the French Quarter from Hayley's bedroom when Hayley comes in and joins him]

HAYLEY: Everybody's headed home. [She smiles shyly] Now what?

JACKSON: Ahhh, wedding night. Awkward. [They both laugh nervously] Well, knowing you, I'm thinking you just wanna stay up all night watching Hope sleep. That sounds good to me.

[Hayley hesitates for a long moment before she walks toward him]

HAYLEY: Jack... when I told you that the wedding was the right thing to do for our pack, there's something else I should have told you.

[Jackson looks nervous and braces himself for the worst]

HAYLEY: I should have told you that... when I first got to New Orleans, I was terrified, pregnant... for a long time, basically alone. And then, one night, a wolf appeared out of the woods, and I knew that I was safe. From the moment I saw you, I... I knew I could trust you. You never made me feel ashamed about being a hybrid, or questioned why I had to lie to you about Hope.

JACKSON: Well, I told you-- I love you. I meant it.

HAYLEY: [nods] Yeah... and that's the first time that anyone's said that to me. I want you to know that I didn't marry you for all those people. I married you for me. That's what I should have told you.

[Jackson looks at her, so surprised by this confession that he quickly pulls her toward him and kisses her, and they continue kissing passionately on the balcony]




Davina, Rebekah, Klaus and Elijah have moved Kol into the tomb where Esther once imprisoned Elijah, which is surrounded by candles. Davina is sitting a few feet away, whispering a spell over a necklace that she's gripping tightly in her hands. There are lit candles scattered all over the room where Kol is laying on the floor, surrounded by his brothers and sister. Kol's nose and mouth are both bleeding and he groans in pain as he grips the lapels of Klaus' jacket]

KOL: All my life, all I ever wanted was for you lot to care about me.

[Klaus struggles to hold back his tears, and before Kol can laugh, he's overcome by another coughing fit that startles Rebekah. She sits down on the ground, and she and Elijah rub Kol's back as he coughs before leaning him backward so she can cradle Kol's head in her lap. Kol grabs onto Rebekah's hand and squeezes it as he groans]

REBEKAH: [crying] Kol, listen to me. You don't have long. You're going to die.

[Kol can no longer hold back his tears, and he grips her arm tighter]

REBEKAH: But you will die a witch, and we will consecrate your body. You will join the ancestors of the French Quarter, and those spirits can be brought back. And, I promise you, brother, I will not leave this body until I find a way to bring you home.

[Kol smiles at her, despite his pain, but quickly begins to cough even harder. Davina finally finishes her spell and crawls toward Kol to give him the necklace, both frantic and in tears]

DAVINA: I tried a different spell.

[Kol takes her hand and squeezes it as tightly as he can manage]

KOL: It's okay. I'm not scared.

[Davina tries her best to smile at him through her tears, and Kol manages one last laugh before he dies in Rebekah's arms. Davina breaks down in sobs, and Elijah and Klaus begin crying freely as well over Kol's body]




[Finn, finally healed completely, gingerly sits up on the autopsy table with Freya's help, and he sighs in relief]

FINN: What did you do?

FREYA: It took a while, but I healed you. Brought you back from death, using this.

[She points to her blue pendant talisman in Finn's hands, which he examines]

FINN: Your pendant. [He laughs in wonder] You said it would protect me.

FREYA: It's a talisman used to focus my power. I knew it would be dangerous to face Elijah. I didn't want you to be hurt.

FINN: Just like when we were children.

[He stands to his feet and groans slightly, visibly sore after his resurrection]

FINN: I seem to recall you were always defending me.

[Freya takes his hand and squeezes it]

FREYA: You're my brother, Finn. I love you. And we'll need to protect each other. If Dahlia has sensed Klaus' child, she's already on her way.

FINN: Niklaus used magic to cloak the baby from my mother. It's going to take a bit of time before Dahlia finds her--

FREYA: [cuts him off] You don't understand. Esther was nothing compared to Dahlia. I was taken when I was only five years old. I had just started to display a potential for magic. It is the magic that will draw Dahlia. It will serve as a beacon, calling her.

[At the compound, Hayley holds Hope in her arms in the nursery and dotes on her while Jackson watches from the doorway]

FREYA: [voiceover]: Dahlia will come, and she will take what's hers.

[Hope burrows into Hayley's shoulder as Hayley looks over at Jackson and smiles]

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