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#212 : Confidences


Diffusion US : 2 février 2015 sur The CW
Diffusion FR : 24 avril 2016 sur Série Club 

Après une série de rencontres étranges, Rebekah est intriguée par une mystérieuse jeune fille qui vient d’arriver à l’asile d’aliénés.

Au Bayou, Hayley a du mal à être sincère avec Jackson par rapport aux secrets qu’elle garde et est surprise quand il partage son propre secret impliquant les parents de Hayley.

Après avoir appris les détails d’un rituel de mariage particulier que Hayley et Jackson doivent accomplir, Klaus se rend dans le Bayou pour mettre un terme à cela, mais rencontre Mary, la grand-mère de Jackson.

Vincent est déterminé à découvrir le secret que Klaus cache, et jette son dévolu sur Marcel pour obtenir des réponses.

Davina découvre que Joshua et Marcel sont en danger, elle obtient l’aide de Kaleb et Aiden pour les sauver.

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Ecrit par Declan de Barra & Michael Narducci
Réalisé par : Matt Hastings

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[Rebekah, still in her new vessel's body, is sleeping fitfully in her bedroom. The lettered tiles on the floor still spell out "FREYA" next to her bed. The scene flashes to the locked door upstairs, where the glass-topped coffin that held what is presumed to be Freya's body. Suddenly, the door to the locked room opens, and Freya (not just a spirit, but flesh and blood) appears in the doorway of Rebekah's bedroom. As Rebekah tosses and turns, she gets visions in her dreams of young Freya being taken from the pregnant Esther and young Finn by their aunt Dahlia. Freya walks into Rebekah's room and stands at Rebekah's bedside, where she stares at her as she sleeps]





[Many of the werewolves who aren't under Finn's control and their children have returned to the Bayou, where they are once again living in the encampments for their own safety. Many of the werewolves are collecting firewood and other necessities in preparation for the Unification ceremony. Two young boys are throwing around a baseball, which they accidentally drop onto the ground. As it rolls away, one of the boys chases after it, where it lands right under the foot of Klaus, who has just arrived. Klaus crouches down and smiles at the boy as he picks up the ball, but instead of handing it to him, he carries it with him to address the crowd]

Klaus: I wonder if you lot can help me-- I'm looking for the hybrid who calls herself your queen.

[The werewolves stare at him in silence, and Klaus sighs impatiently]

Klaus: I'd prefer you tell me where she is before I grow irritated. After all-- [He tosses the ball back to the young boy]-- there are children present.

[He raises his eyebrows expectantly at the crowd]

[The scene cuts to Hayley, who is near the lake at the edge of the woods where she's skipping rocks along the water. After a moment, Jackson comes up behind her to join her]

JACKSON: You scared me.

[Hayley jumps, startled, before turning back to face him]

JACKSON: I was worried you ran off in the middle of the night.

HAYLEY: No. I was just out here, thinking...

[She throws another rock into the water, and Jackson picks up a stone to skip as well]

HAYLEY: Jack, I know I'm supposed to divulge my great secrets, but I--I can't. I can't even tell you why I can't.

JACKSON: Hayley, do you really think there's a secret you have that's so bad you can't tell me?

HAYLEY: It's not safe, Jack.

JACKSON: When have we ever been safe, Hayley? Now, our people have been cursed, hunted, exiled. But you and me, this wedding? We can change all that. We can create a new pack, one with your ability to turn at will! So, we give each other our secrets. If we don't, then the transfer of power won't work, and we're back to where we were.

[Hayley bites her lip anxiously, still looking hesitant]

JACKSON: Look, even if we call off the wedding, there's still something that I need to tell you.

HAYLEY: Jack, I'm sure you've lived quite the life, but I can't imagine that your secrets are anything like mine.

JACKSON: [somberly] There's one. [He takes a deep breath] That has to do with... how your parents died.

[Hayley's face falls, and she turns to face him, both eager and worried to hear what he has to say]




[It's daytime now, and the witches of the asylum are all congregated downstairs; some are sewing, others are reading. Freya is sitting barefoot on the floor in front of the television, watching Tom and Jerry, but if any of the other witches recognize her, they don't mention it. Cassie is sitting at the piano, playing a simple, quiet tune when Rebekah sits next to her on the bench and sighs dramatically. Cassie looks up from the piano and side-eyes her exasperatedly]

CASSIE: You look terrible.

[Rebekah looks around the room anxiously for anyone who could be listening in]

REBEKAH: I didn't sleep very well.

CASSIE: I heard you got caught out past curfew... again.

REBEKAH: [smiles] A simple misunderstanding. Kindred witches like to be in charge. I don't much care for taking orders. [Cassie rolls her eyes at Rebekah] On that note...

[Rebekah pulls an apple out of her sweater pocket and surreptitiously hands it to Cassie. Cassie looks shocked and appalled]

CASSIE: [whispers] Where did you get that?

REBEKAH: I nicked it from the pantry!

CASSIE: [worried] But the Kindred--

REBEKAH: [interrupts her] --Did you miss the part where I said I don't care about rules? Take the apple.

CASSIE: You're out of your mind.

[Cassie gets up to leave, and Rebekah shoves the apple back into her sweater pocket before following after her. The two sit on a nearby loveseat to continue talking]

REBEKAH: I'm a free spirit. Which is why I don't intend to spend another bloody night trapped in this dungeon.

CASSIE: [whispers] What are you talking about?

REBEKAH: You know that any spell can be broken with enough power. All we need is to channel something strong.

[Cassie looks at her in confusion, and Rebekah becomes more excited]

REBEKAH: I went into the room with the locked door. There's something in there. Someone. I'm not sure who she is, or why she's here, and I don't care. The point is, she's strong. I mean, I didn't even know what witch power felt like, and still, I could sense it coming out of that room in waves. You and I can channel her and bust free of this loony bin.

[Rebekah smiles and holds out the apple out to Cassie, who hesitates for a moment before finally smiling back and taking it. They stand and walk into the other room, where Rebekah notices Freya watching television, though she doesn't recognize her for who she is]

REBEKAH: [whispers] Who's the new girl at the telly?

CASSIE: One more bonkers witch. Got dumped here in the middle of the night.

[Cassie walks away, so Rebekah walks over to Freya and smiles]

REBEKAH: Anything good on?

FREYA: [smiles in wonder] These paintings can move! They depict a rodent breaking the bones of a rather tenacious feline.

REBEKAH: [amused] Those are just cartoons.

[Freya says nothing, and laughs as something funny happens on the television. Rebekah, intrigued, kneels down next to her to look her in the face]

REBEKAH: ...Do I know you from somewhere?

[Freya remains quiet, and after a moment, Rebekah shrugs]

REBEKAH: I guess not.

[After a moment of looking at Freya, Rebekah pulls another apple out of her bag and hands it to her with a smile]

REBEKAH: Keep up your strength, love, and enjoy your cartoons.

[Rebekah stands up and walks away, leaving Freya to her television. Once she's gone, Freya snatches the apple and hides it under her skirt. She watches Rebekah leave and smiles happily]




[Davina wakes up on the couch in Kol's playhouse to the sound of old-fashioned jazz music coming out of a gramophone player. She looks around in confusion for a moment until she recognizes her surroundings. Kol is seated at a nearby table, fiddling with a Bunsen burner]

DAVINA: [groggily] Whoa. What--? How did you--? How long was I asleep?

KOL: All night. It was a rather fitful sleep, though. You were muttering about how you wanted to kill Klaus.

[Davina giggles, and Kol lights the Bunsen burner with a flint]

KOL: In fact, I'm glad that you're up, 'cause we've ready to get started.

[He walks over to his small chest, where he has stashed one of Klaus' silver daggers that he stole in the 1910s. He pulls the dagger out and holds it up for Davina to see as she walks over to him]

DAVINA: You're sure you know how to do this?

[Kol sits down at the bench to examine the dagger]

KOL: Well, have a little faith, Davina! I have been planning this for over a century.

[He looks over at Davina, who smiles, but looks unsure. He gives her a worried look]

KOL: You're not having second thoughts, are you? You were the one who wanted to get rid of the bastard without hurting your friends.

DAVINA: [shakes her head] I'm past second thoughts.

KOL: [smiles] Aw, that's my girl.

[Suddenly, Davina's phone buzzes from across the room. Kol gestures over to it as he starts to adjust the flame of the burner]

KOL: Oh, you might want to turn that off. It's been, uh, buzzing all this morning.

[Davina walks over to the couch and picks up her phone, but frowns when she sees several texts left by Aiden. They read: "Call me." "Josh and Marcel are missing." "Call me ASAP." Worried, she walks over to Kol to show him the texts]

DAVINA: [panicked] Josh and Marcel are still missing.

[She rushes off, leaving Kol looking conflicted]




[Finn has managed to bring Marcel, Josh, and the rest of the vampires to Lenore's old shop, where he has placed them each in their own magic circle that is bound with human bones. They seem to all be trapped in their respective circles; some of the vampires are conscious and rolling around in agony, while others, like Marcel, are unconscious. Finn stands over their bodies and smirks before he speaks to them]

FINN: How the mighty have fallen. Simple bit of magic, and the once mighty vampires lie before me. How does it feel? Hunger so intense, it's like shards of glass creeping through your veins.

[He kneels down next to Marcel's unconscious body]

FINN: Of course, they have you to thank. You led them to this. But, perhaps you still may be able to save them. In a thousand years, you are the closest my brother has come to making a friend. And, I wonder-- what secrets did he share with you? And what do I need to do to you in order to tear those secrets free?




[Mary is in the middle of chopping up potatoes, tomatoes and peppers in her home when Klaus appears in her doorway. She senses his presence and turns to face him, and he smiles at her as she clutches her knife in her hand protectively]

MARY: What do you want?

Klaus: Well, we could start with some common courtesy. You could invite me in?

MARY: [scoffs] Not likely, vampire.

Klaus: [smiles] I'm a hybrid, dear. Half-wolf. You and I could be distant relatives, for all you know! Matter of fact, I'm looking for another of my kind. Rumor has it she's nearby.

MARY: What do you want with Hayley?

Klaus: I wish only to remind her of the importance of family. Dissuade her from foolish mistakes.

MARY: Jackson's with her now. They can look out for each other. Why don't you just leave them alone?

Klaus: Well, perhaps I should. Clearly, I can trust Jackson's selfless nature, as willing as he is to marry Hayley and save her from the horrors of her current existence. And, in exchange for nothing more than an empowered werewolf pack to serve as his own personal army. Hmm. You know, on second thought, I think I'd like to congratulate the bride and groom.

[Mary looks alarmed at Klaus, who seems amused by it]

Klaus: No doubt they're close by, attending to their prenuptial observances. [He slams his hand against the door frame] And since you've been unable to help me find them, well... I suppose I'll have to hunt them down myself, won't I?

[Mary looks at him nervously as he vamp-speeds away]

[Meanwhile, deep in the Bayou, Jackson has brought Hayley to a makeshift graveyard]

HAYLEY: What is this place?

JACKSON: It's where wolves bury those who walk away from the pack. Traitors, murderers... like this one.

[He shows Hayley a rudimentary grave marker made out of wood. It has the initials RXD carved into it above a crescent moon]

JACKSON: Richard Xavier Dumas. He was Mary's husband... my grandfather. He was an Alpha of his time. He was a militant radical hell-bent on raising war with vampires. When he found out that your parents and mine planned to join the packs, try for peace with Marcel and his crew, he... he went ballistic.

HAYLEY: [shocked and horrified] ...It was him, wasn't it? He was the one that killed my parents.

JACKSON: [sadly] He wanted to stop them and everything they stood for... and he did.

HAYLEY: [near tears] I have spent my entire life wondering what happened to them.

[Jackson gulps anxiously and looks guilty for his association to his grandfather]

HAYLEY: Why did you wait so long to tell me?

JACKSON: I didn't know until Mary told me. She said she'd held onto the secret about what my grandfather did for two decades, and knew it was time for it to come out. [He bites his lip anxiously] And I knew I had to be the one to tell you. Truth is, I didn't know if I could.

HAYLEY: [shakes her head] I don't blame you, Jack. I guess... I just really hate secrets.

JACKSON: That was my secret. Whatever yours is... If you don't want to tell me, then don't. It doesn't change a thing. Least of all, how I feel about you.

[Suddenly, Klaus appears behind him]

Klaus: Quite the romantic sentiment.

[Jackson turns to look at Klaus and scowls at the sight of him]

Klaus: I wonder, however, if I might impose on this lovely tableau long enough to have a word with Hayley.

[Jackson looks hesitant, but Hayley gently squeezes his shoulder]

HAYLEY: It's okay. [She gestures for him to leave] Go ahead. I'll meet you back at Mary's.

[Jackson pats Hayley on the back before he reluctantly leaves them to talk]




[Rebekah and Cassie are sitting across from each other n the living room, pretending to play cards, while they discuss their plans]

REBEKAH: Tonight's the night. Once everyone's asleep, I'll grab you.

[Cassie looks nervous, but smiles weakly at her. Their conversation is interrupted by the sound of groaning as the blonde Kindred witch drags Freya into the next room by the arm and pins her down on the table face-first by the back of her neck. Cassie and Rebekah immediately turn their heads and watch in horror. The Kindred witch, who has a fresh cut on her cheek that runs perpendicular to the two scars, holds out the apple Rebekah gave Freya, which is half-eaten]

BLONDE KINDRED WITCH: [furiously] Where did you get this? Huh?

[The witch roughly slams Freya's head onto the table a second time. Rebekah starts to stand to intervene, but Cassie stops her]

CASSIE: [scared] Don't. Just let it go.

[The Kindred witch slams Freya's head against the table again, and she looks as though she's starting to lose consciousness. Rebekah is unable to watch her continue to hurt the young girl and runs over to her. She rears back and punches the Kindred witch in the face, and when the witch falls to the floor, Rebekah groans and massages her hand. Rebekah is quickly restrained by two orderlies while the Kindred witch recovers. Her nose is bleeding, and she's visibly enfuriated]


[She picks up a fireplace poker and walks over to Rebekah, who has been shoved face-first against the table by the orderlies. They hold her right hand down on the table, and the Kindred witch holds the poker up in the air]

REBEKAH: [terrified] No!

[The Kindred witch slams the poker down on Rebekah's hand and wrist, and she screams out in agony and tries not to cry]

BLONDE KINDRED WITCH: Today's lesson: you take from us--

[She turns to Freya, who is standing back away from them, sees wearing a silver necklace with a blue stone, and rips the chain off of her neck]

BLONDE KINDRED WITCH: --And we take twice as much from you.

[The Kindred witch and her cohorts let go of Rebekah and leave. Rebekah winces as she examines her shaking, injured hand. Freya looks shocked and approaches her]

FREYA: You helped me. Why?

REBEKAH: [gasps in pain] Because I'm a bloody fool. And maybe I just like the idea of us girls sticking together.

[Rebekah stands to her feet and walks back to Cassie, gingerly holding her injured right hand in her left. As she leaves, Freya smiles]




[Hayley and Klaus are still at the makeshift graveyard for werewolves who deserted their pack]

Klaus: [incredulously] Have you lost your mind? Are you seriously considering this preposterous truth-telling idiocy?

HAYLEY: Actually, I'm kind of on the fence.

Klaus: Well, allow me to make this simple for you-- under no circumstances will you divulge any family secrets, especially none that would endanger our child!

HAYLEY: Except it's not that simple, Klaus. You saw what Finn did. He's growing more powerful by the day. [Klaus sighs and turns away, knowing she's right] Right now he controls over half of the wolves. This marriage could change that.

Klaus: The outcome of your strategy is not worth the risk it imposes on our daughter.

HAYLEY: [frustrated] Well, it's not a risk if I trust Jackson.

[Klaus rolls his eyes and sighs in frustration]

HAYLEY: Klaus, think. We could have a whole army of super-wolves who could protect Hope as one of their own.

Klaus: [irritated] Hope doesn't need a wolf army! I'll protect her myself! And an easier time I'll have of it, too, without you running off sharing secrets with every motley member of your werewolf brethren.

HAYLEY: [loses her temper] Damnit, Klaus! This is our chance! We can bring her home. We have to at least consider this!

Klaus: I have considered it, and I have deemed it absurd. And in this matter, there is no one above my decree, not even you.

[Hayley glares at him as he steps closer to her and looks her in the eye]

Klaus: You will tell Jackson the wedding is off.

HAYLEY: [angrily] It's a good thing I don't take orders from anyone. Especially not from you.

[Klaus scowls at her, visibly frustrated]




[Kol is sitting at one of the tables in his playhouse when Davina arrives with Aiden in tow]

KOL: So much for having a secret lair.

DAVINA: [to Aiden] Don't mind him. Did you bring the stuff that I asked for?

AIDEN: Yeah.

[He reaches into his knapsack and pulls out a hairbrush and a toothbrush, which he gives to Davina]

AIDEN: This is everything that Josh left at my place.

KOL: [raises his eyebrows] Wow. Practically moved in, has he?

DAVINA: [sighs] Kol? Please shut up.

[Davina sets the hairbrush and toothbrush onto a map of New Orleans, which she has weighted down with small hematite stones. A candle burns nearby next to the map, and Davina sprinkles black sand onto the map to prepare for a locator spell]

DAVINA: 'Kay, here we go.

[Kol sighs impatiently and holds his arm out toward Davina]

KOL: Alright, come on, then. Channel me. It'll be quicker. Come on.

[Davina sighs and takes his hand in her own as the two close their eyes and begin the spell]

DAVINA & KOL: [chanting] Ce che vous, pro la busque. Ce che vous, pro la busque. Ce che vous, pro la busque.

[The sand on the map starts to move, until it has formed a single pile in the middle of the map. Davina and Kol pore over it to determine Josh's location, and after a moment, Davina points at a spot on the map]

DAVINA: Right here, this street corner.

KOL: Oh yeah, I know it. It's the little bodega the witch Lenore used to run before my mother hijacked her body.

AIDEN: Great. Thank you for the help.

[Aiden grabs his things and starts to leave, but Davina stops him]

DAVINA: Wait! What? You can't go alone.

KOL: Well, to be absolutely clear, here-- technically, he definitely could go alone...

DAVINA: [walks toward Aiden] No, it's a suicide mission.

[Kol exasperatedly gestures around at the three of them as he speaks]

KOL: Yeah, and what's more tragic than a suicide mission but a mass suicide mission?

AIDEN: [frustrated] I'm not leaving Josh trapped with a nutjob that hates vampires!

[Kol gives Davina a look that says he's not keen on helping, but Davina glares at him]

DAVINA: Neither am I.

[The two head for the door, and Kol sighs in frustration]




[The blonde Kindred witch is walking up the stairs holding Freya's sapphire-blue necklace in her hands. Once upstairs, she hears a creaking noise, and turns to look toward the locked door to the room where Freya's coffin was held. Suddenly, the door creaks open, and the witch, looking confused, walks down the hall toward the room. As soon as she makes it to the doorway, she starts to peek inside the cracked door when she's suddenly yanked into the room by an invisible force, and the door slams shut behind her]





[Klaus and Hayley are still arguing about whether or not Hayley should tell Jackson the truth]

HAYLEY: I am done listening to you. [She starts to walk away from Klaus] Let me know when you want to have a real conversation.

[Klaus chases after her and grabs her by the arm to stop her]

Klaus: Hayley!

[Hayley yanks her arm away from him and glares at Klaus angrily]

HAYLEY: I am not going to stand here quietly while you tell me what I can and cannot to do to protect my daughter!

Klaus: Our daughter!

HAYLEY: Right. Ours. But it was your mother who tried to kill her, and who knows what your equally psychotic brother is up to!

Klaus: I will deal with Finn.

HAYLEY: And then what? Hope will always be the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson, the hybrid killer with a thousand enemies!

[Klaus looks hurt and sighs before looking away]

HAYLEY: [desperately] Don't you get it? It's you. You're the threat. You're so paranoid that you can't see that this wedding can help her. She can come home. The wolves will be on our side.

Klaus: [frustrated] The wolves cannot be trusted!

HAYLEY: [yells] In your paranoid mind, nobody can be trusted! Where does it end?

Klaus: [shouts] There is no end! Need I remind you I killed my own father in order to protect her?

HAYLEY: [exhausted and near tears] Really? That's why you killed him? Or is it just that you were so terrified of letting someone-- anyone-- in?

[Klaus scowls at her, visibly hurt. Hayley whispers quietly]

HAYLEY: [pleadingly] I know this wedding can work. We can bring our little girl home. But you have to trust me.

[Klaus nods at her and gently caresses her face with his hands]

Klaus: [whispers] I do trust you. [Hayley looks at him hopefully] More than you know.

[Hayley briefly looks as though Klaus is finally agreeing with her, but before she can say anything, he snaps her neck and catches her right before she falls onto the ground]

Klaus: I just don't trust Jackson.




[Marcel awakens in Lenore's shop to find that he's been bound by his wrists and ankles to a chair. He struggles to break the ropes, but the harder he tugs on them, the more they burn him]

FINN: You can't free yourself. Those ropes have been soaked in vervain.

[He picks up a vervain flower and sniffs it in front of Marcel]

FINN: But, I did lessen the spell that made you hungry. [He tosses the vervain flower onto the table] Affording us an opportunity for some civilized discourse.

[Marcel groans and continues to struggle against his restraints as Finn grabs a chair and sets it in front of Marcel so he can sit and talk]

FINN: Let's start with our mutual friend-- Camille. The topic that consumed the majority of our time together was her troubled relationship with Niklaus. He confided in her, but she knew nothing that I could use against him. And yet, recently, I had the occasion to speak with my brother, and I realized that he has a secret. One that he is desperate to protect. And, I think that secret is a weakness, so... Tell me, Marcel-- what is it?

MARCEL: [incredulously] You really think that he would trust me with anything that can be used against him?

FINN: You're Klaus' ally, and I think you know something.

MARCEL: You can think whatever you want, as long as you don't mind knowing that you are a chump.

[Finn, annoyed, blows on his index finger and thumb and rubs them together, causing Marcel's muscles to seize up. He yells out in pain until Finn undoes the spell, and Marcel sighs in relief]

FINN: Tell. Me. What. You. Know.

MARCEL: [gasps for breath] I'll tell you what I remember.

[Finn leans forward, clearly interested]

MARCEL: Two centuries back, I was just a kid looking through the compound. I found a coffin. [Finn frowns] Klaus catches me, and he says, "That's my brother Finn. We keep him like that because he is such a bore."

[Marcel laughs weakly, and Finn, offended, casts another spell that causes his muscles to seize up painfully. Marcel yells in pain as Finn stands and walks away]




[Freya is standing in Rebekah's bedroom, looking out the window while Rebekah sleeps. Suddenly, she calls out to her, which startles her awake]

FREYA: Rebekah?

[Rebekah sits up quickly with a gasp and rolls her eyes when she realizes she's not in any danger]

REBEKAH: Ahh! Are you trying to give me a bloody heart attack?

[Rebekah examines her injured wrist, which has been bandaged up, while Freya continues to stare out the window]

FREYA: Is it still beautiful? [Rebekah looks confused] New Orleans? I loved it so much the last time I saw it.

REBEKAH: New Orleans will remain a beauty long after you and I are bones beneath its clay. For now, you've got to go back to your room. I've got things to do.

[Rebekah sits up in bed to prepare for her plan. Freya turns back to face her]

FREYA: Why are you here? In this place?

REBEKAH: [sighs] I was trying to help my brothers. My con-artist of a blood relation, Kol, betrayed me. He got me stuck in here. [She shakes her head angrily] Oh, when I get a hold of him...

FREYA: [confused] Why do you fight with your own family? You should stand beside them.

REBEKAH: [chuckles awkwardly] It's... complicated. A thousand years complicated.

[She stands up and gets ready to leave, but before she walks out the door, she sigh and turns back to Freya]

REBEKAH: Listen, I think I found a way out of this hell-hole. If you want to come with, meet me at the door in twenty minutes. Either way, wish me luck.

[Rebekah leaves, and Freya smirks, clearly impressed]




[It's nightfall now, and Mary and Jackson are waiting for Hayley to return. Jackson is washing dishes at the sink, while Mary is sharpening a stake at the table. Jackson looks at her questioningly, and she holds up the stake for emphasis]

MARY: For Klaus, in case he comes back.

[Suddenly, Klaus arrives in the doorway]

Klaus: [smirks] Speak the devil's name, et cetera, et cetera. I wonder if Jackson can come out to play?

[Mary approaches Klaus with the stake, but Jackson holds her back]

JACKSON: It's okay.

[He turns to Klaus and stands face-to-face with him just inside the doorway]

JACKSON: Where's Hayley?

Klaus: Resting. She was exhausted after your day of wedding preparations. Poor thing! No matter. Gives us a chance to chat.

JACKSON: I want your word. This is between me and you.

Klaus: [calmly] Why, of course! You have my word as a gentleman.

[Jackson's lip twitches anxiously as Klaus steps backward, silently inviting him to step outside. After a moment, Jackson steps out of the home and onto the porch, and Klaus smiles]

Klaus: Brave lad.

[Klaus' hybrid face comes out, and he vamp-speeds Jackson into the woods, leaving Mary looking frightened and worried]

[In the woods, Klaus has let go of Jackson, and he rolls across the ground. He scrambles onto his knees and shouts out to Klaus, who has vanished]

JACKSON: KLAUS! You wanna fight me? Then, come on!

[Klaus comes out from behind a tree, and Jackson turns at the sound of his voice. Klaus slowly starts walking toward him]

Klaus: You mistake my intentions. I haven't come here to fight you. Not at all. This is to be an execution. Tell me-- how exactly would you like to die?

[Klaus stares at Jackson and smirks]

[After the break, Jackson's face is bloody as he's thrown onto the ground by Klaus, who stands over him]

Klaus: Most of my victims start screaming about now.

[Jackson starts throwing punches at him, but Klaus easily dodges them and shoves him back down onto the ground]

Klaus: [boredly] I would rather you spare me the tedium of any last words, but if you are so inclined, now would be the time.

JACKSON: Go to hell, you bastard!

Klaus: Bastard, yes. That is exactly what I am. Made so by your precious mentor, Ansel. I'm curious-- did he teach you to regard me with such loathing, or is that bias all of your own?

[Jackson winces in pain and clutches his injured torso, but manages to bark out a bitter laugh]

JACKSON: Is that what this is all about? [He stands to his feet] You're jealous that I got to spend time with your daddy?

Klaus: You were his most prized pupil. The benefactor to all of his wisdom.

[He punches Jackson in the stomach, and Jackson doubles over in pain]

Klaus: Look at all the good it's done you.

[Klaus shoves him back down onto the ground, and he lays still for a moment, trying to catch his breath, before getting back on his feet]

JACKSON: You know, you could have learned from him yourself. If only you hadn't killed him.

[Klaus kicks Jackson's knees and knocks his legs out from under him]

Klaus: I see you've mastered the self-righteous air of all hypocrites. You know, the truth is, you're worse than me-- using Hayley's best intentions for your own self-serving power-grab!

JACKSON: You're wrong!

Klaus: You want her power so you can wage war and win territories! After all, that's what wolves do.

[Jackson loses his temper and furiously begins fighting back. He punches Klaus hard in the face, but Klaus shoves him down onto the ground]

JACKSON: [wheezing] You don't know a damn thing about being a wolf.

Klaus: No, I don't. I never had the luxury to live among my kind, nor the chance to truly know my father.

[Klaus lifts Jackson up by the chin and grabs him in a choke-hold, and Jackson groans]

Klaus: But you knew him. Perhaps he saw in you the son he always wanted.

[He squeezes Jackson's throat even harder, and Jackson gasps for breath]

Klaus: I'm glad I was spared such a sorry fate.

[Klaus throws Jackson across the clearing, where he hits his back hard on a tree and lands roughly on the ground. Jackson cries out in pain and rolls onto his back]




[Marcel is fading in and out of consciousness from all the pain infliction spells Finn cast on him, and Finn lifts Marcel's head up roughly to look him in the face. Marcel bares his teeth at him angrily, but Finn just smiles]

FINN: I'm convinced. You know nothing.

[Marcel weakly jerks out of his grip, and Finn laughs in amusement, causing Marcel to glare at him furiously]

FINN: Which means, whatever Klaus is keeping secret is so secret, he won't even share it with you. Perhaps there are other ways you can be of use to me.

[Suddenly, the front door to the shop opens, and Kol comes inside, closing the door behind him. Finn looks stunned]

KOL: Brother.

FINN: [annoyed] What are you doing here, Kol?

KOL: I heard a rumor that you had taken Marcel prisoner-- [He picks up a knife from a nearby table and examines it]-- and it just so happens that I owe him.

[Kol takes the knife and stabs it into Marcel's right hand, and Marcel moans in pain and glares at Kol with a mixture of loathing and betrayal]

MARCEL: OHHHH, son of a--! I am going to kill the both of you!

[Finn makes a face at Kol and annoyedly flicks his wrist, which snaps Marcel's neck. Then, he turns to Kol]

FINN: You have some nerve coming here. All good grace with me was lost the moment you sided with our wretched siblings.

KOL: You know me, Finn. I take side with whoever I think is going to win. And, to be honest, well, you and Mum were acting a bit daft, weren't you? But, I heard about how you turned Dad into your own personal black magic battery pack, and I thought, "Wow, that's cold." But, it's smart.

[Finn looks as though he's slightly interested in what Kol has to say]

KOL: And now, I can see which way the wind is blowing, and after the way the three of them treated us, I will be happy to see the lot of them get what's coming.

[Finn rolls his eyes and makes hand into a fist, casting a pain infliction spell that causes Kol to roar in pain and fall to his knees. Once Finn releases the spell, Kol gasps for breath and looks up at him angrily]

KOL: What was that for?!

FINN: For being a duplicitous weasel.

KOL: [sighs] I have proved myself, Finn. More than you have! [He stands to his feet] I'm the one who put Rebekah in another body, and whilst Klaus is out there looking for his dear little sister, I was forging a dagger that would put him to sleep for centuries!

FINN: [exasperated] I don't want to put him to sleep! I want him dead.

KOL: Yes, but you're gonna need allies. And I've got 'em. Davina Claire, she's a Harvest girl. I've got her wrapped around my little finger, I have! With her on our side, there is nothing-- nothing-- that will stand in our way.

[The two brothers stare at each other]




[Rebekah is wandering around the upstairs, looking for Cassie, but when she goes into Cassie's room, her bed is empty. Worried, she rushes down the hall, and when she sees the usually-locked door is opened a crack, she walks in to see who is in there. She finds the blonde Kindred witch on the floor, her face covered in blood where it has poured out of her eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. When Rebekah looks at the coffin and wipes off the clear lid, she realizes in horror that the girl is no longer inside. Suddenly, she hears a creaking sound, but when she turns, she finds Cassie standing in the doorway. She has two cuts on her cheek that run diagonally down her face]

REBEKAH: [startled] Cassie!

CASSIE: I'm sorry, Rebekah, but you didn't leave me much choice. I told you-- there's no escape. I had to turn to the only people I knew I could trust.

[At these words, a group of Kindred witches file into the room and surround Rebekah, many of them holding canes and fireplace pokers. She looks at Cassie, visibly betrayed]

CASSIE: And I told them that they had to deal with you. My only regret is that I didn't stop you before you killed one of our own!

[Cassie gestures toward the blonde Kindred witch's body on the floor, but Rebekah just looks horrified]

CASSIE: And now, you have to be punished.

[Cassie steps backward as the Kindred witches hold up their weapons threateningly]

REBEKAH: No! What? No! I didn't kill her!

[She backs up against the wall and becomes angry at the friend who betrayed her]

REBEKAH: But, to be fair, I'm not going to miss the ugly cow!

[Rebekah starts lashing out at the witches, elbowing one in the face, kicking the legs out from under a second. A third witch hits her upside the head with a cane, knocking her onto the floor, but before he can hit her again, he's lifted up into the air by an invisible source and thrown against the wall. Rebekah looks up, shocked, to see Freya standing in the doorway. The other witches gape at her in shock]

FREYA: [visibly unimpressed] You're all so mean. Like the mouse that tormented the cat in those cartoons. I think you're the ones who need to be punished.

[She casually lifts her arms up, sending the two other Kindred witches into the walls before they fall to the floor. Cassie looks frightened and backs away from her, but Freya lifts her hand again to telekinetically slam the door shut so she can't escape and walks toward her so they're face-to-face]

FREYA: The others were just ignorant bullies. [She caresses Cassie's face] But you? You're a smart girl. Powerful. And yet, you still betrayed a friend.

[She grabs Cassie's face with both hands and concentrates, and Cassie starts shrieking in pain as blood starts pouring from her eyes and nose. When she dies, Freya drops her body onto the floor before turning back to Rebekah]

FREYA: I despise traitors.

[She grabs her necklace out of the blonde Kindred witch's dead hand, and helps Rebekah up to her feet. She notices Rebekah's bandaged hand and takes it in her own before she starts casting a spell to heal it. After a moment, Rebekah flexes her hand and realizes that her injury is completely healed as she looks at Freya in shock and awe]

REBEKAH: How did you do that?

[Freya just smiles and turns away, leading Rebekah out of the room]




[Jackson, who is severely injured, is trying his best to crawl away from Klaus, but he easily catches up to him]

Klaus: I've drawn this out for long enough. [Jackson groans in pain] Though, you can hardly blame me, given the sheer audacity of your plot. It's quite offensive. Hayley is part of my family now. Then, you'd seek to use her for your petty ambitions!

JACKSON: [furiously] I'm not using her!

Klaus: Just admit your true intentions for this farce of a wedding, and I'll end this. Quickly.

[Jackson continues to desperately crawl away from him]

JACKSON: I love Hayley. And I will fight for her--

[He pulls a wooden blade he had tucked in his waistband and stabs Klaus in the abdomen with it]

JACKSON: -- Until I am dead.

[Jackson falls to the ground, completely exhausted. Klaus pulls the branch out of his stomach and throws in onto the floor]

Klaus: Well, you've got more fight in you than I imagined.

[He puts Jackson in a choke-hold and points the tip of the blade under Jackson's chin. Jackson tries his best to hold Klaus' arm back, but he's losing strength]

Klaus: But, I remain unimpressed.

JACKSON: [gasps] You told me once that my people were yours, too. If you kill me now, promise me" that you will help Hayley set our people free.

[Klaus is surprised by these words and hesitates for a moment. Suddenly, Hayley appears out of nowhere and tackles Klaus. She lands on top of him and straddles him as she punches him in the face violently several times until Klaus grabs her fist and tosses her off of him before getting onto his feet. Hayley stands between Klaus and Jackson, protecting the latter]

HAYLEY: I trust him, Klaus. Do you hear me? You're not going to kill him. Not unless you want to go through me.

Klaus: [impressed] You truly believe that he is worthy of your trust?


Klaus: [surprised] Well, you are stubborn, little wolf. Perhaps you two were meant for each other. Go on, then. Tell him. Have your wedding. Save your wolves. [He looks at Jackson] But, you mark my words, if you ever betray her, I will find you, and I will deposit your head on the end of a spike. Perhaps I'll leave it in your grandmother's garden.

[Klaus gives Hayley and Jackson one last look before vamp-speeding away. Hayley turns to tend to Jackson, who is still healing from his many injuries. Hayley approaches him and looks at him with concern]


[She caresses his face affectionately as he leans against her for support]




[At Lenore's shop, Finn is questioning Kol on his plans]

FINN: Klaus knows you trapped Rebekah, and yet he hasn't tracked you done to torture her location out of you?

KOL: [shrugs] Well, I'm smart enough not to be found.

[Finn laughs in amusement as he starts to process what Kol is claiming]

FINN: And Elijah also knows Rebekah is missing, and yet he remains unaccounted for?

[Kol notices Finn's skepticism and starts to get nervous]

FINN: Despite my power, I have been unable to locate him, which suggests he's gone to great lengths to hide himself. And Elijah hides from no one. Unless... He's keeping something hidden.

KOL: [chuckles nervously] Wow, Finn, you sound like Sherlock Holmes after one too many tequilas.

FINN: And you act a fool to dare think I wouldn't know about your little friends in the back.

[He starts walking toward Kol, who instinctively backs away from him and turns to look for Davina and Aiden]

[In the back of the shop, Aiden and Davina are using flashlights to try and see who is in the room. Aiden finally finds Josh laying on the ground, tossing and turning restlessly, and calls her over]

AIDEN: Hey, Davina! I got him!

[In the front, Finn has cast another pain infliction spell on Kol, and he once again drops to his knees in pain. Finn sighs and walks toward him]

FINN: Allow me to send a message to your little girlfriend.

[He flicks his wrist, casting a spell, which he directs to Josh]

[In the back, Aiden has just lifted Josh into a seated position when he awakens with a gasp]

AIDEN: Josh! [He smiles] You alright?

[As soon as Josh sees Aiden and Davina, his hunger overwhelms him, and he hisses at them with his vampire-face and fangs out. They both back away in alarm, just as they notice the other vampires start to stir and awaken as well, all of them ravenous after being starved again. When Aiden turns back to Josh, he's vamp-sped onto his feet and lunges for them to try to feed on them. Aiden tries to hold him back as long as he can, but when that doesn't work, Aiden's face turns guilty and he snaps Josh's neck. He then throws Josh's body over his shoulder and grabs Davina by the arm]

AIDEN: Come on! Davina, let's go!




[Freya uses her magic to telekinetically open the front doors of the Fauline Mansion, and as she walks onto the front porch and down the stairs, Rebekah follows behind her and gapes in surprise as she begins to realize who Freya is]

REBEKAH: You're her! The powerful girl in the coffin. That's how you can do magic. But why didn't you just tell me?

[Freya stops walking and turns back to face her]

FREYA: I had only just woken from a century of sleep. I wanted to know you. See what you were really like. And you didn't disappoint me. There's a spark in you, Rebekah. You're willful... also kind. You're not half as bad as our brothers.

[Rebekah's smile falls, and she stares at Freya in confusion and shock]

REBEKAH: What did you say?

FREYA: You're right, you know. We met once before.

[The scene flashes back to the Mikaelson Christmas party of 1914, which took place in The Map of Moments, while Freya narrates in voiceover. Rebekah approaches Freya, who is wearing a blue dress and who Rebekah believed to be Kol's date to the party]

FREYA: [voiceover] I was so desperate to catch a glimpse of my family.

[In the present, she smiles at Rebekah, who is looking at her in shock and awe]

FREYA: Rebekah... You know who I am.

REBEKAH: [nods in shock] The little girl in my nightmare. It really is you.

[She stares at Freya for a moment, nearly in tears at the sight of her long-lost sister]


[Freya turns and heads to the gate, gesturing to Rebekah to follow her. Rebekah does what she's instructed, and watches as Freya grips the bars of the front gate and casts a spell]

FREYA: Destruccive glas enfala. Destruccive glas enfala.

[The doll's head that bound the spell spins around on its post and begins to melt, breaking the boundary. When she's done, she turns back to Rebekah]

FREYA: I slept a hundred years, and now, finally, I'm free. Tell our brothers I'll be coming to see them soon, and I expect nothing less than their best behavior.

[She turns and flicks her wrist, which telekinetically rips the gate right off of the hinges. Once it's open, Freya walks barefoot out into the night, leaving Rebekah alone. Rebekah, confused and overwhelmed, watches her leave]




[Kol has just risen to his feet after another pain infliction spell from Finn]

FINN: Now, are you through with this little ruse, brother?

[Kol runs for his life into the back room, only to find that a dozen starving vampires are salivating at the sight of him and Davina and Aiden are gone. He backs up to go back into the front of the shop, only to bump into Finn, who uses his powers to snap all of the vampires' necks]

FINN: Seems your little friend Davina has absconded with one of my prisoners.

KOL: [anxiously] Look, I didn't come here for a fight. The little witch, she asked me to be a distraction. She can be quite pushy when she wants to be, you know?

[Finn angrily scoffs and grabs Kol's head so their foreheads are touching]

FINN: Don't you see? We were given a gift!

[Kol shoves Finn off of him and looks at him in fear]

FINN: [angrily] Rebirth, unfettered by vampirism! We were made clean, and all that was asked was a pittance in return! And you could not even give that!

[He smacks Kol on the shoulder, and Kol starts to plead with him]

KOL: Finn, you're angry. And when you're angry, you don't think straight. So, just give me a chance, and--

FINN: [interrupts him] You don't deserve another chance, Kol.

[He quickly clutches Kol's face in his hands and looks him in the eyes]

FINN: So, I'm going to give you the one thing I know you fear most-- death.

[Kol tries to shove him off, but Finn just grabs him by the shirt and presses his hand against his chest]

KOL: No!

FINN: O se kwe pe se.

[Kol gasps and shudders in pain as Finn continues to grip him tightly]

FINN: [angrily] I curse you to this body, unable to jump to another. Over the next few days, I want you to contemplate what's to come. A meaningless, lonely death, and the darkness to follow.

[He lets go of Kol and shoves him away, and Kol looks down at his chest, gasping for breath]

FINN: The clock starts now. Be sure to say your goodbyes. Go, brother. I will not miss you.

[Kol looks at Finn, visibly shocked and betrayed, before he eventually turns to leave]




[Mary is patching Jackson up on her back patio overlooking the lake. She finishes up by placing a bandage on his stomach before speaking]

MARY: There. You let that sit. [Jackson smiles at her, and she pats him on the shoulder] You'll feel better in the morning.

[She gets up to leave when Hayley returns to the cabin]

HAYLEY: Mary, I am so sorry.

MARY: For what? Knowing a monster? Having baggage in your past? We all got that. Some worse than others.

[She puts a comforting had on Hayley's back, and Hayley looks at her with guilt in her eyes]

MARY: When Jack was down, you fought for him. [She smiles at Hayley] A lot of married folk don't get that far.

[Mary leaves Hayley to speak with Jackson alone. She walks onto the patio and sits next to him]

HAYLEY: You okay?

JACKSON: I'll live. That's the thing I can't figure out-- why didn't he kill me?

HAYLEY: Klaus is afraid of trusting anyone. I think he realized that not trusting you would be worse. He'd end up surrounded by enemies. Alone.

[Jackson looks at her, and she smiles before taking his hand in hers]

HAYLEY: [whispers] I wanna tell you a story... about a beautiful baby girl.

[Jackson looks at her in shock when he realizes what she's talking about]

HAYLEY: And the parents who swore they would die to protect her.

[Jackson turns to her, shocked and surprised, and settles in to hear the story]



[Klaus is on the phone with Elijah, who is still at the safe house with Cami and Hope. While he talks, Klaus chops up limes with a knife at the bar]

Klaus: The wedding works in our favor. Newly-empowered and ruled by Hayley, the wolves will be an asset to our family.

Elijah: Yes, assuming you're willing to trust Jackson with our secrecy. I must confess, brother-- I'm a little surprised to find that you do.

Klaus: Well, my faith in Jackson is a means to an end. If I had simply killed him, Hayley would have turned against me.

[He holds up the knife he's using to chop limes and gestures with it as he talks]

Klaus: You should have seen the ferocity with which she defended him. It was impressive. [Elijah sighs and smiles] That said, I don't take the matter of secrets lightly. Once the wedding takes place and the wolves are forever altered, well, Jackson's fate becomes a little less certain.

[Klaus smiles and hangs up the phone. Elijah hangs up his own, looking pensive and a little conflicted]

[At the compound, Klaus turns around when he hears someone entering the compound. It's Rebekah]

REBEKAH: Hello, Nik.

[Klaus looks at her, confused, but pretty sure he knows who she is]

REBEKAH: I don't suppose you imagined that "always and forever" would lead us to this?

[Klaus gapes at her, clearly shocked, but he eventually smiles happily to see his sister returned]

Klaus: Rebekah.

REBEKAH: [laughs] You absolutely will not believe the week I've had.

[The two smile at each other in relief]




[Finn is standing boredly in the chair across from Marcel, holding the small knife Kol stabbed Marcel in the hand with earlier, while he waits for him to wake up. After a moment, he does]

FINN: Good. You're awake. [He holds up one finger] Now, just one more question.

MARCEL: Okay. Let my guys go free, and I'll tell you whatever it is you want to know.

FINN: [chuckles] How selfless! But, we've already established that you don't know anything of any consequence. However, it's a common belief among the werewolves that you were, in fact, the last person to see Niklaus' child alive. You were in possession of the baby's corpse.

[Marcel continues to glare at him, clearly exhausted by Finn's torture]

FINN: So, tell me-- how exactly did the baby die?

[Marcel thinks about this for a moment, but doesn't answer. Finn doesn't seem surprised]

FINN: Yeah, you don't remember? You don't remember because you were compelled to forget. Why would Niklaus compel away the truth from the vampire he thinks of as his adopted son? What-- besides a desire to protect his own daughter?

[Marcel realizes where he's going with this and sighs when he figures out that he just accidentally put Klaus and Hayley's daughter in danger. Finn looks practically gleeful to have figured out Klaus' secret]

FINN: She's still alive. And now, you and your vampires are going to help me find her.

[Marcel glares at him furiously]

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