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The Originals
#220 : L'Origine de la haine


Diffusion US : 27 avril 2015 sur The CW
Diffusion FR : 15 mai 2016 sur Série Club 

Dahlia trouve un moyen ingenieux pour attirer l'attention de Klaus, elle lui révèle quelques détails sur Hope

Elijah et Freya se retrouvent avec des points de vues divergents sur la meilleure façon de gérer Dahlia, et Rebekah, Davina et Camille travaillent ensemble pour mené à bien leur propre stratégie.

A la suite d'une discussion tendue entre Elijah et Jackson dans le bayou, Hayley doit prendre une décision difficile au sujet de son avenir et de celui de Hope.

Vincent, qui est désireux de quitter son passé de sorcier, se rapproche de Davina avec une offre intrigante.

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Titre VO
City Beneath The Sea

Titre VF
L'Origine de la haine

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Lundi 27.04.2015 à 20:00
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Ecrit par Carina Adly MacKenzie et Charlie Charbonneau
Réalisé par : Leslie Libman

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[At LAFAYETTE CEMETERY, Dahlia is in one of the tombs, which is full of lit white candles. She is kneeling in front of a small altar on which a stone cauldron full of blood sits. She mixes the blood with her fingers, coating them in the blood, before waving her fingers in the air. Dahlia's voice narrates in voiceover as the scene cuts around to various locations]

DAHLIA: [voiceover] We define ourselves by our family.

[At the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, Klaus is still laying in a coffin, where the golden dagger Kol and Davina made is still stabbed into his chest, desiccating his body. Rebekah and Elijah stand beside him, looking conflicted and guilty about what they've done to him]

DAHLIA: [voiceover] From birth, we share their names...

[In the BAYOU, Hayley, Jackson, and the rest of the Crescent pack are busy unloading their vehicles while Hayley holds onto Hope protectively]

DAHLIA: [voiceover] ...Entrust them to protect that which we hold most dear.

[At AIDEN & JOSH'S APARTMENT, Josh has just returned for the first time since Aiden's death. When he walks through the door, he sees a note that Aiden left for him on the counter which reads, "Call me when you get home. - A," which he picks up with a hand that is still stained with Aiden's blood. After reading it, Josh sighs deeply and closes his eyes in grief]

DAHLIA: [voiceover] We value them above all others, and yet we are inevitably forced apart.


[At KOL'S PLAYHOUSE, Davina is working on a spell at one of the tables, which involves a magic circle created with black sand, lit black candles, several dead birds, and Kol's paragon diamond. She holds her hands out over the ritual set-up and murmurs silent words under her breath. After a moment, Davina grows discouraged and ]

DAHLIA: [voiceover] Promises are made and left unkept.


[At ST. LOUIS CATHEDRAL, Freya is working on her own spell in the bell tower, using dozens of lit candles to fuel her magic. She takes a break and stares out the window worriedly]

DAHLIA: [voiceover] Children, in particular, turn their backs on those who raised them, seeking lives of their own.

[Back at LAFAYETTE CEMETERY, Dahlia continues to swirl the blood in her cauldron with her fingers as she works on her spell. She looks up at the ceiling as she rubs her bloody fingers together, and her eyes roll in the back of her head as she senses Klaus laying desiccated in his coffin at the compound.]

DAHLIA: The bond of family is not a bond forged on choice. In fact, some would see family as a terrible burden.

[Suddenly, Klaus awakens with a gasp, only he is no longer laying daggered in the compound-- instead, he is laying on the ground in a village near a forest where he is half-leaning against a stone wall that wraps around a small cottage. He breathes deeply as he takes in his surroundings, and eventually notices that Dahlia is standing in front of him with a small smirk on her face]

DAHLIA: And thus, Niklaus, you find yourself here with me.

Klaus: [sighs] Dahlia.

[He looks down at his chest to find that the dagger is gone, but he is still bleeding from a wound right in front of his heart]

Klaus: What have you done to me? [He stands to his feet and approaches her] Where is my daughter?

[He lunges for Dahlia, but she vanishes into thin air, only to reappear behind him. This only makes Klaus more frustrated]

Klaus: Get out of my head!

DAHLIA: [smiles patronizingly] I'm not in your head. You're in mine. And, seeing as you lie daggered by your own beloved brother, you have no choice but to listen. [Klaus looks at her warily] I have a proposition for you! Come along.

[She starts to walk away from the cottage, farther into the village, and Klaus looks unhappy and suspicious as he reluctantly follows behind her. As he does so, the sound of Dahlia's song played on a violin is heard around them]







[After the break, Klaus continues walking behind Dahlia as she leads him into a village]

Klaus: [frustrated] Spare me the agonizing boredom and explain what it is you want.

DAHLIA: Quiet.

[The two stop when they make it to the end of the village square. It immediately becomes clear that they are not solely in Dahlia's mind, but are also in her memories; this one specifically takes place in the Kingdom of Norway in the 10th century, some time before Esther sought Dahlia's help in 972 A.D. There are young children running around while adult women clean and cut fruits and vegetables and men tend to their livestock]

Klaus: [annoyed] I have no use for demented dreamscapes.

DAHLIA: Niklaus, listen.

[Klaus sighs and focuses his hearing, eventually realizing that the village is being attacked by Viking warriors, who are violently and mercilessly attacking the locals. Klaus and Dahlia watch as young Esther, wearing a yellow dress and a flower crown, and young Dahlia, in a rose-pink dress, scream as they run away from the fighting and hind behind a large barrel of hay]

YOUNG ESTHER: [terrified] The Vikings came while you were in the garden!

[As she speaks, dead men, women, and children lay motionless on the ground while the Viking warriors rush to take down anyone they can find]

YOUNG ESTHER: [gulps anxiously] I'm scared, Dahlia.

YOUNG DAHLIA: [cups Esther's face with her hands] Don't be. I will protect us, Esther. Come what may, we must stick together, always and forever. Promise?

YOUNG ESTHER: [nods] I promise.

[They clutch each other's hands desperately and press their foreheads together as they both begin to hum Dahlia's song. Klaus watches them curiously as they are eventually found and tackled by a Viking who tries to pull Esther away from her]

YOUNG DAHLIA: [thrusts her hand forward and screams] No! No! Unhand her!

[Dahlia throws the Viking backward forcefully with telekinesis, but when the other Vikings see this happen, two other men rush toward the young girls and throw feed sacks over their heads before taking them captive]

YOUNG ESTHER: [kicks and struggles] No! No! LET ME GO!


[Dahlia looks troubled as she revisits this memory, but Klaus seems as though he's beginning to make sense of her]

Klaus: Let me guess-- the Vikings slaughtered the entire village.

DAHLIA: [emotionally] Esther and I were the only ones who survived. We promised to stay together--

Klaus: [interrupts] --Yes, "always and forever." A familiar promise. But, then, you knew that. I suppose you think that makes us kindred spirits.

DAHLIA: Not exactly. What I mean to show you is that we can be allies.

[Klaus scowls, but seems to be considering this possibility]




[Elijah has just arrived in the bell tower of the cathedral to meet with Freya and determine the next step in their plan. Freya has begun to panic when Elijah updates her on recent events]

FREYA: Hayley is gone?! You need to get her and the baby back here, immediately!

Elijah: [calmly] When Dahlia has been defeated. For now, they are safe.

[Freya frantically starts setting up the components of a spell]

FREYA: Nowhere is safe from Dahlia, and we will have no chance of ending her without that baby.

Elijah: [slightly suspicious] What are you saying?

FREYA: Dahlia is protected by a powerful magic. We have collected items that represent her vulnerabilities-- sacred soil, the ash of a fallen Viking, and the blood of the witch who broke her heart.

Elijah: Yours.

FREYA: Yes. Now, I will use these ingredients to create a "killing ground" where Dahlia will be rendered mortal, but... we need to lure her there, Elijah.

Elijah: [not impressed] Are you suggesting that I position my niece as bait?

[Freya stops setting up her spell, but remains speechless, which Elijah takes as a "yes"]

Elijah: Well, how wonderfully convenient, to offer this strategy when Niklaus has been removed.

FREYA: Klaus cannot be reasoned with.

Elijah: You cannot honestly believe I would allow you to do this--

FREYA: [impatiently] What I believe is you will make the right choice for Hope. There is no other way to keep her from the miserable existence I endured under the slavery of a tyrant.

Elijah: Of course, if Dahlia does die, you will also be free of that tyranny. No more running, no more hiding. So, do not insult my intelligence by painting your actions as selfless.

FREYA: [sighs] If you will not bring Hayley back here, I will find Hope myself. And, as I said-- there is no other way.

[Elijah stares at her, clearly conflicted]





[Marcel has dragged a very unhappy Rebekah to the jazz club for her own protection, and Rebekah is continuing to voice her displeasure]

REBEKAH: I won't stand for this chauvinism!

MARCEL: It used to be called chivalry, and back then, you liked it just fine!

[He steers her into one of the rooms and sits her down at the bar before going behind it to grab a bottle of liquor]

REBEKAH: Look, I am not sitting out this fight in some musty club!

MARCEL: This "musty club" is the only place in the city where magic can't hurt you. [He starts to pour her a drink] And, it has the best bourbon.

REBEKAH: [seriously] Elijah needs me.

MARCEL: Elijah can't worry about keep you and Hope safe. [He shoves the drink in front of her] We discussed it.

REBEKAH: [sets the drink aside] You'll have to kill me to keep me here.

[She starts to walk away, but Marcel grabs her wrist and pulls her back toward him]

MARCEL: Hey! Thanks to Eva Sinclair, you are linked to eight teenage witches, remember? [Rebekah sighs in annoyance when she realizes he's right] If you get hurt, so do they-- including Davina. I know you don't want that.

REBEKAH: [sighs] I can't live like a porcelain doll, and I have no clue how to undo the damn spell.

[Suddenly, Vincent is dragged into the club by one of Marcel's vampires and is shoved toward Marcel when Vincent tries to resist]

MARCEL: That's why he's here.

VINCENT: Whoa! [Marcel nods at the vampire, who leaves] You could have just sent me a text.

REBEKAH: [bitterly] Well, Marcel's in a very kidnap-y mood this morning. [She walks over to Vincent] But, since you're here-- unlink me. I've got a thousand places I'd rather be.

VINCENT: [overwhelmed] Whoa! This kind of dark magic? [He pauses and sighs before leaning against the bar] It's tricky. Alright? I can reverse-engineer Eva's work, but it's gonna take some time. He playfully shoves Rebekah away from him] And you're gonna have to do your own magic!

MARCEL: [rolls his eyes] She's not exactly a pro.

VINCENT: Well, she is exactly in the host body of the witch that's at the center of the link. Besides, I've done my last bit of magic. Now, I wanna help the kids, but after that? I'm done. No more witch business.

MARCEL: [smiles mockingly] Fine!


MARCEL: Get it done. [He turns to Rebekah] I'll touch base later.

[Marcel turns to leave, but Vincent raises his voice to call out to him before he goes]

VINCENT: And when we're done? [He gestures his hands between himself and Marcel] We're all done! I'm not your witch for hire!

[Vincent nods for emphasis, and Marcel gives him a small smile before he turns and leaves the club]





[Cami is cleaning up inside the restaurant when Elijah comes in to see her. When she sees him, she sighs in annoyance]

CAMI: I left you a dozen messages!

Elijah: [sighs] Family crisis.

CAMI: [worried] Have you spoken to Klaus?

Elijah: Mmm, briefly... before I put him to sleep with a dagger. Words were exchanged.

CAMI: [appalled] No! [She calms down and walks toward him] Elijah, Klaus didn't kill Aiden. [Elijah looks confused] He just took the blame because of some insane dictator-edict about making people fear him.

[Elijah looks horrified by this revelation, but after a moment, he settles down]

Elijah: [hesitates] Nevertheless, had I left Niklaus standing, the very army protecting Hope would have revolted.

CAMI: But you can't just leave him like that while his daughter's in danger!

Elijah: [annoyed] Please. Your feelings are clouding your judgment.

CAMI: [confused] My... feelings?

Elijah: For my brother. I am not a fool, Camille. [Cami's face falls] Although I've valued our time together at the safe house, make no mistake-- I was in your head as much as you were in mine.

CAMI: [very worried] How long are you gonna leave him like that? Five years? Ten? A lifetime?

Elijah: 'Til Hope is safe. [Elijah licks his lips, looking uncomfortable] Now, I need your help.

[Cami looks at him in surprise and fear]





[Jackson is in the middle of digging a grave out near his grandfather's when Hayley comes outside with Hope to update him on what is happening. Jackson is in the middle of hammering a wooden gravestone, which has been carved and burnt with the initials "A. L." and a crescent moon. Sitting next to Jackson is a homemade coffin with Aiden's body inside]

HAYLEY: Elijah called. Freya is doing a locator spell to find us. We need to leave. Now. [She finally notices that Jackson is digging a grave for Aiden] Wait-- you're burying Aiden here?

JACKSON: [sighs] We can't keep carrying him around forever. Just give me a minute to get him in the ground and we'll get out of here.

HAYLEY: [appalled] You said that this is how wolves bury murderers and traitors. I know that Aiden was answering to Klaus, but he was loyal to the pack in the end! That's what got him killed, Jack.

JACKSON: [frustrated] You don't think I know that? You think this is how I wanna... [He gestures at the grave]... put Aiden to rest? [Hayley looks at him sympathetically and rocks Hope as she coos] I don't have a choice, Hayley. You said it yourself, we gotta go.

HAYLEY: [shakes her head sadly] It's not right. If we expect the wolves to put their lives on the line for Hope, they deserve to know that those lives matter to us. [Jackson nods in agreement, and Hayley sighs deeply as she thinks for a moment] We'll take Aiden down-river, give him a true Crescent funeral. [Jackson looks impressed and thankful for this suggestion] Too much has been taken from our pack-- I won't let them lose this, too.

[Hope continues to coo in Hayley's arms as Jackson walks over and pulls the grave marker he made for Aiden out of the ground]





[Vincent is looking through various grimoires at the bar of the club while Rebekah, looking bored, sorts through a crate full of old records]

REBEKAH: What good's a jazz club with no bloody jazz?

[Vincent drops his pen on the bar in frustration and gestures to the books he's reading]

VINCENT: Do you mind? I'm trying to reverse a very complicated sacrifice spell, and you whining about jazz is not helping me!

[Suddenly, Elijah arrives to the club and sets down a file box on one of the chairs. He is followed by Cami]

Elijah: I'm afraid we have more pressing concerns.

REBEKAH: [turns toward him] What's all this?

CAMI: Dark objects. Because apparently, now I'm a dispensary.

Elijah: It seems that Niklaus' distrust of Freya was not entirely misplaced. Our sister wants to use Hope to lure Dahlia in to a trap.

REBEKAH: [incredulously] And, I assume you told her she's out of her lunatic mind?

Elijah: I have another idea. Hope is something of a beacon for this new terror. But, now that she's been cloaked, perhaps we can use something else to ensnare Dahlia. [Vincent sighs and starts to collect his book and notes as Elijah holds up the box he brought] These enchanted objects should generate power to create a decoy of some kind.

[Elijah notices Vincent is about to sneak out while they're talking and immediately stops him]

Elijah: Mr. Griffith? Where do you think you're going?

VINCENT: [points to the bar] I agreed to help Rebekah break her bond with them kids. You wanna get back to that? [He holds up his hand in the shape of a phone] Um, text me!

[He's about to leave when Elijah vamp-speeds around him and blocks his path. Vincent looks nervous and sighs in frustration]

Elijah: Right now, I need the best minds and the most formidable witches in this city. Mr. Griffith, do you have any idea the danger my niece now faces?

VINCENT: [exasperated] I wish her well! I really do! But, I'm done with magic. This ain't my fight.

[He tries to push his way out around Elijah, but Elijah grabs him in a choke-hold, lifting Vincent off his feet and holding him up against the wall. Rebekah rushes toward them, clearly not happy with Elijah manhandling him. Cami looks at them with worry]

CAMI: Elijah, it's not worth it! [Vincent chokes audibly and tries to relieve the pressure on his neck. Cami looks desperate to free him] I'll get Davina! I'm sure she'll be happy to help.

[Elijah sighs and reluctantly lets go of Vincent, who looks very displeased. He shakes his head and sighs as he walks out the door]

Elijah: [addresses Cami and Rebekah] Dahlia demanded Hope by nightfall. Time is of the essence.

[Elijah leaves the club. Rebekah looks uneasy as Cami pulls out her phone to call Davina]





[Josh is in the middle of packing up his belongings into a duffel bag in his and Aiden's bedroom. He picks up one of Aiden's shirts and stares at it before lifting it up so he can smell Aiden's scent. After a moment, Marcel arrives and stands in the doorway as he gives Josh a sad, sympathetic look]

MARCEL: You sure you wanna do this?

JOSH: [bitterly] What else am I gonna do?

[He finishes packing up his bag, but is quickly overwhelmed by grief and throws it into the nearby wall, knocking over one of Aiden's framed posters in the process]

JOSH: [angrily] I mean, it's not like I can call my family, because, um, they suck. I can't get revenge, because Klaus is already in a coffin, and even if he wasn't, that's suicide! So, you tell me, Marcel-- what else is there? I have to leave. [Marcel looks even more sad, and Josh sighs] Oh, wait, let me guess, you, uh, need me to patrol the city for some witch?

MARCEL: [shakes his head] No. No. Josh, I'm not here to tell you what to do. I'm just here.

[Josh is so overwhelmed that he starts to cry and turns away from Marcel in embarrassment]

JOSH: [sighs] We were gonna leave town. I spent his last day saying goodbye to everybody but him. [Marcel looks at him sympathetically, and Josh starts to cry even harder] Marcel, I didn't even get to say goodbye.




[Klaus is still lying daggered and desiccated in a coffin at the compound, but his consciousness remains in Dahlia's mind, where she has now brought him to a little cottage full of lit white candles and is showing him around. It's still her memories from the 10th century after she and Esther were captured by the Vikings]

Klaus: [looks around] Charming.

DAHLIA: This dismal hovel is where I endured the terrors of Viking captivity for years.

[She points to the door, where a Viking is bringing in a struggling young Dahlia before throwing her onto the floor. She's dirty and disheveled, with several healing cuts on her face along with a fading black eye, and as soon as the Viking is gone, she scrambles to her feet and walks toward a table with more lit candles. She grabs a snake, which is laying on the table, and slices it open, squeezing its blood and intestines into a wooden bowl]

DAHLIA: I performed the dark magic they demanded so that Esther would be free of their violent abuse. While she was out in the sun gathering herbs, I toiled in the gray of this room. But, I never resented her. We'd made a promise.

Klaus: [smirks] Is this your feeble attempt to garner sympathy? [Dahlia rolls her eyes in annoyance] To what end? No ancient plight will justify your intentions to enslave my daughter!

DAHLIA: Oh, Niklaus, our plights are the same.

[Just then, a smiling young Esther, still wearing a crown of flowers upon her head, walks into the cottage and joins young Dahlia. Young Esther is holding a bouquet of flowers in her hand, and tries to cover up the fact that she is clearly smitten]

YOUNG DAHLIA: [unhappily] You've been with Mikael.

YOUNG ESTHER: [giggles] We were only talking.

[Young Dahlia is clearly jealous of Esther's happiness, but she forces herself to smile. She holds a bundle of herbs in her hands, which she has dipped in the blood in the bowl, and goes over to young Esther to show her]

YOUNG DAHLIA: No matter. I have something to show you! [Esther looks at the bundle curiously as Dahlia lowers her voice to a whisper] This is potent sage soaked in serpent's blood! It will give us strength. We can get out of this place! Esther, together, we can live forever!

[Young Esther looks at her patronizingly and sighs]

YOUNG ESTHER: Dahlia, stop. [Dahlia's smile falls] I no longer wish to practice magic.

[Young Dahlia looks stunned, and present-day Dahlia looks hurt to be reliving this memory]

YOUNG DAHLIA: [appalled] Magic has kept us alive!

YOUNG ESTHER: And Mikael will protect me now, sister! [Young Dahlia, looking betrayed, takes a step away from her sister, while Klaus frowns as he watches] We plan to marry... and have a family.

YOUNG DAHLIA: [upset] I am your family. I am your sister. [Dahlia begins to become even more upset] We promised each other--

YOUNG ESTHER: [interrupts me] You will always be my sister, Dahlia! But, I wish for children of my own. And... [She sighs] I love him.

[Esther turns to leave, but Dahlia desperately grabs her arm and pulls her back]

YOUNG DAHLIA: Stay, Esther! Let's sing our song!

[Young Esther rips Dahlia's hand off of her arm, and is angry when she sees that Dahlia's bloody fingers have stained her white dress sleeves]

YOUNG ESTHER: [annoyed] I don't remember that silly little tune anymore, Dahlia!

[Young Esther sighs and tries to wipe the bloodstains from her dress, and young Dahlia looks at her hands, devastated by her sister's words. Klaus looks as though he almost feels bad for present-day Dahlia as he watches the younger version of his mother leave the cottage. Young Dahlia starts rubbing the bundle of sage and hums her song under her breath as she tries her best not to cry, but after a moment, she falls to her knees on the floor and begins to sob as she hums. Present-day Dahlia closes her eyes, clearly affected by this reminder as she kneels in front of her younger self and looks at her sadly]





[Davina, Rebekah, and Cami have moved to Kol's playhouse in the cemetery, where Davina is looking through a leather-bound journal made by Cami. On each page are four small Polaroid photographs of the individual dark objects Cami was left by her uncle Kieran, and next to each photo is a handwritten description of what she believes the object is meant to do after researching Kieran's files. Davina looks both impressed and incredulous as she turns to Cami]

DAVINA: You really went all-out cataloging all this stuff. Have you diagnosed yourself with OCD yet?

CAMI: [laughs] Very funny! It's my family's legacy-- I guess I'm done pretending I can stay out of it.

[Rebekah, who is looking through one of Kol's grimoires, sighs in frustration]

REBEKAH: Unless there's something in this ledger about mimicking a tribrid baby, we're up the creek.

[She slams the book on one of the tables and walks over to join Cami and Davina. However, before she gets there, she sees another smaller table covered with a sheet, and curiously peeks underneath the sheet, causing Davina to panic]

DAVINA: [sharply] Don't touch that!

[Davina is too late-- Rebekah has pulled off the sheet to reveal the small tabletop underneath. Upon the table is Davina's ritual set-up from earlier, including the magic circle created with black sand and herbs, the two dead birds, and the red and black candles.

Cami and Rebekah both look alarmed and concerned]

REBEKAH: [frowns and covers her nose from the smell] Ugh!

[Davina looks embarrassed]

REBEKAH: What exactly are you up to?

DAVINA: [smiles fakely] It's a resurrection spell for Kol. You remember him? The brother you swore to save?

REBEKAH: [sighs] I have every intention of...

[Rebekah trails off for a moment when she suddenly gets an idea]

REBEKAH: Wait. When Kol was trying to get out of dying, he used representational magic. He tried to transfer the curse into a clay doll, a golem. [She starts looking through the bookshelf behind her until she finds the doll and hands it over to Davina] Here.

DAVINA: [smiles and takes the doll] You're right. If we can find a way to replicate the baby's power source and transfer it into the doll? That's our decoy.

[Cami smiles hopefully, and Rebekah and Davina seem excited about this breakthrough]





[Hayley, who is still holding Hope in her arms, is walking with Jackson and the rest of the Crescents through the forest on their way down the river. Several of the men are carrying Aiden's coffin, and all of them are wielding melee weapons. Jackson and some of the others have a bow and a quiver full of arms, while others have axes, shortswords, or machetes. While they walk, Jackson and Hayley talk quietly]

HAYLEY: You used to run these woods when you were cursed to your wolf form?

JACKSON: And before it. I was an angry kid-- I was pissed we were exiled, I was pissed at my parents, pissed you were gone...

HAYLEY: Every kid with the wolf gene is angry. I was a nightmare. Triggering the curse actually settled me down.

[Hope starts to stir in Hayley's arms and whimpers]

JACKSON: Not me. I got worse. Of course, it was different-- you know, when I triggered my curse, the Crescent curse kicked in, so I was stuck as a wolf all month long. One full moon, our Alpha didn't show up. He was killed. So, I stepped up. Protected these people, kept them safe, and that calmed me down... at least, for a little while.

[Suddenly, Hope starts crying loudly, clearly tired and unhappy, and Hayley looks stressed out]

HAYLEY: Hey, I need to stop and feed her.

[Jackson and the other wolves stop walking and turn toward her]

JACKSON: There's a hideout about a half a mile south from here. Grab some guys to watch your back. I'll round up the rest and we'll make a perimeter. This bayou is our territory, and we'll defend it.

[The wolves all split up to start to set up their security arrangements, leaving a very worried Hayley with Hope and several other wolves]





[Dahlia and Klaus are still in Dahlia's memory of when young Esther admitted to young Dahlia that she planned to marry Mikael and give up witchcraft. Dahlia is kneeling in front of her still-sobbing younger self while Klaus wanders around the room]

Klaus: So, Esther was cruel. You'll excuse my complete lack of surprise. Seems it does run in the family.

DAHLIA: She left me for one of the very men who slaughtered our village and stole us away. My own sister abandoned me, just as your siblings have done. [Klaus scowls angrily at this reminder] And, like you, I have been unjustly painted as the villain of the story.

[After a moment, young Dahlia rises to her feet and walks over to the table and angrily shoves all of the materials on top of it onto the floor]

YOUNG DAHLIA: [screams] UGH!

[Young Dahlia starts to sob, and Klaus turns away, visibly uncomfortable by her emotional outburst, to speak with present-day Dahlia]

Klaus: [annoyed] If you have a deal to propose, then find my body and undagger me!

[Dahlia rises to her feet and wipes a single tear from her cheek and walks toward her younger self, who is now looking at some of the ruined materials of her spell]

DAHLIA: Oh, I have the means to undagger you. I'm just not finished here.

Klaus: I don't care about my mother!

DAHLIA: What I have to show you next is not about your mother. It's about your daughter. And, if you have any chance to save her of what is to come, I suggest you listen.

[Klaus sighs reluctantly and stares at her]

[After the break, Dahlia is leading Klaus through the woods of her mind-space. They are still in Norway, but this time, it is in the early 11th century]

Klaus: Very cliché. Tell me, did you inspire the witches of Grimm lore? Enslaving a young girl in a hut on the edge of a dark forest? I suppose you plan for this to be Hope's fate.

DAHLIA: I did not enslave Freya, I kept her from those who abuse our craft, demonized us... and, most importantly, I shielded her from herself.

[In this memory, 11th century Freya, who is a young adult woman now and wearing a yellow wool dress, has set up a table in the woods next to a fire where she is performing a spell. There are small dolls hanging in the trees around her, and there are herbs and plants on the table. She stands in front of the fire and throws a handful of herbs into it, looking angry as she watches them burn. She then holds up a hand, causing the fire to grow from a small flame to the size of a large bonfire, which attracts a now-older

Dahlia to come looking for her and check on her]

DAHLIA: Freya. Freya! Freya! [She grabs Freya's arm and breaks her out of her trance. She then looks at the fire and frowns] Where did you get the yarrow flower?

[Freya says nothing, she simply continues to breath deeply as she stares at the flames. Dahlia quickly realizes what Freya has done]

DAHLIA: You cannot go past the stream, it is too dangerous!

FREYA: [angrily] Then where shall I go? To the hovel? Or maybe to your garden? Oh, no, I'm not allowed to venture that far-- I might encounter another person, and you would not stand for that!

DAHLIA: [grabs Freya's hands] People are frightened of that which they do not understand. [She reaches out to caress Freya's face] They will only hate you--

[Freya furiously smacks Dahlia's hand away from her and begins to scream]

FREYA: I hate this place! I want to see more than the same trees, the same hills, a face that isn't yours!

[Suddenly, Freya's magic begins to overwhelm her, and the wind starts to blow intensely around them. Dahlia begins to worry]

DAHLIA: Freya, control it. [Freya whimpers and grabs her head with her hands as the winds become ever more powerful] Control yourself, Freya!

[From nearby, present-day Dahlia and Klaus are watching this memory play out, and Dahlia gives Klaus a significant look as though to emphasize her point]

DAHLIA: Focus!

[Freya is still clutching her head as the wind whips her long hair around her face, and her nose starts to bleed profusely as a result of the immense magical power she is using. 11th century Dahlia lifts her arms to protect her face from the wind as Freya begins to spit up copious amounts of blood]

DAHLIA: Freya! Freya!

[Suddenly, dozens of dead starlings and crows begin to fall from the sky and rain down around the two witches. Overwhelmed, Freya screams at the top of her lungs and clutches her temples as she falls to her knees]


[Freya starts to cry as Dahlia kneels and wraps her arms around her, and after a moment, the wind starts to die down as Freya regains control. Klaus and present-day Dahlia continue to watch them silently from afar as younger Dahlia takes Freya's head in her hands and looks her in the eyes]

DAHLIA: Sing with me. Calm your heart.

[The two begin to sing Dahlia's song together, and Klaus seems horrified by this emotional and magical outburst from Freya as he turns to talk to present-day Dahlia]

Klaus: [quietly] She was completely out of control.

DAHLIA: First-born witches in this bloodline possess devastating power.

[Klaus sighs and begins to sigh as he walks over to younger Freya and Dahlia, who are now kneeling on the ground and hugging each other tightly]

Klaus: You're saying this is what's to come for Hope?

DAHLIA: Hope will suffer far more than Freya. Hope's magic will be tainted by your vampire blood as well as the aggressive wolf temperament. Without the proper tutelage that only I can provide, Hope's power will grow unchecked. She will lash out at everyone, including you. She will devastate the city that you love, and then her terror will spread far beyond. I, too, am a first-born, so I was the only one to help save Freya from herself, just as I am the only one who can save your daughter! [Klaus sighs, knowing that she has a point] You've seen it, Klaus. You need me.

[Klaus sighs, obviously conflicted about his options]





[Elijah is standing and staring at the still-daggered Klaus' bedside while he continues to lay in his coffin. After a moment, he is joined by Marcel, who waits a moment before speaking]

MARCEL: Miss him already?

Elijah: [sighs] Niklaus didn't kill Aiden.

[Marcel looks shocked and rubs his face with his hands]

MARCEL: So... who the hell did it, then?

Elijah: [quietly] Freya. Dahlia. Any number of witches with the desire to turn me against my brother...

MARCEL: Hmm. So, given that taking out enemies is sort-of Klaus' forte... you thinking about pulling that dagger out?

Elijah: [shakes his head] Until Hope is safe, I would rather not unleash that Shakespearean rage.

MARCEL: Well, whoever did frame him for Aiden's death got us to take our biggest weapon off the table, which means... you're gonna have to think like him.

[Elijah looks down at Klaus and frowns exhaustedly]





[Cami is headed back toward Kol's playhouse with four coffees when she runs into Vincent and stops to talk to him]

VINCENT: So, the Mikaelsons got you fetching they coffee now?

CAMI: [sighs] It's brain fuel. They're struggling in there. Things are catching fire that aren't supposed to, they're going through dark objects like crazy... Caffeine is my Hail Mary.

[Vincent stops her and holds up a folded piece of paper before taking one of her coffees and putting the paper in its place]

VINCENT: This is for Rebekah. [Cami examines the paper with her free hand] Its the spell that unlinks her from them kids. It's got everything-- diagrams, pronunciations... It should be pretty straight-forward, even for a baby witch.

[Cami smiles and nods at him before heading toward the playhouse, but after a moment, she stops and turns back to him]

CAMI: You know, wouldn't it be easier if you just did it? [Vincent buzzes his lips in obvious disagreement] I mean, a kid's life is at stake! I'm carrying lattes. You have a gift, and you're not using it.

VINCENT: Magic is not a gift, Cami. [He makes a gun with his fingers] In my experience, it's a loaded assault rifle with a hair trigger, and I'm putting my gun down. I don't give a damn what you, Elijah, or the covens got to say about that.

[Cami's eyes widen in surprise, and Vincent realizes he's said too much]

CAMI: The covens?

VINCENT: [sighs and clicks his tongue] Josephine LaRue-- she was our Regent, the chosen emissary for all of our consecrated dead. [He gestures around at all of the tombs in the cemetery] The Ancestors speak-- [He lifts the pendant on his necklace and kisses it

before continuing]-- through the Regent. With Josephine gone, the covens are a mess. They need guidance, they got nothing, they think they want me. But, like I said-- I am done.

CAMI: [hesitates] Look, Vincent, I get it. I lost my uncle to a hex... and my brother. Um... [She pauses for a moment, and swallows uncomfortably before sighing] But even I understand that it's more complicated than that. My friend Davina is trying to save someone she loved. She believes in something bigger than herself, and that helps her. [Vincent looks at the ground guiltily] What I'm trying to say is magic, in the right hands, can be a good thing.

VINCENT: [nods] Yeah. [He shrugs] Just not my hands. Not anymore.

[He turns to walk away, and Cami sighs before calling out to him]

CAMI: Wait-- they have a golem. [Vincent side-eyes her] They keep using different binding agents... We're desperate. Do you have any ideas?

[Vincent sighs and thinks for a moment before turning to face her]

VINCENT: Look, no powerful witch is gonna be fooled by a doll. They need a heartbeat. [He walks toward Cami and grabs the sheet of paper with the spell he gave her and takes a pen out of his pocket] Um, here, hold this.

[He gives her his coffee cup and starts to scribble notes on the back of the paper, using the wall of a nearby tomb as a desk. Cami watches him work and smiles happily]





[Hayley is in the hideout with Hope, who is playing in her playpen. Hayley talks with Marcel, who is still at the Mikaelson compound, on the phone while she plays with her daughter]

HAYLEY: [to Marcel] So, after all that, Klaus wasn't even the one that killed Aiden?

MARCEL: Thought you'd wanna know.

HAYLEY: [exasperated] Why would he take the blame? Because he's stubborn, and irresponsible, on top of being a bloodthirsty murdering lunatic?

[Marcel rolls his eyes, though Hayley can't see it]

MARCEL: [concerned] You doing okay?

HAYLEY: [sighs] It's... pack morale isn't exactly awesome right now. Jackson's heartbroken...

[Hayley looks over at a nearby wall, where "J.K., A.L., O.R., 2005" is carved into the wood]

HAYLEY: [stands up] Aiden was our friend.

MARCEL: You're a leader who cares for her people. I get it! Right now, you're a leader at war-- now, you can either be their friend, or their queen, but you can't be both. [Hayley sighs] Alright? These wolves, Jackson? They'd die for you. Question is, are you going to let them? [Hayley thinks about this question, but remains silent] If the answer's "yes," then you gotta live with that.

[Hayley bites her lip anxiously and continues to think about it]





[Freya is performing her locator spell on Hope in the bell tower by using a large map, some herbs, and a large fire in a stone basin. After a moment, the flame burns out, and Freya frowns when she senses that Elijah is standing behind her]

FREYA: We're out of time. I have located Hayley, and I strongly advise you not attempt to stand in my way.

[She turns to push past Elijah, but he grabs the folded map out of her hands, causing her to stop and glare at him as he looks at the location on the map]

Elijah: Niklaus' paintings contain Mikael's ashes and the soil. Go to the compound.

FREYA: [unamused] You cannot stop me from getting that baby.

Elijah: You begin the spell. Prepare the battlefield. I'll bring Hope to you.

[Elijah brushes past her to leave the cathedral. As he leaves, Freya pauses before smiling a very small smile]




[Klaus and Dahlia are continuing to watch as 11th century Dahlia helps a weakened Freya back into their cottage. Once they are inside, present-day Dahlia begins to speak to him as she picks up one of the dead crows]

DAHLIA: Your daughter will need my guidance just as Freya did.

Klaus: I think I'll find someone a little less hostile to teach her. Shouldn't be difficult-- practically anyone will fit that criteria.

DAHLIA: [strokes one of the crows' feathers] Will you be interviewing tutors while you lie desiccated? [Klaus' smirk is wiped from his face] How long, do you think, before Elijah and Rebekah release you? How old will Hope be?

Klaus: [walks toward her] So, after twice failing to create a family of your own, now you wish to commandeer mine? [Dahlia gives him a confused look] Not going to happen, sweetheart.

DAHLIA: [incredulously] Family? Family only ever brought me pain. I want power. I am owed Hope's, and without it, I will slumber again within the year. Freya turned on me because I denied her a basic need-- the love of a parent. That is why I need you, Niklaus, to remain her father.

[Klaus looks surprised at this admission, and when Dahlia turns to walk back into the woods, Klaus follows behind her]

DAHLIA: Try to imagine this-- you will get to raise your daughter, and I will channel the magic that has been promised to me. And, in so doing, I would help Hope to hone her craft that you couldn't possibly comprehend.

[Klaus opens his mouth to speak, but he is speechless]

DAHLIA: With us by your side, no one would ever test you, ever again. [Klaus seems to be seriously tempted by this offer] Or, you could lie there and pray that Elijah releases you before Hope learns to call Jackson "Daddy."

[She walks away from Klaus, leaving him to consider this offer]





[Elijah has arrived to the Bayou, where he is searching for Hayley and Hope. He walks through the woods for a few moments before he catches an arrow that was shot at him by one of the wolves before it can hit him. He drops the arrow and looks around for a moment before catching an axe that was thrown at him by another wolf. He holds it defensively as two werewolves, aiming two more arrows at Elijah, begin to approach him]

Elijah: [patronzingly] Children, please.

[He throws the axe aside, just as Jackson lunges at him from a nearby tree and punches Elijah so hard in the jaw that he falls to one knee before he returns to his feet. Jackson and Elijah both glare at each other for a long moment as several other werewolves surround Elijah and aim their bows at him]

Elijah: I'm here to see Hope.

JACKSON: [clenches his jaw] Not gonna happen. One bite from us? There's venom in your veins. Hard to find anything in these woods when your head's not right right.

[Jackson's face partially transforms with golden eyes and fangs as he lunges for Elijah yet again, but Elijah easily flips him onto his back, temporarily incapacitating Jackson until he can roll back onto his feet. Elijah sighs and is visibly unamused]

Elijah: Must we proceed with this nonsense? From what I understand, you didn't exactly fare well against my brother.

JACKSON: [smiles] There's a difference between you and Klaus-- you can't kill me. [Elijah side-eyes him] You're waiting for the day I die so that you can take your immortal place beside Hayley, and if you kill me? You lose her for good. She'll never forgive you.

[Elijah glares at him until he senses Hayley approaching them with Hope]

Elijah: And speak of the devil.

HAYLEY: [sighs] Elijah. You shouldn't be here.

Elijah: [emotionlessly] We have another plan. Rebekah and Davina found a way. If we can replicate Hope's magic, we can lure Dahlia into trap. [Hayley nods in understanding] After which, I'll kill her myself.

[Elijah, who has been glaring at Jackson this entire time, finally turns so he can face Hayley]

Elijah: All we need is a vial of Hope's blood.

[Hayley looks back at Jackson, who doesn't seem to like this plan, but after a moment, Hayley turns back to Elijah and nods again]

HAYLEY: I'll give you her blood. I'm trusting you, Elijah.

Elijah: And when we know Hope is safe, you can return to where she belongs-- with family.

[Jackson becomes even more unhappy upon hearing this statement, and continues to glare at Elijah]





[Dahlia is looking at a round stone in her hands as she and Klaus continue to talk]

DAHLIA: By all means, think it over. Though, know this-- I shall not ask twice.

Klaus: In my experience, an offer from a malevolent witch always comes with a catch. What's yours?

[Dahlia sighs and hesitates for a long moment as she carefully chooses her words]

DAHLIA: Hope is all Hayley will ever have. She will fight us. She will not relent. In order for us to succeed and live in peace, Hayley will have to be eliminated.

[Klaus is both shocked and conflicted by this response, and Dahlia watches him carefully to see how he reacts]

Klaus: [fake smiles] You would have me rob my daughter of her mother so she will grow to hate me?

DAHLIA: [rolls her eyes] When she grows, you can tell her whatever story you like. But in the end, the truth is... you will have made the right choice for her.

[Klaus looks surprised by her offer, but before he can react, she blows a handful of dust into his face, which causes him to gasp for breath as he falls to the ground. Suddenly, his consciousness is magically returned to his body. The veins on his body begin to face as Klaus begins regaining color, as though he has just been fed blood. Once he's no longer desiccated, he is able to pull the dagger out of his own chest]

Klaus: [sits up] AGH!




[It is dark now, and Jackson is playing with Hope at the hide out. He has Hope's stuffed bunny in his hands, and he makes it dance in front of her face, much to her enjoyment. He is soon joined by Hayley, who looks somber]

HAYLEY: The pack's gathering for the funeral. They're just waiting on one more. [She runs her fingers over the carved initials on the wall] You, Aiden, and Ollie used to hang out a lot here, huh?

JACKSON: [smiles] In a way, we were like brothers. Always looking out for each other. [Hayley smiles at him, and Jackson takes a deep breath] Hayley, before you came to New Orleans, our pack chose me, not just to lead them, but to stand for them. We've lost too many to the Mikaelsons this year, and Elijah wants you to go back to their family when this is all over. But, I can't live under Klaus' roof and be the Alpha this pack deserves.

HAYLEY: [worried] What are you saying, Jack?

JACKSON: I love you, and Hope, and I'll honor our vows always. But, I need to know who your family is. If you want to go back to the Mikaelsons, I can't go with you. If they really are your family, then I gotta protect my own.

[Hayley looks as though she's about to cry, and Jackson gives her a weak smile before kissing her on the forehead]

HAYLEY: I'll give you some time to think.

[Jackson leaves and heads back to the woods, where the pack has gathered with torches for Aiden's funeral. Aiden's body has been wrapped in a white sheet and laid on a handmade boat, and Jackson walks over to stand behind him, looking as though he's about to cry. After a moment, Hayley joins him and intertwines her fingers with his before kissing him]

HAYLEY: I don't need time, Jack. I spent my whole life searching for my family, and I found you, and the pack. We need to do right by them, starting with Aiden.

[She turns when she hears someone approaching them. It's Josh, who looks devastated and uncomfortable as the werewolves surround him and look at him suspiciously. Several of the wolves stand in his way so he can't come any farther]

HAYLEY: [to Jackson] I told Josh where he could find us.

[Jackson heads toward Josh and the wolves]

JACKSON: Let him through!

[Jackson holds his hand out toward Josh, who shakes it with his own]





[Freya is in the middle of the courtyard, where she is using a sage smudge-stick and Klaus' three paintings made of Norweigan soil and Viking ash to create a "battleground" for their impending confrontation with Dahlia. While she moves around the room and waves the smoking smudge-stick, she murmurs the incantation to the spell]

FREYA: [chants] Drende moral associeres. Drende moral associeres.

[Freya finishes her spell just as Elijah arrives, and she doesn't turn to face him right away]

FREYA: Once the spell has set, Dahlia won't be able to enter without being rendered mortal.

[She finally turns to face him, but is immediately upset to see he doesn't have Hope with him]

FREYA: Where's the child, Elijah?

Elijah: If we use her power to lure Dahlia, swear to me that Hope will come to no harm.

FREYA: [walks toward Elijah] Dahlia won't get close enough to hurt Hope. She will not be able to hurt any child ever again.

[Elijah quickly vamp-speeds toward her, grabs her by the hair, and uses a syringe to inject Freya in the neck]

Elijah: I do Hope that is true. You are now the bait.

[Freya, who has fallen to her knees, looks up at Elijah with terror in her eyes]

FREYA: What did you do to me?

Elijah: Hope's blood is now in you, therefore Dahlia will now be hunting you. All we needed was a beating heart, and though I question the purity of your heart's intent, I hear it beating just fine.

[Freya stands to her feet, clutching her beating neck and looking terrified]

FREYA: No! No! If Dahlia senses a ruse--

Elijah: Rebekah assures me this will work, and I trust her far more than I trust you.

FREYA: [panicking] I am not your enemy, Elijah!

Elijah: We shall see. Proceed with your preparations.

[Elijah turns and leaves the compound, leaving a shaken Freya behind]





[Davina is listening to a French jazz album on the gramophone in Kol's playhouse as she continues working on her resurrection spell. She murmurs an unintelligible incantation under her breath as she sets the paragon diamond in the middle of the magic circle between the two dead birds. She holds out her hand and chants almost silently under her breath when suddenly, Vincent enters the tomb and approaches her]

VINCENT: I haven't seen a spell like that in a long time. It's pretty brave for someone so young, even a Harvest girl.

DAVINA: [unamused] What are you doing here?

VINCENT: [chuckles] Well, that's a loaded question for me, but you seem to be exactly where you supposed to be. Are you sure you can do this on your own?

DAVINA: I don't remember asking for help.

VINCENT: [smiles] No, you didn't. I'm asking for yours. [Davina looks at him curiously] Davina, the covens need a leader. And, they want to bestow that title onto me-- I'm not into that, they're getting pushy. So, I'm inclined to present them with an alternative. Someone's who's got faith, someone... [He sighs] Someone who will use the craft to help people. And, from what I hear, you seem to fit that description pretty well.

DAVINA: [sighs] I walked away from my coven.

[Vincent seems momentarily discouraged, but continues his pitch]

VINCENT: I'm talking a direct connection to the Ancestors from all nine of the covens. I'm talkin' about Voodoo, Hoodoo, sacrificial magic, representational magic... [He pauses, but Davina doesn't look convinced, so he smiles] I'm talkin' about necromancy.

[Davina gives him a skeptical look, but Vincent nods in confirmation]

VINCENT: Yeah. See, that's a whole lotta power, huh? [He picks up the paragon diamond] And you gonna need a hell of a lot more than this here rock if you ever wanna get your boyfriend back.

[Davina looks at him, trying her best to cover up her interest in this offer, and takes the diamond back from him]





[Aiden's funeral is underway, and Josh is kneeling beside Aiden's body to say goodbye. He brushes a lock of Aiden's hair off of his face and kisses him on the forehead before standing and addressing the wolves]

JOSH: I never thought much about the whole immortality part of being a vampire. Suddenly, forever feels like a really long time.

[Hayley and Jackson, who are clutching each others hands, look at each other sadly. Josh, looking devastated, walks over to them, and Hayley gives Josh a big hug. Jackson kneels next to Aiden's body and covers up his face with his shroud while the rest of the Crescent pack watches mournfully. Jackson and Josh push the boat with his body into the river before Jackson throws a lit lighter onto the boat, setting the boat up in flames and giving Aiden a Viking funeral. Hayley and Nick, Aiden's brother, walk up to Jackson and put their arms around them as the group watches Aiden being sent off]





[Hayley's voicemail to Elijah is played in voiceover as the scene cuts between Hayley, Hope and Jackson preparing to leave their hide-out in the Bayou and Elijah and Rebekah at the compound. Unbeknownst to anyone, Klaus is standing in the next room, listening as Elijah plays Rebekah the voicemail on speaker]

HAYLEY: [in voiceover] Elijah... I'm calling to say goodbye. Hope and I... we can't be part of your family anymore. All Hope's life, her family has tried to destroy her. That can't be my little girl's story.

[Elijah and Rebekah are standing in the study, both looking devastated as they hear Hayley's voicemail. Behind them, Klaus sneaks up and listens in from the hallway, becoming more and more angry the more of the message he hears]

HAYLEY: [voiceover] Family is supposed to love you. Even if she is free of Dahlia's first-born curse, Hope would still be Klaus' daughter. She'd inherit a thousand years of enemies, all his anger and rage... I don't want Hope to be a Mikaelson, all the pain that comes with that name... She doesn't deserve that.

[In the hallway, Klaus is near tears, and takes a deep breath to steady himself]

HAYLEY: [voiceover] Elijah, I... [She sighs] Goodbye.

[Elijah is near tears, and looks as though someone has just punched him in the stomach. Rebekah looks sad for everyone involved, and hesitates for a moment before speaking]

REBEKAH: She's right, Elijah.

[Elijah sadly turns off his cell phone, while Klaus, now furious, leaves the compound]





[Dahlia is still in the tomb, where she is continuing to rub her fingers with the blood in a stone cauldron. After a moment, a still-weakened Klaus stumbles through the cemetery until he makes it to Dahlia's hideout]

DAHLIA: [smiles] I knew you were the smartest of your siblings. There's no brute Viking blood in those veins. I'm glad to see you made the right decision.

Klaus: I never cared for Hayley. But, you should know, the rest of my family will stand against us in defense of her.

DAHLIA: [sighs] We will have to go through them. Are you prepared for that?

[Klaus, still pale with desiccation, limps toward her, glaring angrily]

Klaus: They have more than earned everything that is to come.

[He kneels down across from Dahlia, with the table she's working on sitting between them]

Klaus: We need to hurry. Even now, Hayley is attempting to flee with my child.

[Dahlia laughs and rubs her bloody fingers together before grabbing a bundle of what looks like lavender, which she uses to stir the bowl of blood]

DAHLIA: Mmm, don't worry. She won't get far tonight.

[In the Bayou, Jackson and Hayley, who is holding Hope, are packing up their things to move elsewhere in the Bayou when suddenly, a large crack of thunder and lightning rumbles overhead. The sound frightens Hope, and she starts to cry]

[At the cemetery, Dahlia has finished stirring the blood, which is now reflecting the sky of the Bayou in the bowl. Dahlia and Klaus both look inside it and watch as the weather becomes more and more intense. Dahlia blows into the bowl, which causes a storm to begin in the Bayou. Klaus is visibly impressed by Dahlia's magic, and when she smiles happily at him, he returns the smile]

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