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#206 : Le Poids de la haine


Diffusion US : 10 novembre 2014 sur The CW
Diffusion FR : 10 avril 2016 sur Série Club

Klaus s’énerve et exige qu'Esther libère Elijah qu’elle a kidnappé.

Esther révèle quelques secrets du passé de Klaus, afin de tenter de lui faire une offre qu’il ne pourra refuser.

Oliver se retrouve dans une situation dangereuse, incitant Hayley à renouer avec Jackson, qui s’est fait une nouvelle vie dans le Bayou.

Camille, qui croit encore que la mort du bébé Hope était de sa faute, fait équipe avec Marcel et Gia après avoir eu des soupçons concernant Vincent.

Enfin, dans un retournement de situation inattendu, Klaus se retrouve face à face avec un visiteur de son passé.

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Wheel Inside the Wheel

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Le Poids de la haine

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Ecrit par Michael Russo & Michael Narducci
Réalisé par : Matt Hastings

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[A young Esther is bundled up and walking through the cold and snow toward a cottage. Inside the cottage is a darker-haired witch named Dahlia, who is in the midst of performing a spell as she clutches a necklace in her hand. She is surrounded by human skulls, reindeer antlers, and dozens of lit candles]

DAHLIA: In unim edito, domino sae domina, cutlas sino liberos, sino liberos.

[Esther finally arrives at the cottage and pushes the door open, closing it behind her. Dahlia is startled and doesn't look happy as Esther removes her mittens and walks toward her]

ESTHER: Sister, I've come to beg for your help.

DAHLIA: [skeptically] What for?

ESTHER: You know I've always wanted children of my own...

DAHLIA: [angrily interrupts her] Then go. Have your Viking children.

ESTHER: It's been almost a full year, and I am still not with child. I fear I am cursed.

[She looks at Dahlia, who sighs in annoyance]

ESTHER: Dahlia, please. With your magic, you could help me!

[Dahlia stands to her feet and stares at her angrily]

DAHLIA: You come to me needing favors? If you hadn't abandoned your talents with witchcraft, you could help yourself.

ESTHER: I was never as strong as you, I know that! [Dahlia turns away from her] Just as I know you will not turn me away. You are my sister, and whatever our quarrels, we are bound by blood.

[Dahlia seems to be considering this, and after a moment, she turns back toward her sister, looking conflicted about her options]

ESTHER: [begs] Please, help me.

DAHLIA: [unhappily] What you ask of me, it requires heavy sacrifice.

[Esther steps toward her, near tears and clearly relieved by this response]

ESTHER: I will do whatever you ask!

[Dahlia notices her tears and sighs before pulling Esther into an embrace]

DAHLIA: Ah, here. I could never refuse you. [She pulls away and takes Esther's face in her hands] My precious little Esther.






[Oliver has been chained and bound to stalks and looks as though he's been severely beaten. He stands outside before Vincent/Finn and Lenore/Esther, surrounded by fellow werewolves]

OLIVER: Why don't you just kill me and get it over with?

FINN: [unamused] Speak to her again, I'll feed you your tongue.

[Finn turns to address the rest of the wolves]

FINN: Spread the word from here to the Bayou-- Midnight tonight, he is to be put to death for his part in aiding the escape of deserters. For now, chain him up in the lycée.

[Two of the werewolves grab Oliver and shove him toward the lycée. Finn raises his voice to address the rest of the werewolves]

FINN: Tell the other wolves to come and have a look and see what happens to traitors!

[The rest of the wolves file out of the cemetery, leaving Esther and Finn alone. Esther smiles at Finn]

ESTHER: Well done. Now, I believe you have a meeting? [Finn smiles and nods] Good. I'll tend to your brother.

[Esther leaves Finn and returns to the crypt where she and Finn have been holding Elijah. He's still asleep, kneeling on the floor with his wrists still bound to chains suspended from the ceiling. Esther begins to speak quietly to Elijah]

ESTHER: Still sleeping, lost in visions of horror and dreams of love. [She takes Elijah's face in her hands] Still so strong, so... full of life. Too willful to take my offer.

[She drops his head in frustration and walks over to a nearby table to pick up an athame before turning back toward him]

ESTHER: I remember you as a little boy. Innocent, kind... If that boy had known the creature he would one day grow up to be, he'd have leapt in my arms and begged me to save him.

[She affectionately runs her fingers through Elijah's hair]

ESTHER: I'd do anything for that little boy, as I would you.

[Esther suddenly yanks Elijah's head back by the hair and slits his throat with the athame. Elijah awakens and begins to gasp and choke while Esther mutters a spell into his ear.]

ESTHER: Mal il de lui, ai malheur nuit cette san.

[She then drops his head once again, and Elijah slumps forward, once again unconscious and still]



[Hayley is looking out over the French Quarter from the balcony of the nursery when she's suddenly startled by the sounds of tortured screaming. She frowns and returns inside, following the noise to Klaus' bedroom, where Klaus has blood splattered all over his hands and face and is washing up in his sink]

HAYLEY: Oh. So, I see your interrogation went well?

[Klaus looks at himself in the mirror while he washes up]

Klaus: Eh, it turns out these witches are delicate creatures. No matter! I suspected my mother had Elijah captive.

HAYLEY: Great. Let's go find them!

[Klaus shakes his head no as he walks toward her to face her]

Klaus: Esther is too powerful. She won't be easily found. I need to draw her out.

[He's about to shut the sliding doors that separate his room from the nursery when Hayley stops him]

HAYLEY: Wait, where are you going?

Klaus: I'm going to change my shirt, and then I'm going to find my brother.

[He smiles patronizingly and is about to shut the doors again when Hayley once again stops him]

HAYLEY: [annoyed] Klaus, let me come with you!

[Klaus sighs deeply and walks toward her again]

Klaus: I know you want to help, Hayley, but you can't. My mother is wretched. She will target you in order to thwart me, and I can't very well save Elijah if I'm busy saving you, can I?

[Hayley rolls her eyes, but remains silent, so Klaus finally shuts the doors and prepares his plans, leaving her to consider her options]



[Gia has just returned to Marcel's apartment, where Marcel is waiting for her]

GIA: I did like you said-- I kept a low profile, went all over the city. There's no sign of Elijah anywhere.

MARCEL: Yeah, the humans I know said the same thing. Maybe Klaus is having better luck?

[Hayley walks into the apartment and interrupts their conversation]

HAYLEY: No, he's not, which sucks, considering how low the bar is around here.

[Marcel and Gia look at her in confusion]

HAYLEY: Listen, you two up for a rescue mission?

GIA: [excitedly] Are we going after Elijah?

HAYLEY: Nope. That's all Klaus. I'm talking about Oliver. Now, he and Elijah were fighting the werewolves together. I've heard that Oliver's been captured and is about to be executed. Now, look-- if we can save Oliver, then we might be able to find out where Elijah is.

MARCEL: 'Kay, so what do you want from us?

HAYLEY: Just a little distraction. Esther's son, Finn, he's the one that's controlling the werewolves. If you can keep him out of the way, I can go get Ollie myself.

[Hayley turns to leave, but Marcel vamp-speeds around her and blocks her way]

MARCEL: You can't take on all those wolves by yourself. You'll get killed, and then I'll get killed for letting it happen.

HAYLEY: [sighs] I'm not going in alone. The werewolves may be answering to the witches, but they still have an Alpha. I just have to find him.



[Cami is working on schoolwork at the bar when Vincent/Finn enters the bar and joins her]

VINCENT/FINN: Fancy meeting you here?

CAMI: [laughs] Not that fancy, seeing as I work here. I thought I mentioned that?

[Vincent smiles and sits next to her at the bar]

VINCENT/FINN: Cami, half my patients work in bars. I can't avoid them all.

[Cami smiles uncomfortably and returns to her work]


[Cami looks as though she's about to speak, but remains silent]

VINCENT/FINN: Let me guess... more drama with Klaus, is that right?

CAMI: [confused and suspicious] ...Yeah, actually. He has family in town. They don't really get along, and he's kind of flipping out. I got sucked into the crazy.

[Cami laughs awkwardly]

VINCENT/FINN: Seems unfair that he would rely so heavily on you for support. Does he have anyone else?

CAMI: [shrugs] His sister left town, his brother's been... occupied, the rest of his family I wouldn't say has a healthy dynamic. So, I guess I just feel a professional obligation to help him?

VINCENT/FINN: Cami, this is a person whom you've described as being dangerous.

CAMI: Not to me.

VINCENT/FINN: [takes a deep breath] I don't want you to put yourself in the position where he can harm you.

CAMI: [sits back and laughs] I know it's your job to give me advice, but... can we save the shop-talk? I mean, it is happy hour.

VINCENT/FINN: [smiles] You're right! Now is not the time. Bartender, I'll have a whiskey, neat, and for the lady, a sazurac, two spoons of honey.

[Cami looks at him, startled and even more suspicious]

CAMI: [panicked] You know what? Better cancel that, I actually have to run. But, I'll see you Monday?

[Cami packs up all of her books and quickly leaves the restaurant. Finn, confused, turns and watches her go, disappointed]



[Klaus is in the middle of digging up Esther's grave where she was buried at the old, burnt-out . He pulls her coffin out of the ground and turns and glares at the starlings he hears chirping in the trees nearby. He begins to douse the coffin in gasoline]

Klaus: Are you watching this, Mother? Nothing says "I loathe you" quite like desecrating a corpse!

[He pulls out a lighter and lights it, but before he can drop it on the coffin, he hears a familiar voice call out to him]

Elijah: Niklaus!

[Klaus turns to see Elijah on the other end of the yard, walking toward the plantation house. Klaus, confused and a bit suspicious, follows him. Inside, Elijah starts to tap the keys of the burnt-up piano as Klaus slowly approaches him]

Elijah: [smiles] You seem troubled. If I didn't know better, I'd say you were worried.

Klaus: [scowls] What has she done to you?

Elijah: A thousand years of murder and mayhem, and Mother believes she can still save our souls. [He runs his finger across the piano keys] She wants to talk. Perhaps we should listen?

[Klaus smiles for a moment before angrily picking up a piece of overturned furniture]

Klaus: ENOUGH!

[The furniture passes right through Elijah and he disappears, revealing that he was only an illusion]

Klaus: The petty illusions, Esther! Where is Elijah?

[Suddenly, Lenore/Esther appears behind him]

ESTHER: He's preoccupied at the moment. I'm helping him find his way. But, not to worry, I'll return him to you. All I ask is that you hear me out.

Klaus: You expect me to sit through a sermon of your lies?

ESTHER: I have lied in the past, to my shame. But, I'm going to tell you the truth. I'm in the process of making Elijah into the man he was meant to be. And, I intend to do the same for you.

[After the break, Esther and Klaus continue their talk]

ESTHER: This plantation, ruined by fire. How sad, not to mention symbolic. After all, you never intended to build a true home here. Even as Hayley carried your child, as Rebekah and Elijah sought to defend you, your thoughts were focused on only your conquest of the Quarter. Tell me, how did that go?

Klaus: I'm sorry. Is this some sort of motherly critique? Please feel free to choke on it.

ESTHER: I mention your failures only to make a point, my dear. You've endured several lifetimes of misery, never mind the suffering you've caused others, even to your own blood. You yourself remain trapped in a perpetual state of despair. I have come to offer you a means to escape that cycle.

Klaus: And that's about all the hypocrisy I can take. I suggest you give me my brother before I get angry.

ESTHER: Such hatred. It breaks my heart to see you like this. The boy I loved.

Klaus: Your love was a curse, an affect you feigned. The truth is, you're not better than Mikael, and like him you seem to have crawled back from the grave simply to ruin your children.

[Esther's eyes widen in shock, and he realizes this is news to her]

Klaus: [amused] Oh! You didn't know! Yes, the Destroyer has risen, brought back to kill me by the witch Davina. Surely Kol has revealed everything to you? [Esther's face remains blank] Or, is Mother's loyal little boot-licker not quite so loyal, after all?



[Cami is in the hidden room in her uncle's apartment, surrounded by shelves of mystical objects and files that Kieran had amassed over the years. She peers through a large book on a desk, and skims the pages until she comes across the name Vincent Griffith. Her eyes widen in shock, just as Marcel appears behind her]

MARCEL: I bet you want a new adviser right about now.

CAMI: [startled] Who is he, Marcel? I mean, really?

MARCEL: Long story short is... impossible.

CAMI: I checked the school website. Vincent Griffith has no other academic credentials. And, according to my Uncle Kieran's big book of New Orlean's bloodlines, Griffith is a family of witches.

MARCEL: Oh, it's worse than that. Your therapist has a thousand-year-old dead vampire inside of him named...Finn Mikaelson.

CAMI: [gasps in shock] My adviser is Klaus' brother? Oh God, Marcel! He came into Rousseau's today, asking questions about Klaus, and ordered my favorite drink like he's been watching me. Why?

MARCEL: [shrugs] Probably to get the scoop on Klaus. Or, maybe to use you as bait for a trap. I don't know. It doesn't matter. Either way, you're done with that guy.

CAMI: [determined] No. I'm just getting started.



[Lenore/Esther and Klaus are still talking inside the burnt-out husk of the old plantation house]

ESTHER: If Mikael has returned, we will need to deal with him.

Klaus: [laughs] We? Is that a joke? Am I to forego centuries of hatred for my evil mother in order to join her in besting the very demon she herself allowed to raise me?

ESTHER: [sighs] I am not evil, Niklaus. I am your salvation. And Mikael? He was not always a demon.



[Esther is sitting in front of a fire in a cottage with her twin children when Mikael returns home]

ESTHER: [voiceover] Long ago, he loved his children with all his heart.

[The young boy runs toward his father and hugs his legs as Mikael rubs his head affectionately]

ESTHER: He doted on your brother Finn, but it was our first-born, Freya, who was the apple of his eye.

[Freya's face lights up as she rushes toward her father, jumping into his arms as he lifts her up to hug her]




Klaus: [unmoved] You really think that saccharine recollections of ancient history will have any effect on me at all?

ESTHER: What I think is that you have gone mad from centuries of hating your parents. But, if you join me now, I can grant you peace. And, should Mikael return with the intent to harm you, I will strike him down myself.

[Klaus seems slightly tempted, but he remains firm]

Klaus: That's quite an offer. But, you know, I've never needed any help when it comes to killing parents.

ESTHER: [rolls her eyes] You reject me out of hatred, but I have something stronger. I have the truth about your father. [Klaus looks at her skeptically] Not Mikael-- your real father.



[Hayley is wandering through a more remote part of the Bayou, looking around, when she comes upon a beat-up trailer in the middle of a wooden area. Suddenly, she hears a creaking sound and quickly turns, catching two arrows in midair that have been shot by an unidentified man behind her. Annoyed, she drops the arrows on the ground]

HAYLEY: Is that your best shot? You're gonna have to do a lot better than that if you're gonna kill a hybrid.

[The man walks toward her, pulling a shortsword out of its sheath with his free hand. His bow is clutched in the other, and he has a quiver of arrows strapped on his back. He stops when he hears a gruff voice call out]


[Hayley and Ansel immediately turn at the sound of his voice. Jackson walks out of the trailer and toward them. Hayley's demeanor immediately becomes kinder]

HAYLEY Jackson?

JACKSON: Hayley. I see you met my friend Ansel.

ANSEL: [confused] You know her?

JACKSON: Yeah, actually. I do. She was supposed to be my wife.



[Lenore/Esther has walked outside into the front yard, and Klaus is slowly following behind her. She stops when she comes across her dug-up grave]

ESTHER: A thousand years ago, in a fit of rage, you wrapped your bare hands around my neck and squeezed until I died. Do you even remember why?

[Klaus continues walking toward the grave until he's standing next to her]

Klaus: Let's see... You turned us all into monsters. You cursed me, denied me of my hybrid nature. You lied to me about my father--

ESTHER: [interrupts him] It's that one above all. You killed me because I kept you from ever knowing your true father.

Klaus: [angrily] My hatred for you runs so deep, it's difficult to pinpoint it's origin. Maybe I hate that I'm the product of a whore's lechery?

[Esther becomes furious and slaps Klaus across the face]

ESTHER: Watch your mouth! You will do well to remember that you are still my son!

Klaus: You judge me evil, yet it was your lust that made me what I am.

ESTHER: And not once have I ever regretted the love I had for your father. And, you have never known the truth of how that love came to be, or what happened in the months after Mikael and I lost your sister Freya to the plague. There are no words for the loss of a child, as you well know.

[Klaus' eyes widen in pain, and he strains to keep from crying]



[Jackson and Hayley are sitting in chairs around the fire pit, while Ansel sits on a log across from them and sharpens his knife]

JACKSON: After Francesca Guerrera took over the wolves, she offered me a moonlight ring as long as I'd call her Alpha. I declined. So, a couple of her brothers dragged me out here and left me for dead. By the time I healed up, word had spread about what happened to you, and to your baby.

[Hayley looks down at the ground, clearly unhappy about the reminder of Hope's absence]

JACKSON: So, I knew it was over, and I just drifted. And that's when I met Ansel. See, he's been teaching me the old ways, the traditions. What it means to be a wolf.

HAYLEY: [scoffs] You mean by living out in the ass-end of nowhere?

[She laughs loudly, but Ansel doesn't look amused]

JACKSON: Hey, easy. Your kind makes him ornery.

HAYLEY: [frowns] My kind? Jack, whatever you and your friend think of me, my kind is the wolves. Even if they did pledge allegiance to a witch. All that means is they need an Alpha. Ollie needs one, too.

JACKSON; Yeah, I heard about that. The thing is, Ollie betrayed me. He plotted with the Guerreras. He spilled his own people's blood.

HAYLEY: [sighs] He was trying to make up for that.

JACKSON: It doesn't matter. Witches have him-- he's dead. Not that I care.

HAYLEY: You don't want to be the Alpha? Fine. I'll save Ollie myself. [She gets up to leave, just as Ansel starts packing up his bow and quiver and stands up to walk toward her] Hey, you got a problem, old man?

ANSEL: I have no love of vampires, but I will not allow a wolf to be killed by witches.

[He brushes past Hayley to head for the Quarter. Hayley turns back toward Jackson and shoots him a look]

HAYLEY: At least someone is interested.



[Lenore/Esther is still trying to tell Klaus the truth about their family out in the front yard]

ESTHER: After Freya died, Mikael was inconsolable. Compelled by his grief, we were forced to pack our things and set across the seas. Eventually, his despair would drive us apart, and that's when I saw him for the first time-- your father. I'd never seen a man like him. Powerful, yet wise, but loved by his people. And-- because Mikael had chosen to leave me alone in his grief, shunning me from his life-- I found myself drawn to another.

Klaus: Spare me the sordid details of my origin.

ESTHER: I only speak the truth.

Klaus: Then tell me this, Mother-- Why did your Adonis abandon his son? Why did he allow me to be raised by a monster who hated me? Why not claim me for himself, raise me among the wolves? Or, was he as ashamed of his bastard as you were?

ESTHER: No, no, no. He loved you. It was I who forbade it. I knew if Mikael had learned of my infidelity, he would've destroyed us in his rage. I had no choice.

[Klaus glares at Esther furiously]



[Cami is looking around the secret room while Marcel watches]

MARCEL: So, what-- you're gonna spy on a witch with a thousand-year-old grudge-match against Klaus? Huh-uh. I'm not gonna let you go anywhere near that guy!

CAMI: I can handle myself.

[Cami looks down on a shelf and sees a small dagger and picks it up]

MARCEL: Look. Okay, I get it. You're mad at the guy, and you wanna get even, so--

CAMI: [interrupts] It's not about getting even, Marcel! Look around! Everything in this room, this is my family's legacy. And, if I had just embraced it the first time around, I could have uncovered Francesca Guerrera's secret. And, the wolves would have never taken over the Quarter, and Klaus' baby would still be alive, so don't tell me to not get involved!

[Marcel's phone rings, cutting their argument short. It's Hayley]

MARCEL: Hold that thought.

[He walks across the room to answer the call]

MARCEL: [to Hayley] Tell me you have your Alpha.

[Hayley is still in the Bayou, where she's walking through the woods with Ansel]

HAYLEY: He's out of commission, but I got the next best thing. I'm assuming you have a plan to keep Finn occupied?

[In the Bayou, Ansel gives Hayley a look at the sound of Finn's name. In Kieran's apartment, Marcel looks over at Cami, who is rereading the book on New Orleans bloodlines]

MARCEL: Yeah... Yeah, I think I might have an idea.

[He hangs up, and Cami looks at him in surprise]



[Klaus and Lenore/Esther are still talking in the front yard of the plantation house]

LENORE/ESTHER: When I learned I was with child, I went back to Mikael. I told him I was having his baby. He showed no joy, but neither did he suspect the truth.



[Esther is holding the newborn baby Klaus in her arms, and Mikael kneels to look at him]

ESTHER: [voiceover] When you were born, it renewed his spirits.

[Mikael holds out his hand, and baby Klaus grips onto his finger with his own hands]

ESTHER: [voiceover] We had Kol, Rebekah, Henrik...





ESTHER: Because of you, we were a family again!

[Klaus, clearly overwhelmed by this story, steps away from her]

Klaus: A family built on secrets and lies.

ESTHER: Oh, you were my secret joy! And, to protect your secret, I denied you a life with your father. But, what if I could make up for all that? By curing you of this sickness that's infected your soul? Whereas I put Kol and Finn into the bodies of a witch, you I shall place into the body of a werewolf! So you can live out your days as what you were always meant to be!

Klaus: [turns away from her] What could possibly make you think I would agree to such a thing?

ESTHER: With mortality, you could start over. You could have a family of your own. Happiness, peace, all the things you have long been denied?

[Esther walks toward Klaus as she talks, but with every step she takes in his direction, he takes a step backwards to get away from her, clearly unhappy at the day's events]

Klaus: [stops backing up] ENOUGH! Tell me where Elijah is, or I will kill you, in this body or any other you choose to jump into from now to bloody Armageddon!

[He steps toward her, but Esther throws him away from him using telekinesis]

ESTHER: I had hoped there was some part of you that yearned for an end to your vicious ways!

[She continues holding Klaus back using magic as he stands to his feet and tries to push against it]

ESTHER: But, if you are determined to perpetuate the cycles of the violence to which you have become accustomed? Well, then, I'll have to accommodate you.

[She makes her outstretched hand into a fist and twists it in the air, snapping Klaus' neck with telekinesis. Klaus falls to the ground, unconscious]

[After the break, night has fallen, and Klaus still lies on the ground outside the plantation house. In his dreams, he's been transported to a flashback]



[It's night time, and Klaus has stumbled out of the woods to find the bloodied bodies of several werewolves impaled on pikes. Horrified, Klaus rushes over to the nearest body and turns over his arm, revealing a tattoo of three crescent moons surrounded by a circle. He then brushes the long hair out of the man's face so he can see who it is. It's Ansel, who has been killed by Mikael. Klaus becomes distraught]





[Klaus awakens with a gasp after his snapped neck has healed. He sits up to find that Lenore/Esther has been waiting for him]

ESTHER: Apologies for the headache. Were you dreaming?

Klaus: I was remembering the day I found out who my real father was. Only that was after Mikael slaughtered him.

ESTHER: My darkest hour. Had you yourself not killed me soon thereafter, I doubt I ever would have recovered.

[She checks her pocket watch, which reads 8:35PM, or 19:35]

ESTHER: You woke earlier than I expected. No matter. It is time.

Klaus: [concerned] Time for what?

ESTHER: You said you wanted Elijah. He's sleeping. Chained to the wall of a tomb in Lafayette Cemetery. I've lifted the spell that hides him. You are free to take him home. Now, his own mind will work out his choice for him. When he wakes, he'll make his own decision. Every single thing I've said to you tonight is the truth, Niklaus. Whether you choose to believe it is up to you.

[Klaus scowls at her before vamp-speeding away to get Elijah]



[Cami walks down the street toward Rousseau's and walks inside. Meanwhile, Gia has arrived at the back entrance, looking around to make sure the coast is clear, and finds Marcel is waiting for her by the door]

GIA: All good. Not a werewolf in sight.

MARCEL: Good. I appreciate you being here.

GIA: How's Blondie doing?

MARCEL: She'll be fine. [He pats her on the arm] Keep an eye out for wolves, alright?

[Gia goes to keep an eye on the perimeter, while Marcel returns to the door. He uses his vampire hearing to eavesdrop on Cami and Vincent/Finn's conversation]

[Inside, Cami has met with Vincent/Finn at a table]

CAMI: Thanks for coming. I feel bad for being so abrupt earlier, I'm sorry!

FINN: That was my fault. I was being unprofessional. My apologies.

CAMI: [smiles] You're sorry, I'm sorry. [She raises her glass] Let's call it even and have a drink!



[Hayley and Ansel have arrived in the cemetery, and they slowly make their way through the foggy paths as they try to find Oliver. They make it to the lycée and walk up the steps to enter. Inside, they find a bloodied Oliver suspended by his wrists in the greenhouse]

HAYLEY: Ollie! Ollie, wake up!

OLIVER: [weakened] The hell are you doing? [He looks at Ansel] Who the hell is that?

HAYLEY: We're here to save your ass. Please tell me you know where Elijah is?

[Oliver weakly shakes his head. Ansel goes to the window to look outside]

ANSEL: They know we're here.

[Hayley focuses her hearing to hear the sounds of werewolves jumping down from the crypts as they make their way to the Lycée. Hayley looks at Oliver for a moment and studies the chains that bind him]

HAYLEY: Sorry. No time to be gentle.

[She yanks on the chains, and when they break, Oliver falls to the floor. Hayley quickly picks him up]

HAYLEY: Let's go.



[Cami has just finished her whiskey while she and Vincent/Finn continue to talk]

CAMI: Whew! [She refills her drink] So, how would you diagnose my friend Klaus, if I may ask?

FINN: Well, he's clearly depressive. Low self-esteem, paranoia... [He laughs] Impulse control. Wouldn't you agree?

CAMI: A lot of it is beyond me. Too much history I don't know, like all the stuff with his siblings.

[Outside, Marcel is continuing to listen to their conversation]

CAMI: You know, the resentment. How do you manage it?

FINN: [confused] I beg your pardon?

[Cami, not wanting to blow her cover, plays dumb regarding her questions]

CAMI: In one of our first sessions, you mentioned that you don't get along very well with your brothers.

[Finn continues to look at her suspiciously, but she continues to play oblivious]

CAMI: Do you stay in touch with them?

FINN: [clearly uncomfortable] In a manner of speaking. We're not particularly close.

[Outside, Gia is also listening to their conversation, and she joins Marcel near the door]

CAMI: And your parents, are they still around? [Finn sits back in his seat] Am I prying? I'm totally prying.

FINN: All this talk about my family, when you so recently scolded me about boundaries...

CAMI: Just searching for coping methods! [She smiles] Trying to learn from the master.

FINN: Oh, is that so?

[Marcel, thinking Cami's cover has been blown, opens the back door to go into the restaurant when a werewolf appears behind them]

WEREWOLF: You must be lost. Vampires caught in the Quarter are to be killed on sight.

[Marcel steps in front of Gia protectively]

MARCEL: [to Gia] Go. Run. As fast as you can.

[She rushes away as Marcel approaches the werewolf, both bracing for a fight]



[Hayley is helping Oliver up in the greenhouse of the Lycée while Ansel prepares his quiver. Oliver, who is still weak and exhausted, looks at Hayley anxiously]

OLIVER: Just leave me here. Go!

HAYLEY: To hell with that! They want a fight, I'll give them a fight.


[He approaches Hayley, who doesn't seem pleased to be ordered around by him]

ANSEL: I came with you to save one of my own, not watch as you kill scores of them. [Hayley rolls her eyes] Take your friend out the back, move as fast as you can. I'll hold them off here.

[Hayley sighs and rushes toward Oliver so she can help him walk]

HAYLEY: Come on. Quickly.

[She helps lead Oliver out the back of the Lycée as more werewolves flood the cemetery, all headed for the building. Ansel makes his way onto the steps and brandishes his sword at the incoming werewolves, cutting them all down]



[Cami, clearly nervous, continues to talk her way out of suspicion]

CAMI: Look, if I've offended you, I'm sorry.

FINN: You haven't offended me, it's just... you seem on edge.

[Outside, Marcel is fighting the werewolf, both of whom are about of equal fighting skill]

[Inside, Finn still seems suspicious of Cami, and she's getting increasingly anxious]

FINN: Now, perhaps it's this Klaus business. Is there something you haven't shared with me?

[Cami sits back in her seat and laughs nervously as she surreptitiously reaches into her purse, which is laying on the floor]

CAMI: I guess I'm just... nervous around you.

[She pulls the dagger from Kieran's apartment out of her purse and grips it in her hand]

CAMI: I mean, I keep badgering you with my dumb questions.

FINN: Your questions are quite smart, they're just personal. And, your interest is... unexpected.

[Cami continues to smile innocently at him]

[Outside, Marcel has grabbed a large pipe off of the building and whacks the werewolf upside the head with it before slamming it into his stomach]

[Inside, Finn is still grilling Cami]

CAMI: Maybe this is just my passive-aggressive way of trying to change the subject from where I'm afraid you're headed.

FINN: Which is?

CAMI: I think you're going to tell me to stop spending time with Klaus.

FINN: Cami, you're an intelligent woman. You're articulate, poised... I think you can tell for yourself what's best.

[Marcel and the werewolf are still fighting, but the werewolf has gotten the upper-hand. He lifts Marcel up into the air by his shirt and groans]

CAMI: You know, sometimes I ask myself why I let people like Klaus into my life. I have this destructive pattern.

[She tightly grips the dagger in her hand]

CAMI: I'm always drawn to the bad boys. Maybe deep down, I feel like that's what I deserve.

[Finn frowns in confusion and takes Cami's hand in his]

FINN: Cami, I'm an expert in unhealthy patterns. I've broken some of my own, and I can help you do the same, if you let me.

[He looks her in the eye, and Cami glances down at their clasped hands and smiles as she slips the dagger back into her bag]

[Outside, Marcel gouges out the eyes of the werewolf to try to get out of his grasp, but the werewolf bites Marcel on the arm. Just then, Gia vamp-speeds out of nowhere and shoves the werewolf into the nearby van, which forces his head through the passenger window, shattering the glass. Marcel falls to the ground as Gia shoves the man against the van, ready to rip out his heart just as Elijah taught her. However, he manages to grab her arm and twist her arm behind her back before biting her neck and throwing her on the ground. Before he can kill her, Marcel manages to get up and rip out his heart from behind. He drops the heart on the floor and smiles proudly at Gia as he helps her up to her feet]


[Oliver and Hayley are hiding behind a crypt when suddenly, Aiden arrives, leading another group of werewolves]

AIDEN: Come out! We know you're here.

[Hayley looks over at Oliver, who is bracing himself against the wall, before walking out into the aisle to face them]

HAYLEY: Why don't you just let us go and we can call it a day?

[Hayley gives Aiden a significant look, but he seems torn]

AIDEN: No, I don't think so.

HAYLEY: [annoyed] Then we do this the hard way.

[The werewolves brace for a fight, but Oliver staggers over to Hayley before anyone can move]

OLIVER: You idiots! You're lining up to fight a hybrid? For what? So you can kill me? All because some witch gave an order? I know I ain't innocent, but I never lost sight of what I was fighting for! We were gonna be a pack! But now? [He steps toward them] We're turning on each other! Killing your own people? We do that, we're nothing.

[Oliver and Hayley tense in case they start a fight, but Aiden waits a moment before clearing a path so Hayley and Oliver can leave without violence]

[Elsewhere in the cemetery, Klaus has arrived to rescue Elijah. Suddenly, Klaus hears the sounds of fighting nearby and goes to investigate. Ansel is still mowing down werewolves with his sword in front of the Lycée when Klaus vamp-speeds behind one of the werewolves and snaps his neck. Ansel holds his sword up until he sees that it is Klaus. Klaus is shocked to see him]

Klaus: You.

[Klaus flashes back to when he found Ansel killed by Mikael]

ANSEL: [stunned] Niklaus?

Klaus: [panics] No, no! You're not real!

ANSEL: Niklaus!

Klaus: NO! You're a phantom, conjured by Esther, that's all that you are!

[He brushes past Ansel and stomps toward the Lycée]

Klaus: Mother! Stop this charade! I know that thing is not real!

[Ansel, confused yet pleased to see his son, approaches Klaus carefully]

ANSEL: Look at me, Niklaus.

[Klaus, frightened, slowly turns toward him]

ANSEL: I am flesh and blood. Your flesh and blood.

Klaus: You've been dead a thousand years!

ANSEL: And through that time, I lingered on the Other Side, watching you let the world fall apart, until I woke, four moons past, in the land of wolves like myself.

Klaus: No. No! No, you're just in my head. You're an illusion, meant by my mother to sway me to accept her bargain!

ANSEL: [confused] I do not speak for Esther. I know nothing of her bargains. [He walks toward Klaus] But you are my son.

[He reaches to caress Klaus' face, but Klaus grabs his arm before he can so he can see the crescent moon tattoo on his forearm. The sight of it causes Klaus to flash back once more to when he found Ansel's body after Mikael had killed him. In the present day, Ansel looks at Klaus curiously]

Klaus: And, if what you say is real, you are nothing to me. For all I care, you can crawl back to hell.

[Ansel looks hurt as Klaus vamp-speeds away]



[Marcel pulls a vial of blood out of a dresser door and walks over to where Gia is sitting on the couch, her bite still bleeding and not healing. He gives her a sip out of the vial, and Gia makes a face as she swallows it]

GIA: Mmm. You sure this is gonna work?

MARCEL: Klaus' blood is the only cure for a werewolf bite. Thing is, I'm running low, so new rule-- don't get bit.

GIA: [smiles] I got bit saving your ass.

MARCEL: [smiles back] Yeah, yeah, you did good, too. I gotta admit, though, when you took off, I thought you were gone.

GIA: All my life, when things got tough, that's what I would do. I would run, because I never fit in anyway. But this place, what you're building here... it fits. So, I'm in. No running, no matter what.

MARCEL: [grins] Well, thanks for sticking it out.

GIA: [whispers] Yeah.

[Marcel's phone rings]

MARCEL: Hang on, I gotta take this.

[He checks his phone, and when he sees that it's Cami, he answers it]

MARCEL: Hey, you okay?

[Cami is still at Rousseau's, which is now closed for the night, and is standing behind the bar]

CAMI: Yeah. To be honest, not the worst date I've had in this city.

[She pulls a bottle of liquor from behind the bar and starts to pour herself a drink, and Marcel makes a face that indicates he's mildly jealous of her time with Finn]

MARCEL: Yeah, it seemed like you had him wrapped around your finger by the time I left.

CAMI: More than that. Vincent, Finn, whoever he is, I think he likes me.

MARCEL: [frowns] I'm not sure I would call that good news.

CAMI: Don't you get it? I'm his blind spot! If he's distracted, he's vulnerable, which means I can help take him down.

[She sips her drink, and Marcel sighs uneasily]



[Hayley and Oliver have returned to Jackson's trailer, where Hayley is cleaning Oliver up]

JACKSON: Well, you got him. Great. Where's Ansel?

HAYLEY: He was busy being a man. He should be right behind us.

OLIVER: [weak] Jack, I have to tell you--

JACKSON: [interrupts] I already know, Ollie-- you sold me out to Francesca.

OLIVER: Look, I know that I can't make up for that. But, you need to hear this.

[Jackson looks away and finishes his drink]

OLIVER: You're the one.

[Oliver struggles to get to his feet, and Jackson stands defensively, grabbing a nearby staff to use in a fight, if necessary]

OLIVER: You're the Alpha. Our people are not meant to be slaves! You can free them.

[Suddenly, Oliver starts coughing up blood and falls to his knees]

JACKSON: Ollie? Ollie? [to Hayley] What is wrong with him?

HAYLEY: [shocked] It's the witches.

[Jackson rushes over to Oliver and kneels next to him to check on him]


HAYLEY: [horrified] They said he only had until midnight...

[Jackson props Oliver up in his arms to try to resuscitate him]

JACKSON: Stay with me!

[Oliver is overcome by a coughing fit and starts to sputter up blood as he stares at Jackson, who is panicking]

OLIVER: Jack...

[Jackson looks horrified as Oliver suddenly starts bleeding from his eyes and nose as well, before dying in Jackson's arms. Jackson gently lays him on the ground, still gripping his hand, as Hayley and Jackson look as though they're about to cry]



[Klaus has finally made it into the lycée, where he finds Elijah still bound in chains and unconscious. He spots the poppet that binds the spell that keeps the chains from being broken, and quickly rips down the chains. Elijah falls into his arms, so Klaus sets him down on the floor so he can try to wake him]

Klaus: Wake up, brother. Elijah.

[Suddenly, Lenore/Esther appears behind him]

ESTHER: He won't wake. Not yet. Which gives you and I one last chance to discuss my offer.

[Klaus is furious, and gently lays Elijah onto the ground to break the cuffs off his wrists]

Klaus: You promised me Elijah's safe return. Or, was that a lie, just like that ghoulish atrocity outside claiming to be my father, back from the dead?

ESTHER: Your father's return is real. I pulled him from the Other Side before it collapsed, left him in the Bayou to join the wolves. And, I used the execution of one of his own to draw him here, where I knew he'd find you.

Klaus: [enraged] To what end? Besides my torment?

ESTHER: I brought him here to be the father you never had. To teach you to be the man you always longed to be. Once you are remade as a werewolf, you can join him.

[Klaus, furious, stands to his feet and walks toward her]

Klaus: [scowls] His return changes nothing.

ESTHER: It changes everything. It is my gift to you, Niklaus. This offer is your last chance at salvation. Reject me now, and you will live out your endless days unloved and alone. Do not refuse me out of some ancient spite--

Klaus: [interrupts her] Not spite. Hatred. A pure and perfect hatred that's greater now than the day I first took your life!

ESTHER: [frustrated] Why, after all I've done to explain to you, why must you persist--

[Klaus completely loses his temper and grabs her in a choke-hold, slamming her head against the stone wall as he pins her down]


ESTHER: [struggles to breathe] You... don't... understand!

Klaus: MY. CHILD!

ESTHER: [gasps] Niklaus! I had to!

[She lifts up two fingers, causing Klaus to experience a nosebleed similar to the one she gave Kol in Alive and Kicking. Still, he grips her throat even harder, and she whimpers in pain]

Klaus: You declared war when you came after my family. And, for that, I will make you suffer as only I can.

[He smirks through the blood pouring from his nose]

Klaus: After all, I am my mother's son.

[He throws her down onto the floor, where she struggles to catch her breath. Klaus rushes over to Elijah, picking him up and carrying him out of the crypt. Esther backs up and leans against the wall before she's transported into a flashback]



[Young Esther is standing in front of her sister Dahlia, who is gripping onto Freya's arm. Esther is upset, and Finn clutches her side]

ESTHER: Please, do not do this!

DAHLIA: You wanted a family! Fate said otherwise, and so you came to me. And, for a price, I granted your wish. [She pulls on Freya's arm in emphasis] Now, I must collect.

ESTHER: When Mikael returns from his journey, I swear--

DAHLIA: You will tell him Freya grew ill and died!

ESTHER: [in tears] No, Dahlia!

DAHLIA: You were forced to burn her body to stop the spread of plague.

ESTHER: Sister, please, I cannot give up my child!

DAHLIA: You've already offered me more than just this one child! Our bargain was for this first-born, and every first-born of each generation that is to come, for as long as your line shall last.

ESTHER: [furious] If you do this, if you take my daughter, I swear to you, I will return to the black arts. I will grow in power as a witch, and I will MAKE YOU PAY!

DAHLIA: Your power is nothing against mine! Foolish girl. You knew the bargain you made! And, should you defy me, then I will take all your children. Including little Finn!

[Finn starts to cry, and Dahlia gestures to Esther's pregnant body]

DAHLIA: Even unborn Elijah!

ESTHER: [devastated] No, Dahlia!

[Dahlia angrily picks up Freya and rushes away from them. Freya becomes frightened]


FREYA: Mommyyyyyy!

ESTHER: Dahlia! Freya, please!


[Freya continues to scream, and Esther breaks down in tears as Dahlia leaves with her]





[In the present day, Vincent/Finn finds Lenore/Esther on the floor of the crypt, recovering from nearly being strangled and horrified at the memory of losing Freya]

FINN: Mother? What happened?

ESTHER: Niklaus refused my offer.

[At the Mikaelson compound, Klaus and Hayley lay Elijah on his bed, still in his bloodstained suit. He and Hayley stare at Elijah in concern]

ESTHER: Still burdened with hatred for me. For what happened to his child.

FINN: He's a fool. Your actions saved this family! If that child had lived--

[Finn cuts himself off, unable to speak the words]

ESTHER: Dahlia would return, and she would come for us all.

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