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#106 : Ma mère ce zombie


Résumé : Alors que Lizzie et Josie se préparent pour la soirée tant attendue de leur 16 ans, Alaric se trouve préoccupé par la dernière arrivée surnaturelle - une arrivée qui frappe un peu trop près de chez lui. Ailleurs, le dernier plan de Penelope donne à MG une dernière chance d’impressionner Lizzie lors de son grand jour, alors qu’une trahison inattendue provoque un regain de tension entre Hope et Rafael.



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Mombie Dearest

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Ma mère ce zombie

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1.06 - Inside The Episode


Photos promo

Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) et MG (Quincy Fouse) sur la piste de danse

Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) et MG (Quincy Fouse) sur la piste de danse

Les élèves à la fête d'anniversaire de Josie et Lizzie

Les élèves à la fête d'anniversaire de Josie et Lizzie

MG et Lizzie en discussion

MG et Lizzie en discussion

MG et Lizzie en train de danser

MG et Lizzie en train de danser

Alaric Saltzman (Matthew Davis) se méfiant de Jo Laughlin (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe)

Alaric Saltzman (Matthew Davis) se méfiant de Jo Laughlin (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe)

Alaric, Jo, Lizzie et Josie

Alaric, Jo, Lizzie et Josie

Alaric parlant avec Jo

Alaric parlant avec Jo

Jo Laughlin (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe)

Jo Laughlin (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe)


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Geoff Shotz


Marguerite MacIntyre

Distribution principale :

  • Matt Davis ... Alaric Saltzman  
  • Danielle Rose Russell ... Hope Mikaelson 
  • Jenny Boyd ... Lizzie Saltzman  
  • Kaylee Bryant ... Josie Saltzman  
  • Quincy Fouse ... Milton 'MG' Greasley
  • Peyton Alex Smith ... Rafael Waithe

Distribution secondaire :

  • Lulu Antariksa ... Penelope Park
  • Demetrius Bridges ... Dorian Williams
  • Karen David ... Emma Tig

Invités :

  • Jodi Lyn O'Keefe ... Josette 'Jo' Parker
  • Ben Geurens ... The Necromancer
  • Fray Forde ... Le DJ 

Hope : Previously on Legacies...

Alaric : You know, I opened this school to protect these kids. How am I supposed to protect them from stuff that's not supposed to exist?

Dorian : The monsters come one at a time.

Dryad : I found myself not far from here with an urge to possess that knife.

Alaric : And who told you to do this?

Dryad : A voice in my mind.

MG : You think he'll go for her?

Josie : Probably. They usually do.

Josie : Lizzie has dibs.

Hope : On Rafael? She always calls dibs. When's it gonna be your turn?

Emma : We're here to discuss if Landon should be allowed to stay at the school.

Hope : Landon has to go.

In Alaric's office

Alaric : I know what you're doing is important, Caroline. But how do I tell the girls that their mom isn't gonna be there for their 16th birthday? I can't exactly tell them what you're really involved in. No. I… I am nowhere near cracking this case. I have a knife, I have a symbol, I have a place, sort of, but I don't know what any of it means,  a… and I don't know what's connecting it, and I don't know what monster is coming next.

Jo : Ric?

Alaric :I've got to call you back. Dorian!

Dorian : Are you okay? Wouh, wouh.

Jo : Ric, if you could just put down the crossbow. My freak-out level is about 11 right now.

Dorian : You know her?

Alaric : I know who she's supposed to be.

Dorian : Who?

Alaric : The love of my life.

Jo : Wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait.

Dorian : Hold up. Hold… hold up, Ric.

Jo : Listen to Dorian. Are you Dorian?

Dorian : Yeah.

Jo : I'm Jo.

Dorian : You're his dead wife? I m... I mean fiancée. I mean, uh… You don't think she's actually...?

Alaric : No, I don't.

Dorian : Did you see how she got here?

Jo : I was sort of, um… yanked awake and then I was just here.

Alaric : Nothing suspicious about that.

Dorian : You thinking what I'm thinking?

Alaric : Kill her now before she attacks?

Jo : Wait, what?

Dorian : I… I… I was more, "Let's interrogate her." Because if she's the next monster, then maybe she would know more than the dryad did.

Alaric : Okay, but no one sees her. Especially today.

Dorian : Good idea.

Alaric : I need Emma.

In Emma's office

Hope : Obviously, nothing's gonna come out of it. I mean, I may never see him again. And nobody wants a phone thing. Though I do like the sound of his voice. It's low and smart-sounding and kind of soothing. And his eyes... his eyes are, like, this green-gray color that's not really a color, you know? Like, they're green when he wears green, and then… Oh, my God. Who am I right now?

Emma : A normal teenager? Though I do love hearing you talk about something as simple as having a crush on a boy. You do not need a counselor, Hope. You need a friend.

In the Grand Hall

Rafael : All right, let's get the rest of these chairs and tables and get 'em out of here. All right? Let's go, let's go.

Hope : Perks of being an alpha. Bunch of people you get to boss around.

Rafael : More like a bunch of shadows waiting to be told what to do.

Hope : Who put you on party duty?

Rafael : I volunteered. What do you want? I'm busy.

Hope : Listen, Raf, I know you're mad at me for sending Landon away, but… I promise you, it was for his own good.

Rafael: You've known him for two minutes, and you know what's good for him?

Hope : I know that I want him to be safe. Listen, Raf, I just came here to apologize. And I thought maybe if… I don't know, if you needed someone to talk to… Whatever.

Actually, hm… I do kind of need help with something. There's no fancy parties in grand ballrooms where I come from. I need to know what to expect for tonight. I don't want to let Lizzie down.

Hope : Who cares what Lizzie Saltzman thinks?

Rafael : I do. I'm her date.

In the twins' bedroom

Josie : Hey. I didn't see you at breakfast.

Lizzie : I'm too excited to eat. Happy birthday to us. Isn't it a beautiful day for a party?

Josie : You're... cheerful.

Lizzie : Why wouldn't I be? Mom's coming home, I had sex with Raf, my pores are practically invisible...

Josie : Wait, what? You had sex with...

Josie : Last night.

Lizzie : You know how Mom always says that things work out in the end the way they're supposed to? She's right. I wouldn't have time to represent the witches now with a boyfriend, so you getting the consolation prize is perfect. Okay. I need your help. I'm going for Meghan Markle tasteful.

Penelope : Woot, woot! Happy birthday, witches.

Lizzie : Oh, look. It's Satan in a crop top. Come to burn my world down?

Penelope : Retro. Princess Di before she got style. I dig it.

Josie : What do you want?

Penelope : Oh, just to cheer you two up. You know, 'cause your mom's not coming.

Josie & Lizzie : What?

Penelope : Oh, I heard them cancel her pickup at the office. I thought you knew. Oops.

In Alaric's office

Emma : I put a basic boundary spell to keep her in. Are you sure she can't do magic?

Alaric : She couldn't before she died, so if she can now, I guess we'll learn the hard way.

Jo : Hm, she's right here. And she's got a lot of questions.

Emma : Be careful with this one, Ric.


Alaric : Okay, let's talk. Who are you? What do you want?

Jo : I'm Josette Laughlin, almost Saltzman.

Alaric : No. Jo Laughlin is dead. 

Jo : I'm well aware. It's not every day you get murdered at your shotgun wedding.

Alaric : Okay. What's the last thing you remember?

Jo : Morning sickness. My dress. Our vows. My psychopath twin brother with a very large knife. And then… nothing. How long ago was that? You look a little... seasoned.

Alaric : About 16 years ago.

Jo : 16 years. I don't know what to say. How are you? How have you been?

Alaric : Oh, just cut the… Just drop the act, okay?

Jo : It's not an act, Ric. This is Mystic Falls. I'm not exactly the first person to be brought back from the dead.

Alaric : Yeah, well, things have gotten a little complicated around here lately.

Lizzie : Uh, Dad? Why is your door locked?

Jo : "Dad"? 

Josie : And when were you going to tell us that Mom wasn't coming back?

Alaric : I was about to. There… There's a strike at the airport in Mozambique. 

Lizzie : She couldn't compel a pilot and hop on a private jet?

Alaric : She'll explain everything later. Okay? But right now I just need you to go because I am wrapping your presents.

Josie : No, you're not. You're lying through your teeth.

Lizzie : Who's this trollop?

Jo : Oh, my God.

Alaric : I need you to leave right now.

Jo : I'm sorry. How old are you?

Josie & Lizzie : 16.

Lizzie : Today. It's our birthday.

Jo : You're twins?

Lizzie : What are we interrupting here?

Alaric : I'm serious. Do as I say and now just go.

Josie : Lizzie.

Lizzie : What?

Josie : Lizzie, it's her.

Lizzie : Her who?

Josie : Her.

Lizzie : Holy crap. You're Bio mom.

Jo : This is impossible. I wasn't even showing at our wedding. How...

Alaric : Your family's crazy coven magically implanted them in Caroline when you died. She's their birth mother. 

Jo : So… you two...

Alaric : No. She married Stefan Salvatore. Who basically died on their wedding day, too, but that's a long story.

Lizzie : They're still very close.

Alaric : We opened this school together.

Lizzie : She's overseas right now doing very important recruiting work. I'm Lizzie. After my mother's mom.

Josie :  And I'm Josie. Josette. Like...

Jo : Me.

In the gymnasium of the Salvatore School

Hope : So, the emcee will then announce Lizzie and her escort.

Rafael : Her what?

Hope : Kind of like at a, a debutante ball.

Rafael : I grew up in foster care.

Hope : Okay. Well, they had stairs, didn't they? So, you're gonna meet her halfway down.

Rafael : How do you know all this stuff?

Hope : One of my aunts has been around for more than a thousand years. This kind of thing is her jam.

Rafael : So, what, I just stand here?

Hope : Then you take her arm. Sort of like you're putting yours on top. Yeah, like that. And then you descend together. And now you bow.

Rafael : Yeah, you're messing with me.

Hope : You think this is bad? You know it's only gonna get worse, right? Lizzie Saltzman has been planning her sweet 16 since she was five. You probably should've thought twice before asking to be her date.

Rafael : Well, I didn't ask her. All I know is that I can't let her down now.

Hope : Why?

Rafael : Because I slept with her, Hope.

In the Grand Hall

MG : You're lucky I respect women and that I shun all forms of toxic masculinity, or else you and I would be throwing down right now. Even if you can kick my ass.

Penelope : Dude, I am here to help.

MG : By telling Lizzie and Josie that their mom isn't coming?

Penelope : Oh, that was just for Lizzie, who is taking Rafael as her date instead of you. So why are you doing all this to try and make her party perfect?

MG : 'Cause a man's got to shoot his shot.

Penelope : Oh, my God. No. I can't take it anymore. As your friend, I demand that you retrieve your little MGs from Lizzie's grip.

MG : Not when I can taste victory.

Penelope : Fine. I'll make you a deal. I will keep Werewolf Prince Charming away from the party long enough for you to shoot your one, final, inevitably failed shot. And when it's over, and the Queen of Mean has broken your heart all over again, promise me that you will let Lizzie go.

In Alaric's office

Alaric : All right, one more time. What's your name?

Jo : Josette Laughlin.

Alaric : And what's your profession?

Jo : I'm a doctor. I was, anyway.

Alaric : Repeat after me: I'm here to harm you.

Jo : I'm here to harm you.

Josie : How did you meet my dad?

Alaric : That's not, uh, a question.

Jo : I walked up to him at a college party. He was the only guy over 20.

Josie : Was it love at first sight?

Lizzie : Jo. Don't be so nosy.

Jo : Not quite. I flirted with him and asked him for a sip of his drink. He told me he was a germophobe. But I thought he looked like Indiana Jones, so… 

Lizzie : This walk down weird old people memory lane is fun and all, but we have a party to get ready for.

Josie : Will you still be here after?

Alaric : I will be there when I can. But right now the office is off limits.

In the gymnasium of the Salvatore School

Hope : I can't believe you slept with Lizzie Saltzman.

Rafael : Look, I was mad and she was there. I didn't say I was proud of it.

Rafael : You're leading. 

Hope : You're officially a gigolo.

Rafael : Thanks for this. I guess I'll see you at the party.

Hope : No, you won't.

Rafael : So, what, you're just gonna stay in your room alone while everybody else is out having fun?

Hope : Yep, works for me.

Rafael : Bullcrap. Everybody needs a crew.

Hope : Kind of ironic coming from the reluctant alpha.

Rafael : Okay, well, the pack is one thing, but a crew is a crew. You know what? I had that in Landon until you sent him away.

Hope : We're back to that?

Rafael : I'm just saying. It's one thing to be cool with being alone, and then it's another to want to be the lonely girl on purpose.

Hope : As opposed to Mr. Good Guy, who's taking a girl that you don't even like to her own party?

Rafael : You know what, you're right. Lesson learned.
What the hell?

Hope : Barrier spell. Fantastic.

Penelope : Sorry, kids. Nothing personal.

Hope : Let us out of here, Penelope.

Penelope : You'll be free in an hour. Plenty of time to practice that waltz.

In Alaric's office

Alaric : I… I don't get it. She hasn't tried to escape, not a word about the knife. She knows things that only Jo knows and let's not ignore the fact that I remember her, so she's not like the other creatures.

Emma : Blunt force hasn't gotten them what they want, so they've moved on to psychological warfare. Tread lightly. If Jo is another monster, she can do more damage to you than any dragon.

Dorian : It was something she said… Here. There's an eyewitness account of a group of World War I soldiers buried in France who came back to life and massacred a village. After, they didn't remember hurting anyone. And they all said they'd been "yanked" back into being. Like Jo.

Alaric : So someone or something resurrected them and used them to attack a village?

Dorian : Without them even knowing it.

Josie : Dad is so suspicious.

Lizzie : Uh, duh. So am I. 

Josie : I just think that she's more fairy godmother than zombie. 

Lizzie : She's not our mother. She's DNA. We can be mad at Mom all that we want for missing our party, but we cannot cheat on her with Mombie Dearest. You're not even dressed. I don't want to be late to my own party.

Josie : I'm done. I'll catch up with you, okay?

Josie finds an envelope on her bed. It contains a gift and a note: Hope your birthdays wishes come true, Hope.

Penelope : Hey, Jo Jo. Need an escort?

Josie : Sure. Do you know anyone whose heart isn't made of stone?

Penelope : Look, I am sorry about earlier. I saw a chance to make Lizzie suffer and, uh... I shot my shot.

Josie : Why can't you just ease up on her?

Penelope : She sucks the air out of every room you're in.

Josie : She's my twin. We can share oxygen.

Penelope : Are you sharing love interests now, too? Because she's the only one with a date. See? You have crawled so far down the codependence rabbit hole that you think taking care of yourself is selfish. But it's not. So when are you gonna take care of you?

Josie : I take care of myself just fine.

Penelope : Oh, really? Party starts in five. It's a shame you spent all of that time helping Lizzie get ready.

In Alaric’s office

Josie : Do you know how to braid?

In the Grand Hall, at the twins' birthday party

[♪ Feels like I'm an animal
Feels like I'm an animal 
Feels like I'm an animal 
Feels like I'm an animal 
Ooh ♪]

DJ : Ah, let's welcome birthday girl number one, and her lucky escort.

Lizzie : Where's my date?

MG : You're looking at him.

Lizzie : You're wearing sneakers?

MG : These are Concord 11s, Milady.

Lizzie : What if I told you my favorite was sunflowers?

MG : I'd know you were lying.

Lizzie : How?

MG : The same way I know that your favorite color is lavender, your favorite dessert is key lime pie, you like a blend of hip-hop and old-school Motown, and powdered bat wings make you sneeze.

[♪ Girls just wanna have fun ♪]

Lizzie : My favorite song.

MG : I know.

[♪ The phone rings 
In the middle of the night 
My father yells, "What you gonna do with your life?" 
Oh, Daddy, dear 
You know you're still number one 
But girls, just wanna have fun 
Girls, they wanna 
Wanna have fun ♪]

In Alaric’s office

Jo : Aren't you gonna be late?

Josie : Oh, no. It's cool. No one will notice.

Jo : At your own party?

Josie : Maybe if I had a date.

Jo : Is there someone special?

Josie : That is a complicated question.

Jo : Humor me.

Josie : Well… Last year, there was this girl, hm, but she dumped me.

Jo : Ooh.

Josie : And now there's this boy. Hm, but Lizzie has dibs, so...

Jo : Does she know you like him?

Josie : No. That would be... bad.

Jo : Being 16 and having a strong twin sister isn't a cakewalk. But anybody who spent five minutes with you would know how special you are.

Josie : You're only saying that because you're...

Jo : It's okay. Caroline is your mom. She did a great job. Lizzie's exactly like her. You would never know that she's not her biological mom. And you take after me.

Josie : I'm really happy you're here. I honestly think that dad is really lonely.

Jo : He's a pretty terrific guy, your dad. But you can catch me up later. You have a party to go to.

Josie : Actually, do you want to come with me?

In the gymnasium of the Salvatore School

Rafael : So you can slay a dragon, but you can't get us out of here.

Hope : Only Penelope can undo the spell. Or the twins could siphon the magic.

Rafael : Well, that's unlikely, seeing as Lizzie probably thinks I'm standing her up right now.

Hope : Her ego could use a little bit of deflating.

Rafael : I'm not that guy, okay? I don't just forget about people.

Hope : Relax. It's only been 12 hours.

Rafael : It's not that! Look, it has only been six weeks since...

Hope : Your girlfriend died. Cassie.

Rafael : It's crazy, but I feel like… like I cheated on her or something. So if I can do right by Lizzie, maybe that can...

Hope : Then what? It'll exonerate you?

Rafael : I don't know. Maybe.

Hope : Look, Raf, you went through something awful, and it's right to mourn your girlfriend, but you can't pretend to like Lizzie to make yourself feel better. That's not doing her any good, or yourself.

In the Grand Hall, at the twins' birthday party

Lizzie : You got moves.

MG : You ain't seen nothin' yet.

[♪ Boy, boy, boy, boy ♪]

MG : Come on... Yeah. Yes. Hm huh, hum.

[♪ Oh, no, we gonna rock down to 
Electric Avenue, and then we'll take it higher 
Oh, we gonna rock down to Electric Avenue 
Then we'll take it higher... ♪]

Penelope : Have you seen Josie?

[♪ Then we'll take it higher  ♪]

In the woods of the Salvatore School

Josie : So Lizzie's in love with Raf, but MG's in love with Lizzie. It's this whole thing.

Jo : What?

Josie : There's this alcove that's up super high, so you'll be able to see everything.

Jo? Hey. Jo? Somebody help! I'll be right back, okay?

In the gymnasium of the Salvatore School

Hope : One more minute. Raf, I didn't just send Landon away. I sent him to someone who's gonna help him find his birth mom.

Rafael : You sent him away by himself to find the woman that gave him up.

Hope : What if she's amazing, and he finally gets a family?

Rafael : He had a family. He had me.

Hope : A crew isn't the same. Family is always and forever.

Rafael : Yeah, you're right. He's not my blood, but he is my brother. If anything, maybe you should try doubling down on friends to make up for the family you don't have. Time's up, lonely girl.

In the Grand Hall, at the twins' birthday party

[♪ What's it like now? 
What's it like now, what's it like now 
What's it like now, what's it like now  
What's it like now, what's it like now 
What's it like now, what's it like now, hey, hey. ♪]

[♪ Though I tried 
Before to tell her ♪]

Rafael : I got this.

[♪ Of the feelings ♪]

Rafael : Thanks.

[♪ I have for her 
In my heart ♪]

Rafael : I'm sorry I was late.

Lizzie : I'll forgive you… just this once.

[♪ Every time that I come near her 
I just lose my nerve 
As I've done from the start 
Every little thing she does is magic 
Everything she does just turns me on ♪]

Conversation on the phone

Alaric : She could be anywhere, Dorian.

Dorian : I've got the faculty searching the building as we speak.

Alaric : I'm on my way to the dance hall.

Jo : Ric?

Alaric : Call off the dogs. I think I found her.

Dorian : I think I'll keep 'em on standby.

End of the conversation
In the woods of the Salvatore School 

Jo : Something's wrong.

Alaric : How did you get out?

Jo : Josie wanted me to come to the party, and so, she siphoned the spell again. I know it was stupid, but I just... I wanted to see their sweet 16.

Alaric : Okay, just tell me exactly what happened.

Jo : I don't know. I… I was with her one minute, and then… Ric, I lost time. I don't know. I must have done something to her, but I just, I don't know.

Jo (monster) : There's a knife in your possession that will buy you the answer. No need to rush. I'm sure your daughter has an hour before she runs out of air.

Alaric : Where is she?!

Hope : Dr. Saltzman? What's going on?

Alaric : Hope, I need your help.

In a cabin in the woods at the Salvatore school

Penelope : Hey. Have you seen Josie?

MG : She's probably having the time of her life, like I was until Prince Charming showed up and turned me into the pumpkin. I have hate in my heart. I'm ready for battle. We're gonna duel.

Penelope : No. No, we're not doing that. I'm holding you to our deal. As of this moment, Lizzie Saltzman's cancelled. You gonna howl at the moon wearing that?

Hope : Sorry, no time for bitchy banter. Actually... I could use your help finding Josie.

Penelope : What happened?

Hope : Apparently, her possessed biological mother buried her alive in the cemetery.

MG : We're coming with you.

Conversation on the phone

Dorian : Hello, Ric.

Alaric : Where is it?

Dorian : Asking for a friend?

Alaric : I need the knife, Dorian. My daughter's life is at stake.

Dorian : That's why I moved it. I knew the monster was gonna make a play.

Alaric : I need you to bring it to me now.

Dorian : Hero 101, Ric: you don't give the bad guys what they want, especially if we don't know what it does. I mean, this thing could spawn Armageddon.

Alaric : It has Josie!

Dorian : We'll save Josie, Ric. We're not giving up this knife.

End of the conversation
In the cemetery in the woods of the Salvatore School

Hope : MG, listen for her breathing.

MG : Hold on. I hear something. Shovel.

That won't work! To kill a walker, you got to go for the brain. Everybody knows that.

Penelope : Yeah, every nerd maybe. Just call it a zombie.

Hope : Zombies. Plural.

In the Grand Hall, at the twins' birthday party

[♪ Every little thing she does is magic ♪]

Lizzie : There's a clothing-optional rock quarry nearby. It's cold, but I figured since we won't be getting much sleep tonight, it could be refreshing.

[♪ For her goes on…
I resolved to call her up a thousand times a day ♪]

Rafael : Lizzie, I'm sorry, but I can't. I know it's a dick move to do this on your birthday, but… it would be even worse to lie to you. Now I'm yours, and I'm here tonight, and I want to be the best date that I can be, but the other stuff is not gonna happen.

[♪ Every little thing she does is magic ♪]

Lizzie : I don't understand. Last night…

Rafael : Last night was a mistake.

[♪ Now I know my love for her goes on 
Every little thing she does is magic 
Everything she does just turns me on ♪
Even though my life before was tragic... ♪]

Lizzie : Where's my sister?

In the cemetery in the woods of the Salvatore School

MG : Waouh! Two for two, baby.

Hope : Penelope and I can handle the rest. Just find Josie.

MG : Right. Got it.

Hope : How do you want to do this? Magic?

Penelope : I say we DIY and pretend they're Lizzie Saltzman.

Hope : Works for me.

MG : Josie. I hear you. Hold on.

Hope : MG, we're running out of time.

MG : Watch out!

Hope : Penelope? Axe. Damn it, MG, get up and find her.

MG : There's too much noise.

Hope : Well, listen harder. Pretend you're on a beach or something.

MG : I got her.

Hope : The talisman. It worked.

Josie : What's it supposed to do?

Hope : Make quiet things heard.

In Alaric’s office

Jo : She could have died because of me.

Alaric : But she's okay. And it wasn't you. I know that now. It's… whatever takes over. I mean, something is driving these monsters. A… a dark presence, we just can't figure it out. And until we do, we're just at its mercy.

Jo : This is wrong. This isn't safe for any of us. We have to get this thing out of me.

Tell the girls to siphon its magic from me.

Alaric : But the magic's probably the only thing keeping you ali… Oh. Right.

Jo : Josie thinks you're lonely. Are you happy?

Alaric : I am happy right now in the arms of my demon-possessed baby mama.

Jo : I'm serious.

Alaric : I will be happy when the girls are grown. I promise.

Jo : Do they know what happens when they turn 22?

Alaric : No. Not yet. And we… don't want them to know until we've exhausted all options. That's why Caroline's missed their birthday. She's following some lead.

Jo : You tell Caroline I said thank you for being my girls' mom. 

In the corridors of the Salvatore School

MG : I'm serious, Peez. Something clicked while I was taking out those zombies. Uh, it felt right inside, like that was the real me. 

Penelope : Meaning...?

MG : I'm a superhero. Like from the comics. 'Cause heroes don't just get the girl… They get all the girls.

Penelope : Oh, totally.

MG : Yeah.

Penelope : Superman is such a slut.

Josie : Thanks for tonight, MG.

MG : First hero thank you. Accepted! Up, up, and away.

Penelope : Hey. What about me? I helped.

Josie : You're the reason I got buried alive on my birthday. I took your advice. I wanted something, and I went for it. I made the selfish move, and I ended up fighting a zombie. There's room for people in this world that just care about other people. Not everybody has to be a showboat.

Penelope : You're right. This world needs the selfless and the selfish to keep spinning. I happen to be the latter.

[♪ We can dance if we want to 
We can leave your friends behind ♪]

Josie : I hate you.

Penelope : I know.

[♪ And if they don't dance, well, they're 
No friends of mine 
We can dance, we can dance 
Everything is out of control 
We can dance ♪]

In the entrance hall of the Salvatore School

Rafael : Hey.

Hope : Hey.

Rafael : Rough night?

Hope : Hh-um... no. All evidence to the contrary. I actually had a lot of fun. What about you?

Rafael : About that… I was straight with Lizzie.

[♪ We can dance, we can dance ♪]

Hope : Well, um, I now have my own Avengers squad.

[♪ We can dance, we can dance
We can dance 
Taking the chance ♪]

Rafael : You want to see if I still got it?

Hope : Why not?

[♪ The safety dance 
The safety dance 
The safety dance 
The safety dance ♪]

Rafael : You look like you took a bath in dirt.

Hope : Oh, thank you.

Rafael : You're welcome.

Hope : No, actually, you wouldn't believe the night that I had. I, hm, decided to take your advice...

[♪ The safety dance ♪]

In the twins' bedroom

Lizzie : So, we just siphon the magic out of her until she's… what, dead again?

Josie : Oh, my God. Lizzie, what is wrong with you?

Lizzie : What?

Jo : It's okay, Josie. It's okay. I'm already dead. I was a witch, just like you. And we believe in the natural order of things. I shouldn't be here. I love that I had this, but it's a lie. And now I need you to help me make it right. The longer I'm here, the more I remember where I came from. I used to watch you. I used to watch all of you. Like in a dream… where everything is warm and happy. I think I was at peace. So that's where I'll be. Waiting for you. Lizzie : I'm so sorry. I was awful to you.

Jo : Oh, Lizzie. You have such a big heart. It's okay to let other people see it. Oh, my beautiful girls. You are everything that I could have ever wished for. Everything. Be good to each other. Fight for each other. When you're older, you'll understand what I mean. But I need you to remember that I said it. 

Josie : I can't. I can't.

Jo : Oh, Josette, this is the right thing to do. It's the only thing to do for you. I love you. I love all of you so much.

In the cemetery of the Salvatore School

Dorian : Ric, why don't you go home. I'll take care of all of this.

Alaric : The only place I'm going is to find whatever monster did this and kill it. Slowly.

The Necromancer : It wouldn't do you any good.

Alaric : And who the hell are you?

The Necromancer : Oh, your pathetic attempt at humor does nothing to mask your fear. Tremble then in the presence of the Necromancer!

Alaric : Who?

The Necromancer : The… Necromancer! Bringer of life and death. He who holds the Fates' threads. The cursed king of the underworld!

Alaric : It's not ringing any bells. You?

Dorian : All I know about necromancers is from video games. And they're, like, low-level witch cannon fodder.

The Necromancer : I am no mere witch. There's only one me, I assure you. And now you've seen what I can do. Let's get down to the business of a certain knife.

Alaric : If you're the one responsible for what went down today… you're gonna wish you were someone else.

The Necromancer : I told you. Death cannot hold me.

Alaric : Buddy… we'll see about that.


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